Securus Technologies works with Robert Johnson

7 Apr

Securus Technologies works with Robert Johnson

The problem of cell phones in prisons is a chronic one. Access to cell phones by prisoners is a controlled privilege. Prisons officials outlawed access to cell phones by inmates without prior permission from the authorities of the facilities. The reason behind the strict rule is that some inmates are known to use cell phones in prison facilities to execute criminal acts outside the confines of the prison. Robert Johnson was a prison official charged with frisking prisoners to stop them from sneaking cell phones into correctional facilities. He was so good at what he did that the inmates never liked him. They used cell phones that had been smuggled in, somehow, to coordinate an attack that nearly killed him.


Securus Brings Robert Johnson into Its Fold


Robert Johnson has a first-hand experience regarding the dangers that lurk behind mobile phones reaching inmates in correctional centers and prisons in the US. His story has been on the lips of many people for seven years now. Securus Technologies is a company that has been granted the mandate to provide digital technology security to many government institutions and in correctional centers in the US. The company handles security and advice on the same for over 2, 500 government agencies. It has over 12, 000 000 inmates covered under its security systems. There are some prisons facilities that have not yet contracted the services of Securus Technologies to prevent illegal access to mobile phones in prison cells in though. Robert Johnson now works with Securus Technologies to prevent inmates from accessing cell phones in prison cells. Mr. Johnson was once a victim of his trade when inmates meted out revenge on him for preventing them to freely access mobile phones. He was shot six times in the head; he “died” several times but finally cheated death. He works with Securus as a consultant. He lives to tell the story of his ordeal but vows to take the game to a higher level by ensuring that prison facilities are cell phone free.


Wireless Containment Systems


Securus landed, firstly, a deal to provide paid calls to prisoners in the US correctional institutions. The company was soon requested to help the prisons authorities to stop inmates from accessing cells phones illegally. It has since invested in research and digital technologies to deliver the service. Securus has developed something called Wireless Containment Systems. The company says it is installing a system designed to detect wireless phone signals headed into the prisons cells. Securus calls the system a controlled access for preventing cell phone calls by inmates. The officials say that the system is a powerful cell phone network with the ability to tap all incoming and outgoing calls by inmates. The system provides the Securus technologies monitoring team with the option of either terminating the call or allowing it. The system is set in such a way that it only allows known phone numbers to go through.


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