Waiakea Water Receives Recognition for Quality and Sustainability

21 Sep

Waiakea Water Receives Recognition for Quality and Sustainability

Waiakea Hawaiian Bottled Water has joined the ranks of business titans like Microsoft, Patagonia, and Zappos on the Inc. 500 list. Between 2014 and 2016, Waiakea experienced a growth rate of 1,059%, earning the young company a spot on the prestigious Inc. 500 where it ranked #414 in 2017.

Waiakea was founded in 2012 by CEO Ryan Emmons. It is the first volcanic water brand sourced from Hawaii. The water has surged in popularity, growing from annual sales of 2,304 cases to 122,400 cases in the company’s first three and a half years alone. Waiakea has seen global distribution in increasingly larger retailers such as Whole Foods Market.

Waiakea’s offers consumers a combination of quality and sustainability that has proven both profitable and benevolent. The water is sourced from one of the purest environments on earth. It begins as snowmelt and rain on the active Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. As the water trickles down through 14,000 feet of porous lava rock it becomes rich in minerals and electrolytes. Because of its volcanic origins, the water is naturally alkaline with a pH ranging between 7.8 and 8.8 without chemical processing.

Emmons has dedicated Waiakea’s business model to a “Triple Bottom Line” or “TBL” mission from day one. For Emmons and Waiakea, TBL takes the company’s priorities beyond profit margins by placing equal importance on environmental and social sustainability.

This Triple Bottom Line philosophy has lead to Waiakea becoming the first bottled water company in the United States to receive carbon neutral certification. The packaging itself is an model of environmental sustainability. Made with 100% recycled BPA-free plastic. Waiakea also uses 85% less energy to manufacture its plastic bottles than regular production methods.

Waiakea meets its social sustainability bottom line through a partnership with the NGO Pump Aid. For every bottle of Waiakea water sold, the company provides 650 liters of clean water to people in developing nations.

Waiakea’s young CEO has achieved rapid brand growth and recognition for the product’s quality and commitment to sustainable practices. Waiakea has been honored with several awards and recognitions, including “Most Socially Responsible Company in North America” from Best Biz Awards and The Food and Beverage Innovation Award.


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