Oxford Club a Global Leading Investment Firm

13 Nov

Oxford Club a Global Leading Investment Firm

Oxford Club is a privately owned firm of investors and entrepreneurs from different parts of the world. The Club uses unique investment strategies that have worked consistently over time to beat the stock market leading to good investment returns for clients. The Club makes investments on bonds, equities, real estate, options funds, precious metals and forex trade among others. The Club was formed with the aim of creating extraordinary and long-lasting wealth for its clients or rather investors.

Oxford Club was founded in the year 1989 in Baltimore, Maryland. The club has been able to achieve its goals through careful analysis and observation of the market trends and having experts who are well informed and have unique ideas on the best type of investment clients should engage in. The Club has been in existence for almost thirty years now thus has vast experience in the investment industry. The Club also has an amazing editorial team that is headed by Alexander Green who is the firm’s investment strategist and an all-time New York bestselling author. The Club started off as a small company, and today it boasts of having more than 157,000 members all of whom are spread across 131 countries.

Besides providing clients with a wide range of investment services the Club also provides Newsletter Services. The Club publishes three newsletters in a month and three daily e-letters as well as other related publications. The three newsletters are The Oxford Communique which features Alexander Green and provides readers with analysis, investment opportunities and marketing trends among others. The other Newsletters just to mention are The Oxford Income Letter and The Oxford Resource Explorer.

The Oxford Club provides a wide range of trading services which include advance energy strategist, automatic trading millionaire, inside alert, the momentum alert, tactical trader alert, lighting trend trader and prime system trader among others.

Oxford Club before making a conclusive investment decision for its clients first conducts intensive research on hundreds of investment opportunities and out of all those select those that have a high-profit potential and lower risk. The chances of success on investment are over 80%.


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