Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: The Plastic Surgeon With A Good Heart

20 Mar

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: The Plastic Surgeon With A Good Heart

This includes parts of the face such as brow, cheeks, chins, and lips. Similarly, he is the ideal man to take care of your breasts, various body parts, and the skin.



Helping the needy



Inside the highly successful plastic surgeon lies a very passionate philanthropist. As part of his giving to the less fortunate, he is actively involved in numerous medical missions.



For example, he takes part in an annual medical mission under the auspices of Smile Bangladesh in the name country. He is also on hand to assist the less fortunate in the local communities of Dallas and Plano, his practice locations.



Professional certification and hospital affiliations



Sameer Jejurikar is fully certified with active licenses to operate in Michigan and Texas. He maintains professional membership in numerous industry organizations.



Some of these include the American Society of Plastic Surgeons including the Dallas chapter. He is also affiliated with the American Medical Association.



Sameer Jejurikar has numerous hospital affiliations in Dallas, Plano, and Frisco in Texas. Some of these include Baylor University Hospital, Pine Creek, Forest Park Medical Center, and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital among others.






Sameer Jejurikar has authored numerous peer-reviewed medical publications. Similarly, he posts extensively online on the subject of plastic surgery. He has also been featured in journals such as PubMed, Aesthetic Surgery Journal and Microsurgery among others.



The plastic surgeon is highly ranked as one of the leading physicians according to patient testimonials. This indicates that patients have satisfying experiences with the doctor.



14 Mar

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

The Bradesco Bank is a large bank. The bank has grown since it started. The current president of the Bradesco Bank is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Cappi has been working at the Bradesco Bank for more than half of his life. He began at the Bradesco Bank when he was 17 as a clerk. He was able to work as a clerk at the bank and obtain his college education. He received his bachelor’s degree and masters degree in Sao Paulo which is where he was born and has lived for a long time. He works to give beck to the community he grew up in by working and contributing to a bank in the area.

After he worked at the Bradesco Bank for almost two decades, he got a position as Marketing Director. He worked as the Marketing Director for eight years before he became the Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Life and Foresight. Bradesco Life and Foresight is a private pension company. In 1998 Cappi became the Managing Director. He was eventually selected to be a member of the Executive Vice President Board. In 2003 Cappi became the President of Bradesco Insurance. In 2009 after many years of hard work Cappi became the President of the Bradesco Bank. His time as president will come to an end on March 12, 2018. On March 12 the newly elected president Octavio de Lazari Junior will take over the seat of president at the Bradesco Bank.

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Octavio de Lazari Junior has been an employee at the Bradesco Bank for over 40 years. He began working at the bank as the Agency Manager. He became the department director for the Department of Loans and Financing for the Bradesco Bank in 2010. In 2012 he became a member of the Board of Executive Officers. In 2017 Lazari became the Chief Executive Officer of the Bradesco Group. When he becomes president, he will still do his duties as the CEO of the Bradesco Group. Until he takes over the positions as president, he will fulfill his duties as the Executive Vice President and the Chief Executive Officer of the Bradesco Group at the Bradesco Bank. One key component to Octavio de Lazari’s selection was because of his positions outside of the bank such as the head of a Brazil association. Lazari is great because he holds leadership positions outside of the bank which shows that he is a great leader.

Octavio de Lazari’s selection to be the president was quite shocking. He seemed to be underqualified when the committee first began the selection process. He was not their first choice or even in the top choice. The Succession and Appointment Committee of the Bradesco Bank is in charge of selecting the heir. They look for the person who shows the best chances of advancing the company. For example, Cappi made major advancements for the company while he served in leadership positions before president so they knew he would lead the company to success.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: http://www.infomoney.com.br/assuntos/luiz-carlos-trabuco-cappi

8 Mar

Staying On Top Of Fashion Trends With Doe Deere

Fashion is something that can change and change frequently. One day, something can be fashionable while six months later it isn’t even on the radar. Retailers like Doe Deere who can capture the market have been able to stay at the top of their game. Such is the case with fashion guru and makeup marketing expert Doe Deere. Deere has been in the fashion business for over a decade. During this time, she’s watched the industry change in grow in many ways. She knows that the key to staying on top of the world of fashion is being able to stay on top of the world of fashion trends. One of her many goals in her efforts as a makeup seller is being able to offer her many clients all sorts of amazing makeup options that are fully inline with present day trends.


Understanding the Market


From the very first time she first burst on to the scene Doe Deere was poised to make an impact on the world of makeup. Her first foray into the world of fashion was retailing her personal products online. Her quirky style quickly gathered a large following. People started to look to her for assistance with fashion advice of all kinds. She then decided it was time to further expand into new markets. It was this that led her to decide to found Lime Crime. Lime Crime represents many things to many people. For Doe Deere, it was representative of her ability to catch trends in varied fields and stay on top of them. It was also about her ability to make her own dreams come true. She was able to capture a moment in time for herself and for many of her fans.


Color Trends


Perhaps her most important contribution to the world of fashion and makeup has been her own personal sense of color. She’s been able to bring color to life in many important ways. For many of her fans, color has become as essential to them as breathing. They know they can turn to Doe Deere to help them think about ways to use colors in their lives. Her own life and her work has been about using color trends well. Whereas much of the makeup she saw online and in stores was drab and dull, her own makeup line at Lime Crime broke out of the that mold.


No More Shades of Beige


She burst on to the scene as a breath of fresh air for many people. Her aim was to use colors in new ways that had not been used for makeup. She saw a world around her that could be transformed into something special and entirely new. Her innovative use of color helped bring her many fans. She was able to tap into people who were looking for new ways to use makeup in their own lives. Since that time, she’s continued to see her business take off and capture many amazing makeup and fashion trends.


Visit http://inspirery.com/doe-deere/ to learn more.

4 Mar

Is Heal and Soothe for you?

     Heal and Soothe is a dietary supplement that contains Bromelain, Ginger Extract, Mojave Yucca root, Devil’s Claw Extract and many other naturally occurring ingredients. The ingredients have been selected for the specific purpose of giving the consumer a higher probability of lessening joint pain. Less joint pain means greater mobility.

This nutritional supplement’s intent is to use Systemic Enzyme Therapy cleanse your body of harmful inflammation that causes joint pain. The word systemic refers to the entire system, meaning the entire body and enzymes are the bodies first defense against certain bacterias and inflammation.

Enzymes are not a drug, so Heal and Soothe contains no harmful drugs, this means it doesn’t need to be approved by the FDA. Over-the-counter and prescription anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen have the potential to cause side effects such as liver damage. Heal and Soothe is designed to attack the problem directly, also unlike over-the-counter medications whose purpose is merely to reduce pain, or in other words, push the underlying cause under the table while you are content with the pain relief.

Whenever a person begins to take a new drug or natural supplement it is understood that they have a few questions. Everyone is different and everyone reacts differently to medications and supplements. So lets get down to some things you may be wondering.

How many times a day should I take Heal and Smoothe?

The best way to consume Heal and Soothe is to take it 30-60 minutes after a meal. You should take at least one capsule per day but the recommended dosage is 2 capsules twice per day or 4 capsules once per day.

So what are the side effects?

None! Proteolytic enzymes have an unmatched safety record. However, there is the small chance that you are allergic to one of the many ingredients in the product. If an allergy occurs you should discontinue use right away.

Is Heal and Smoothe Vegan Friendly?

Yes! Heal and Smoothe is made from 100% natural occuring plants and contains no animal products.

Are there any additional warnings

As is the case with human biology, everyone is different. If you are on any type of prescription medication, you should consult your family doctor before you take any type of new drug or nutritional supplement. Woman who are pregnant or nursing should also consult their doctor before consuming Heal and Soothe. If you are allergic to pineapple, papaya or any other ingredients in Heal and Soothe, you should not take the product.

Where can I find Heal and Soothe

You can try a free sample of Heal and Soothe from their website.


2 Mar

Robert Ivy Is Making Great Progress At American Institute Of Architects

Robert Ivy has come a long way in his career. Despite his achievements he is still determined to accomplish more and give his best to AIA. He has plans of transforming the organization and also giving back to the community. He will make quite a legacy in his service for this institute. In 2010, Robert became the CEO of American Institute of Architects. Since Robert took over this position the institute has covered big milestones.

Before joining AIA, he was in Architectural Record. Here, he was the chief editor. He stayed in this position for a long time before moving to AIA. Robert’s editing work does not end there. He is the vice president and still directs editing at McGraw Hill. His role of editing while he is the vice president portrays Ivy as a meticulous person. He wants audiences to receive well-polished materials.

Robert has worked at Dean/Dale as a managing partner. It is an architectural firm where Ivy was a principal architect. This experience was important because Robert practiced his professional skills. After working for a while, Robert decided to change his work. He joined the corporate sector where he thrived and covered major milestones.

The achievements did not go unnoticed. In 2009, Robert was given an award. As he went on working, Robert felt that he should not keep his knowledge to himself. He shared it with other through mentorship and teaching. This volition spirit caught Alpha Ro Chi’s attention. He appreciated what Robert was doing and named him the master of the architect.

Like American Institute of Architect on Facebook

The American Institute of Architect is an organization that brings together architects. The founders of this organization did not want architects to operate as individuals. By coming together, they will support one another and grow the profession. Since then the organization has played a major role in advancing the interests of this profession.

The organization aims at educating, advocating and maintaining a good public image. With the headquarters in Washington D.C, AIA is working hard to advance the architect profession. With Robert Ivy as the CEO, this organization is in safe hands. Robert has proved to be a futuristic individual. He is encouraging architects to embrace technology and incorporate it in architecture. Since technology is the future, the field of architecture ought to find a place for it.

Robert also appreciates that architects can never work alone. They need to cooperate with other related professionals in design and construction industries. Lastly, the idea of community development is important to Ivy. He is interested in urban planning and wants architectures to play a great role. Proper housing for everyone is the ideal living standards for urban areas. Robert and AIA are looking forward to a future where they will advance the profession as well as impact the society positively.

Learn more about American Institute of Architects: http://conferenceonarchitecture.com/  

22 Feb

GovPayNet Teams With Securus Technologies, Expanding Securus Services

CEO and President of Securus Technologies, Robert Pickens recently announced a merger between Securus and GovPayNet that will increase the options and types of payments that Securus Technologies will be processing. Every year Securus processes over 40 million payments annually and looks forward to GovPayNet’s expertise in the billing industry. GovPayNet’s track record of excellent customer service is what the President of Securus, Mr. Pickens said was reasons they picked GovPayNet as a billing partner. GovPayNet specializes in: towing and impound fees, restitution, electronic publicly administered child support, monitoring costs, traffic and criminal fines, property tax and assessment payments, probation oversight, records fees, and a wide variety of payment options to federal, state, and local penal institutions. GovPayNet is very wide spread into 26% of communities across the nation. GovPayNet was founded over twenty years ago by a former officer.


Securus Technologies offers a standard of excellence rarely seen in the safety and security industry. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus oversees their safety and security systems in over 3400 facilities. Securus also handles communications for 1,200,000 inmates on a daily basis and provides safety features, such as voice recognition software for all facilities. Securus specializes in emergency response, incident management, information management, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, and inmate self service. To read more about the merger, please click here.


21 Feb

Board of the American Institute of Architects Names New CEO

     Robert Ivy has been named the Chief Executive Officer of Board of the American Institute of Architects. The Board is an organization that has been representing professionals in the field for over a hundred and fifty years. Their national office is located in Washington, D.C. Here, two hundred and six employees work hard every day to provide appropriate representation for skilled professionals. Industry experts can turn to the organization for a vast array of varied services. The organization has a fifty-six million dollar annual budget, making it one of the premier industry representation organizations in the world. In addition to the Washington, D.C. headquarters, there are also over three hundred chapters. Chapters of the Board of the American Institute of Architects can be found in the United States and many nations overseas. Their goals are to help industry professionals and the public connect. They wish to help showcase the value of great design.

A New Leader

The organization’s new leader brings a great deal to the table. Robert Ivy has achieved national recognition and acclaim for his contributions to this field. He was a principal with his firm Ivy Associates for over a decade. During his time in the field directly, he has been the recipient of many awards. He won the Crane Award in 2009. This is a top industry award for lifetime achievement by the American Business Media. He was honored for his many contributions to the business media field. He has also been honored as a Master Architect. Alpha Rho Chi is a fraternity devoted to the training and development of future architectural students. Robert Ivy has an undergraduate degree in English from Sewanee: The University of the South. He also has a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University in New Orleans. Such a background makes him highly qualified to lead the Institute of Architects.


His Duties

As the Chief Executive Office of the Board of the American Institute of Architects, he has made it clear that he intends to focus the board’s attention on many important issues of concern to his members. He hopes to continue to bring ideas of modern design methods to the forefront of the American design scene. He also hopes to help educate the public about architecture. In the past, he has been involved with the board as he has served as a highly celebrated Fellow. In this capacity, Robert Ivy has helped to formulate many policies of national concern. He knows that the public and the industry’s professionals look to the board for leadership. In his new CEO role, he also hopes to continue the job has decided his entire life to: promoting the important principles of great architectural design.

9 Feb

Elysium Health: Improving the Supplement Industry

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult to do in our busy, modern society. The vast majority of people today do not spend enough time exercising. In addition, few people eat a healthy diet that is comprised of essential vitamins and nutrients. This is one of many reasons that the aging process is difficult for many people to endure.

Elysium Health is a company that is focused on helping people live healthier, longer. It does so by making evidence-based dietary supplements and translating advances in science and technology into clinically validated products that work.

Lifestyle Changes Needed

When looking at a typical person’s schedule, there is often little or no time dedicated to exercise. This is the wrong approach to take. Instead, you should have both muscular training and cardiovascular conditioning each week in your schedule. This will optimize your overall health. Not only that, but studies show people who exercise tend to be happier than people who do not do so on a regular basis.

Supplementing with Basis

After making key lifestyle changes to improve your health, taking Basis is a great way to support your cellular health. Not only is Basis affordable but it is also effective.

Elysium Health is a company that is growing rapidly. With positive results from customers so far, the company is trying to help as many people as possible. Prioritizing your health is a critical aspect of aging well. Instead of spending all of your time focused on your job, you should take time each day to exercise and meditate. Combined with dietary changes, Basis can be a great addition to your daily health regimen.

9 Feb

Looking Closer at Bitcoin with Jordan Lindsey

When it comes to trading forex, They can be very hard to turn a profit when there are so many different opinions in so many ways that the currencies see could go. One thing you need to consider if you are an amateur or professional trader is to join a signal’s group or to join an organization that gives you news events around the world and gives you advice on trading. There seem to be many new signal groups out there especially on social media that can give you an edge when you are trading and really help you to earn profit from your trading. Here are some reasons that you should consider joining a signals group.

One of the best reasons is that if you are an amateur and want to learn more about trading you can easily join a signal’s group online and learn how expert analysts and traders are thinking and what they believe will earn a lot of money in the long and short. But you need to be sure that when you pick a signals group that they are available and they know what they are talking about. Many signal groups out there are scams and do not actually do any research or analyzing currencies so you need to do your due diligence and find out if they are actually a good or bad group to join. There are many different advantages of joining a group such as signals, news events, or other things related to trading that you can use it on a big profit in Forex trading. There are many different variables of trading and signals does not necessarily guarantee a profit.

Recently, Jordan Lindsey, the founder of JCL Capital, has done a lot in investing in the crypto Conti space and also the foreign exchange space and they are planning to critically become a leader in the ward of investing.

Next time you want to trade and become profitable you should consider joining a signals group either on social media on other websites so that you can be kept in the know-how of what trades are happening and what you should do when your trading.

9 Feb

Waiakea Water is Good for Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Waiakea water is the kind of water that motivates you to live your best life at all times. It is the kind of water that you drink to not only make you feel good but also live a good, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Waiakea water is based in Hawaii and its founder is Ryan Emmons.

What makes Waiakea water so pure and different? Well that’s a great question and I am lad that you asked. You see unlike other water companies this water comes from a single pure source deep within the walls of a volcano. Other water companies pump their water from a well miles away from the source or they might even pump it from the middle of a big lake with a spring somewhere in the middle to a water bottling plant, but not with Waiakea water. This volcanic water benefits from its pure mountain source location as the minerals and sands of the mountain act as a natural filter barrier providing you with the best water on the market. Studies have shown that this water boasts a one of a kind mineral and Waiakea water pH level that even if you only drink a little of this water, your chances of Alzheimer’s disease goes down by over 10 percent over the course of your lifespan!

So why buy Waiakea water’s brand image? Well for starters the company believes in sustainability for the planet. The packaging of this Hawaiian volcanic water company is carbon neutral certified. Waiakea is committed to not only making sure pure drinking water is accessible but also pure air too for a healthy mind, body, and soul for you too!The water is packaged at a plant that uses a third of renewable energy source for power.

Waiakea also has teamed up with PumpAid, an organization that helps to provide a clean drinking water supply for those living in third world countries. They have helped over 1 million people get and keep access to clean drinking water to bathe, drink, and wash clothes in on a daily basis. Check out Waiakea water and all of the benefits of drinking it right now.