Waiakea Water is Good for Your Body, Mind, and Soul

9 Feb

Waiakea Water is Good for Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Waiakea water is the kind of water that motivates you to live your best life at all times. It is the kind of water that you drink to not only make you feel good but also live a good, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Waiakea water is based in Hawaii and its founder is Ryan Emmons.

What makes Waiakea water so pure and different? Well that’s a great question and I am lad that you asked. You see unlike other water companies this water comes from a single pure source deep within the walls of a volcano. Other water companies pump their water from a well miles away from the source or they might even pump it from the middle of a big lake with a spring somewhere in the middle to a water bottling plant, but not with Waiakea water. This volcanic water benefits from its pure mountain source location as the minerals and sands of the mountain act as a natural filter barrier providing you with the best water on the market. Studies have shown that this water boasts a one of a kind mineral and Waiakea water pH level that even if you only drink a little of this water, your chances of Alzheimer’s disease goes down by over 10 percent over the course of your lifespan!

So why buy Waiakea water’s brand image? Well for starters the company believes in sustainability for the planet. The packaging of this Hawaiian volcanic water company is carbon neutral certified. Waiakea is committed to not only making sure pure drinking water is accessible but also pure air too for a healthy mind, body, and soul for you too!The water is packaged at a plant that uses a third of renewable energy source for power.

Waiakea also has teamed up with PumpAid, an organization that helps to provide a clean drinking water supply for those living in third world countries. They have helped over 1 million people get and keep access to clean drinking water to bathe, drink, and wash clothes in on a daily basis. Check out Waiakea water and all of the benefits of drinking it right now.


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