Felipe Montoro Jens Offers Advice On How To Repair Brazil’s Infrastructure

18 Oct

Felipe Montoro Jens Offers Advice On How To Repair Brazil’s Infrastructure

The National Confederation of Industry is regarded as the “voice of the Brazilian industry,” making the opinions they volunteer and information they share invaluable. It’s for this reason why Brazil ought to heed their warnings and address the ongoing issues with their infrastructure. According to the National Confederation of Industry, Brazil has inexplicably halted 517 infrastructure works in the past year. This startling figure has prompted economists and projects experts alike to evaluate the situation and offer their sound advice. Felipe Montoro Jens is one such individual. As a seasoned project analyst, Jens is versed in the intricacies of infrastructure. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at ideamensch.com

While Jens is well aware that infrastructure works demand great attention and skill, he’s baffled by Brazil’s severe negligence. What’s more, Jens is having a hard time wrapping his head around how Brazil got to this crucial state. The most unsettling truth about Brazil’s waning infrastructure is that their workers aren’t even equipped to execute seemingly simple jobs including sports facilities and daycare centers. Given the negative impact this dilemma has had on Brazil’s economy, Jens recommends prompt change. Moreover, Jens fears that Brazil’s resources will deplete if they don’t show initiative in repairing their economy.

Upon further analysis, Jens discovered that there are four overarching reasons for Brazil’s declining infrastructure: technical issues, financial obstacles, inept workers, and land ownership mishaps. Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems. Felipe Montoro Jens proposes offering training programs, improving microplanning procedures, creating balanced contracts, and reinforcing internal control. Jens maintains that Brazil will undoubtedly see improvements if they implement some of these changes. Unfortunately, Brazil is notorious for sitting idly by as issues fester. Jens hopes that the severity of their current state will spur them into action. So long as these words don’t fall on deaf ears, Brazil will be on the up and up.

Learn more: http://maringa.odiario.com/politica/2018/03/veja-com-felipe-montoro-jens-cidade-mineira-investe-em-ppp-para-estimular-o-lazer-e-a-pratica-de-atividades-fisicas-da-populacao/2476577/


17 Oct

With The Deft Application Of Direct Sales And A Fair-Minded Desire To Share Health Wealth, Bernardo Chua Has Lifted Organo Gold To The Top Of The Direct Sales Heap

With a traditional marketing approach, which is what many businesses use, products get manufactured in volume before they are redistributed to be purchased by consumers at retail venues. By contrast, the direct sales approach empowers company employees to sell company products directly to the consumers. Renowned makeup purveyors, Mary Kay and Avon, have used this technique for generations. Another breaker with traditional retail techniques, Amway, has famously used the direct sales approach to market everything from home goods to vitamins since 1959.

But, it isn’t only American business owners that like a direct sales approach.

Proof that the direct business model has appeal for business owners the world over comes from the example of Bernardo Chua, a business man of Chinese heritage, although he grew up in the Philippines. His company, which specializes in coffee, tea and supplements that include the oriental fungus, Ganoderma Lucidum—widely touted for its purported health-giving properties—has made excellent use of the direct business model. More information about Chua and his company can be found on Linkedin

Currently, Chua’s company, Organo Gold, (rebranded as Organo in 2015) has 1 million distributors around the globe, making it the 55th biggest direct-selling company in the world. In the category of food supplements, Organo Gold has merited recognition from the National Shoppers Choice as a top direct selling company.

Before creating Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua was a CEO of Gano Exel, first in the Philippines, and then expanding distributorship to Hong Kong, Canada and the U.S.A. Besides his obvious deftness as a businessperson, Chua’s personal knowledge of Ganoderma has provided him with an added impetus to ensure that the mushroom’s purported health-giving effects should be made available to all. To that end, Chua funds research to give his company first access to new findings and works in close proximity with those that produce the highest quality Ganoderma, to ensure the fairest price.

Learn more: https://yourbeautycraze.com/bernardo-chua-recommends-grapeseed-oil-as-the-next-big-healthy-supplement/


17 Oct

No More Puffy Eyes – Genucel

Genucel has created a line of products to help those who are tired of looking tired. That is, it helps reduce the puffiness under their eyes.

Genucel has been manufactured using the only technology available in various plants and algae. This includes stem cells from a particular, and rare, apple species, to help promote better elasticity in the skin.

Eye puffiness can be caused by a myriad of reasons. The two most common are age; with cells breaking down and muscles weakening, the skin loses elasticity, and fat deposits move into the pouches under the eyes- and water retention; water might not drain properly in your skin and will instead sit under your eyes.

Many plastic surgeons are often called upon to help with baggy eyes, which, of course, means going under the knife. An incision is made to remove excess fat and skin to tighten the area under the eye. However, fat can always come back, and going under the knife for anything tends to be costly, painful, and requires a recovery period.

With Genucel, you can avoid all that, and see results in just fifteen days, and it only takes a minute or two to apply each day.

Genucel can be kept on the shelf for at least a year, so long as it is kept somewhere clean, dark, and cool, such as the inside of a mirror door, perfect for a morning or nightly routine.

There are five “steps” to Genucel, which is recommended you follow for the best results. Each product has a specific job to do to help reduce the puffy bagginess under your eyes, from tightening the bags to preventing and reversing discoloration.

Genucel has an easy to navigate website of the same name. There, you can see various reviews, as well as their four out of five-star rating. The reviews grant the product a whopping 7.6 out of 10, with many rejoicing over the results.

On the website, you can also, of course, purchase the product for yourself. With each purchase, you can pick out a free gift for either yourself or to get a friend introduced.

While the prices are not very small, the product does more than make up for it, and can still keep you from spending thousands at a plastic surgeons office, especially when you consider you are getting a full five-step treatment for youthful skin.






14 Oct

Gareth Henry, a Global financial Icon

Currently, Gareth Henry is the head of the relations of multiple most prominent companies in the United States. Henry’s role is to bring cohesiveness between a wide range of experiences and disciplines. Gareth has been doing this since the days he was working at Schroders Company. At the firm, he was the Director for strategic solutions. The financial expert has been carrying on this trait in all the positions that he has held, i.e. as the global head of internal relations at Fortress Investment Group and as the head of international investor relations.

Gareth has been walking on a path that very few would want to journey on. Over the years, he has proclaimed himself as a reformed mathematics geek. Gareth Henry joined the University Of Edinburgh, Scotland. Unlike all other students that go for simple and easy courses, Gareth enrolled and pursued a degree in Actuarial mathematics. This is a technical course that is only chosen for the brave hearted. However, Gareth Henry was a brilliant mind right from a young age.

Gareth Henry was summoned for a brief interview, and he had much to say. He extensively briefed the audience how he came with the name of his company. According to him, for years now, he has been drawn and fascinated with finance. He realised that merging mathematics with finance was a great idea. The two could combine in multiple ways.

This changed the direction of his scope. He developed a better understanding of risk management and economics. This entirely hooked him. Additionally, he tended to converse with fellow workmates, strangers and clients. Exchanging views also made a significant difference in him. All these people fed him with information about their investments. Being an expert in the industry, he filtered the meaningful content and left out the less important.

Being a mathematician, he was able to capture his point of target. However, not all mathematician students are able to complete this. Gradually, Gareth was able to gravitate towards a promising investor relation. Henry is undoubtedly gifted. He is too smart. He has the capability to model and better the relations between the firm and the clients.


3 Oct

Genucel – The Solution for Your Undereye Treatment

The Genucel System offers steps of reducing the appearance of puffiness, gags, and droopy eyelids. You can promote your youthful looking skin using the Genucel plant stem cell therapy. The plant stem cells of PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica promotes the appearance of your youthful looking skin. The product Genucel has two times the active ingredient Eyeseryl clinical concentration. In studies that were done on Eyeseryl, 95 percent of the participants showed a reduced appearance of bags and puffiness under the eyes. For more than a decade, Genucel Deep Firming Serum has been the best selling formula.


Genucel is also used in eyelid treatment: the innovative formula tightens, firms, and lifts the appearance of your droopy eyelid and you’ll end up having younger-looking eyes. The powerful peptides revitalize and brighten your skin tone appearance, hence your eyes look younger, more radiant and luminous. Also, peptide protein nourishes your delicate skin and leave you with a smoother, softer, more youthful eyes. Genucel Deep Firming Serum, unlike traditional salon treatments, doesn’t irritate your skin. In fact, the patented Liposome Technology has been proven to deliver Vitamin C, which is its active ingredient, at 7.5 percent concentration to the dermis (deepest layer) of your skin. For a superior result, you should use the product under your moisturizer.

You can reduce your facial wrinkle appearance with Genucel XV using the new Plant Stem Cell technology. The product doesn’t have mineral oil and parabens. It’s infused with antioxidants for anti-aging, moisturizing, and free radical defense. Relaxoderm Technology rapidly smooths away the appearance of any wrinkle around your eye. You can order Genucel from their website. They are offering a 20-percent-discount for every first order made. Their products come with a money back guarantee. To order, you select your system either basic system, best seller, or maximum results. Before checking out, you’ll select a bonus free gift: Genucel Deep Firming Serum or Genucel Sun Spot Corrector.





3 Oct

Wealth Creation Strategies by Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has unique skills and experience in finance management and wealth creation. He offers practical approaches valuable in investment and asset management. Paul Mampilly has had a successful career as a financial analyst in different institutions. After graduating from the Fordham University, he worked at Wall Street as a portfolio manager for different organizations. Paul Mampilly is also credited for forming the Capuchin Group. He served as the author, editor, and founder of the group and managed its operations till 2006. He has in the past worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland where he served as a money manager. He guided the operations of the bank in investing in stock markets. He has also worked with the Templeton Foundation and the Deutsche Bank.

He exhibits mastery of the stock market and help pick point the well perfuming corporations. His unique skills saw him win the Templeton Award in 2008. It is worth noting that during this time, the economic crisis had affected many businesses. However, the investor helped guide his clients and the Templeton Foundation through the turbulent times. Some of his major clients include Fortune 500 Companies and Swiss Banks. Through his leadership, the listed organizations have registered improved market performances. They have also gained a competitive advantage over other competitors. He has unique investing styles and focuses on small companies that have innovative products and services. While it is cheaper in investing in such firms, there also provide huge earnings. It is their strategies that have positioned him as being one of the most sought-after analysts in the USA.

Paul Mampilly Contributions to the Banyan Hill Publishing

Currently, Paul Mampilly serves as the senior editor of the Banyan Hill Publishing. The organization offers investment guides as a way of empowering Americans. The investor has played an important role in transforming the operations of the group. He is credited for introducing innovative products and services. Examples include smart money services, stock alerts, and ETF platforms. He also writes the Winning Investor Daily which is weekly publishing. He further coordinates different trading services such as True Momentum and True Fortunes. His contributions to the Banyan Hill Publishing has seen his ideas being featured in Fox News, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Hedge Fund Intelligence and other outlets.

29 Sep

“Freedom Checks”:The Overall Picture Of US Energy Independence

It is natural to want to protect your money and avoid scam artists. The world of finance is full of people promising investment advice that could turn people into millionaires in a matter of months. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are Real After All. From trading robots to trading signals, many people search for the holy grail for instant riches with little to no work whatsoever. In most cases, the investor gets burned and has learned the tough lesson to never trust an opportunity that sounds too good to be true. Therefore, when there is a legitimate opportunity in the markets many investors will believe it is just too good to be true and miss out on the opportunity. When Matt Badiali first introduced “Freedom Checks”, most people concluded they were a scam. As a consequence, millions of individuals probably failed to do their due diligence on “Freedom Checks” and passed them by.

Matt Badiali is a financial advisor who began his career as a geologist. Many companies that deliver these “Freedom Checks” to their investors are related to the natural resource industry. A world-renowned geologist such as Matt Badiali would understand how resource companies operate. He says this investment opportunity is part of the bigger picture to enable America to become energy independent. The companies that give out “Freedom Checks” are “Master Limited Partnerships”. Our government allows these companies to operate without having to pay federal income taxes. This one reason alone was why many people questioned the validity of Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali believes many MLPs stand to gain immensely over the years to come. The human population continues to grow, which will mean the demand for vehicles and fuel will continue to rise. The fracking boom has allowed US oil companies to produce more oil and now there is less reliance on oil imports coming from countries in the Middle East. Matt Badiali believes this is the perfect combination of factors that should result in higher share prices in the future for these companies, as well as higher distributions. MLPs trade like any stock on the major exchanges and once an investor buys shares in a chosen company, they will receive quarterly or monthly distributions in the same way they would receive dividends.

29 Sep

Follow Up and Learn More About the Career and Success of the Finance Expert; Peter Briger

Peter Briger enjoys his reputation as one of the experienced financial advisors with longstanding career and being recognized all over the world. He has worked with Fortress Investment Group for so many years serving as one of the executives of the company. apart from working at the company as the financial manager, he also plays a very big role in the real estate investment, which has shown his achievements due to his dedication and competence towards his successful career. Peter Briger went to the University of Princeton where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the finance field. In his career, he has showcased a vast knowledge in the finance sector in the past. His leadership skills are also inspiring so many people especially the who have the dream venturing into the corporate world.

His career at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger has done tremendous work in helping Fortress Investment Group to achieve its breakthrough and success in their services. He has done this through his skilful ability which has seen the company partner with various organizations and signed deals with many prestigious institutions locally and worldwide. Through his hard work, he has helped Fortress to thrive to is apex level and being ranked as one of the biggest privately owned companies.

His philanthropic duties

Peter Briger is one of the selfless leaders who would do anything to help the less fortunate. He has participated in so many different organizations to help the society individually. He still takes part in many community programs. He is also one of the board members in of a non-profitable organization, Tipping Point, an organization targeting families with low income around San Francisco. He also serves as a board member at the investment firm in Princeton University, where he has also supports the professorship. He also serves in the board membership of various prestigious schools.

The renowned influential leader has also worked a lot on bringing innovation to Fortress Investment Group, aiming to also improve customer service. he always puts clients on the top list as he believes that they play a very important part in every institution’s success.

Learn more about him: https://entrepreneurs.princeton.edu/people/peter-briger-jr-%E2%80%9886

26 Sep

Chris Burch takes risks to succeed in business

Chris Burch believes the most important thing a person can do in business, is listening. The entrepreneur believes you have to understand what a person wants if you are going to have a successful business adventure together.

The businessman has had many experiences in his forty year career before starting his current business, Burch Creative Capital. After being involved with several well-known businesses in his earlier days, eventually, his knowledge and success in business gave Chris Burch the opportunity to purchase a resort in Indonesia in 2012. After reinventing the hotel and its process, Travel and Leisure magazine voted it #1 as a world-class hotel for travellers to visit and enjoy.

Burch Creative Capital and Chris Burch’s success went on to achieve more and in 2014 he partnered with Ellen DeGeneres to help her launch her dream of a lifestyle line for the everyday consumers. As he helped Ellen with her project, he started to realize there were a lot of other brands that needed his company’s help to bring their products to a higher level of status. These ventures keep the businessman very busy these days, get info on (Nihi.com).

When asked what Chris thought was his key to success he believes that you have to take risks, based on medium.com. If you never take a risk, then you never have failures. As an entrepreneur, there will always be failures. It is how you handle those failures that make you grow and learn. Then you will know what to do the next time you get the chance at a venture.

Chris Burch is a businessman who has many years of experience in the business. He knows what works and doesn’t work when it comes to helping companies with their products. He listens to his clients and the consumers. With that kind of knowledge, his failures are few and far between, visit http://www.businessinsider.com/chris-burchs-nihiwatu-resort-is-the-best-hotel-in-the-world-2017-3/#nicknamed-the-edge-of-wilderness-nihiwatu-is-on-the-west-coast-of-sumba-a-remote-indonesian-island-1.


22 Sep

New Mountain Bikers Need to Know

Michael Hagele is a UC Berkley educated lawyer. His practice in California offers an impressive scope of services. The majority of his clients are technology companies in the aerospace, internet, defense, and biotechnology industries. Even with all his success, he finds time to stay physically active. Michael Hagele even encourages others to do the same: “I think physical activity plays a big role in recharging and sharpening your mind. Time can be tight but anything you can do to get moving helps in this regard. I spend time on mountain and road bikes but even a walk around the block can stimulate energy and creativity”. Visit on his twitter for latest updates.

Strava is an app that allows physically active people to track their activity, and share it with friends. It is a great way to create friendly competition, and stay motivated. Michael Hagele is an avid mountain biker. At the time of this writing, according to Strava, Michael Hagele has cycled 2,089.5 miles, peddled 290,994 feet in elevation in 2018. All of this was accomplished in 103 rides.

Today’s sport of mountain biking has evolved into multiple disciplines. Some of them include downhill, enduro, cross-country, trials, cyclocross, slalom, etc… It is easy to understand how newcomers, to the sport, can become overwhelmed.

Would-be mountain bikers should find reputable resources to do their research. A local bike shop should be near the top of the research list. Some bike shops will maintain a rental fleet of mountain bikes. Test riding multiple bicycles is highly recommended. It allows the newcomer an arena to discover their likes and dislikes before purchasing a quality ride.

Having a few experienced friends should also be part of the research list. Patient friends are preferable. They will not leave you on the trail during the learning process.

A quality mountain bike is highly recommended. A certified helmet should be mandatory. Carry lots of water. The rest is fun and amusement. Get out there and ride.

Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-hagele-783295/