The Fabulous Secret to the Growth of Fabletics

18 Oct

The Fabulous Secret to the Growth of Fabletics

Online membership companies are taking the web by storm these days from Birchbox to Gwynnie Bee, companies are ensuring that they stay relevant during the days of Amazon. Brick and Mortar locations are feeling the pressure from sites such as Amazon who is one of the largest clothing online sellers to date. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has figured the secret to keeping consumers happy by providing them with the best of both world’s; online shopping and Physical Retail locations. This genius idea has made them $250 million in a short time span of three years. Fabletics as a company has taken the time to use collected information from their subscribers that puts them at an advantage over other retailers.


When was the last time you walked into your favorite store, tried on clothes and those clothes ended up in your virtual shopping cart before you could leave the store? The answer is nowhere (unless you have been to a Fabletics store). Fabletics knows that when people are in the stores they are also looking online. It is the ability to browse and shop online without having to come into a store. With meshing the two of these together they have created a win-win situation for them and for their members. Fabletics has named this “Reverse Showrooming.” This genius idea allows members and non-members to come into a store and browse around.


Non-members then become members before they walk out of the store because they are intrigued by the quality of the garments paired with stylish prints and patterns that they just cannot live without. Consumers are given options, polled for what they like and Fabletics provides them with the items that appeal to them. Not interested in an automatic, recurring subscription, Fabletics has that covered too. You can suspend your service for the months you are not interested in receiving product. Now that is a plus! Only pay for the months you want to receive orders.


Teri Hutcheon, blog writer of A Foodie Stays Fit, published a review of Fabletics and spoke very highly of the company. One perk she enjoys is that of the service suspension. Teri also raved about the quality of the product, the various styles that are offered, and how durable and comfortable the material is in comparison to the value or price paid. One of the many plus’s that she mentioned was that of the lifestyle survey. This survey asks questions about your activity levels, body type, and interests to match up styles, colors and new items that match your lifestyle.


Want to know what your Fabletics survey says about you? – Visit the website to take the quiz and learn more.

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