Jed McCaleb: Changing the Public’s Perception with Banks

8 May

Jed McCaleb: Changing the Public’s Perception with Banks

Jed McCaleb is a businessman and an entrepreneur who is focusing his investments on cryptocurrencies. He is currently working on a new program that would allow him to take advantage of the blockchain technology used in the cryptocurrency market. One of his legacies is the establishment of Mt. Gox, which is a bitcoin exchange platform that became popular with cryptocurrency investors. Other projects credited under the name of Jed McCaleb are eDonkey – a decentralized network for sharing that is being worked on as a peer to peer system – and Stellar, a tech company which he founded in 2014, along with his colleague named Joyce Kim.

After creating several platforms that can be used to help the cryptocurrency investors, Jed McCaleb thought of diversifying his investments and starting a lot of projects and ventures under his name. Stellar is one of his latest businesses, and he is focused on leading the company to become America’s most successful financial network. The company is focusing on the expansion of economic inclusion for all members of the society, and because Jed McCaleb wanted to be hands-on on the projects that his company is working on, he chose to become the firm’s, Chief Technology Officer. Later on, Stellar started to branch out, and it has subsidiaries that assist the mother company to become better.

Jed McCaleb stated that one of the reasons why he established Stellar is because he found out several problems in the field of finance. He wanted to use the technology behind cryptocurrencies to fix these issues, and now that he successfully developed the technology needed for the development of the financial world, he shared this information with other investors who are interested in funding his development further. Another highlight of the project by Jed McCaleb is the capability of his invention to connect all of the financial institutions in the country to become uniform. In a post published on, Jed McCaleb stated that he wished to help the 3 billion people living without any bank accounts, and through the technologies that he developed, these numbers might change in the future, and more people could develop interests in transacting with a bank.


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