Sunday Riley Ceramic Cleanser

7 Nov

Sunday Riley Ceramic Cleanser

Sunday Riley is a skin care brand. All skin type use it. This product brings about hidden beauty. Sunday Riley ceramic cleanser currently cost $35.00. This product is affordable and brings out the real beauty in a person.

The best-selling cleanser reformulated earlier this year. Sunday Riley and the team made it using three types of clay together with olive oil and neroli. The types of clay used include bentonite, French green and white kaolin. This version is friendly to the sensitive skins. The previous product was creamy and had a strong aroma. The reformulated one is silky water gel.

As a result of the reformulation. All skin types can now use Sunday Riley. The essential oils were eliminated from the original product except for neroli. Neroli assists in pore cleaning. It also aids in dehydration.

The packaging is also different. It has changed from a pumped dispenser tan bottle to a light blue tube filled device. The price of the Sunday Riley has also lowered. It has gone down with a margin of $10. Initially it was $45 and currently, it is $35.

The new Sunday Riley formulation is super gentle on the skin. Even for the case of sensitive skins, it does not have side effects. The new packaging is also convenient. This is because one can carry the tube in the bag.

Sunday Riley has two brands. One is good genes and the other is a ceramic slip. Good genes contain lactic acid. It performs the function of exfoliation, plumping the appearance of fine lines and opening the pores. Ceramic slip is the new formula. It contains four plant-based formula. It performs the function of cleaning the complexion and reducing the size of the pores. The clay removes the impurities while olive oil and rice fill the skin with hydration. This leaves the skin soft and smooth.

The Sunday Riley is among the products in the wellness box. The wellness box offers tools that help to achieve physical, mental, and energetic health.

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