Adam Milstein Becomes Very Instrumental in the Pro-Jewish Philanthropy.

9 Oct

Adam Milstein Becomes Very Instrumental in the Pro-Jewish Philanthropy.

Adam Milstein is an American of the Jewish origin who has built a massive reputation as a philanthropist who tries to empower the Jewish community through charitable activities. He was born and raised in Haifa, a village in Israel, where he went through his primary and secondary education. While undergoing the secondary school, Adam Milstein was recruited to the IDF where he served for several years until he completed school. This was when he felt that he needed to have a family and he got married to Gila, who they both had two children. After serving the IDF during the Yom Kippur war, Milstein found it prudent to advance his education. He moved to the United States of America with his wife and children and settled in Los Angeles.


In Los Angele, Adam Milstein joined campus and later graduated with his bachelor’s degree. He then started a real estate business, which picked within a very short period. After he felt that he was stable enough, the idea of giving back to his community came into his mind. For a very long time, Milstein had been wishing and willing to assist his Jewish community in Israel to walk out of poverty. There were other NGOs that had been established earlier by other individuals that shared a common goal, but they faced financial difficulties in the course of their work. Adam Milstein joined these individuals by establishing the Adam & Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This foundation was well funded and hence had a stronger financial muscle. Therefore, when it was formed, Adam Milstein dedicated all its funds to supports all the other smaller organizations in achieving their goals of liberating the everyday Jewish people from the teething poverty.


Milstein had a myriad of means in which he used to raise funds to propel his mission. First, he had exclusive expertise in consultancy. Having been in the real estate for an extended period, he had been able to secure sufficient skills and experience that he shared with other real estate investment enthusiasts at a cost. Adam Milstein is also apt at the development of viable partnerships. Through this expertise, he partners with other like-minded individuals and raises the required funds to catapult the campaign.


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