Meet the Music Producer Guru: Clay Hutson

22 Mar

Meet the Music Producer Guru: Clay Hutson

The music industry is exciting and very competitive. There are a lot of changes that happen in the industry every day, and this means being the best at the game to have more clients. As much as it is about the money, it is crucial that the feelings and the thoughts of the clients are also considered to give a sense of completion. Clay Hutson is among the popular people in the music industry, thanks to his commitment and dedication.

Clay says that before beginning his firm, he was employed severally and held multiple positions. He learned a lot during this time, and the knowledge he gained has been indispensable. During the financial crisis, Clay decided that beginning his venture was the right path to take.

Clay Hutson explains that everything that is important in an event is planned prior. He, therefore, wakes up at 6:30 a.m. to get to the venues before the event begins. He begins by writing down the schedule of his day, he then works through the plan and then consults with his crew to see that everything goes as planned by enlightening them on the process. This ensures that he is productive in his job and the crew is focused as well. During the show, Clay Hutson is busy trying to plan on what the crew should do after the event.

Clay Hutson is cautious and is very calculated in everything he does. He describes himself as the individual who will go to the extent of knowing all the measurements of the doors to see that all the instruments fit. He brings ideas to life through visualization. He sees the lighting he needs to see and listens to the sounds that he wants to hear. His past experiences have also attributed to the success his achieving.

Productivity is of the essence to every foundation. The factors that boost the productivity of individuals vary from one individual to another based on their lines of work. Clay Hutson ensures that he is always a step ahead of himself. When he has a journey, he plans his entire day. He sees that even the most minor details are accounted for in his schedule. By so doing, he takes less time when delegating duties to his crew members, making things to run smoothly.

Clay’s advice to his younger self is to be completely honest with himself and everyone around him. He would also tell himself to put his family first. Learn more:


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