Innovative Marketing And Wine

8 Aug

Innovative Marketing And Wine

Network marketing is an innovative way to introduce products to a given market; Traveling Vineyard, established in 2010, is a prime example of a network marketing strategy that has found success, in a market already dominated by other wine contemporaries.

Founder, Rick Libby is a proponent of “outside of the box thinking”; in addition to network marketing, Traveling Vineyard has pioneered the concept of hosting tasting parties to broaden their customer base. The concept is similar in scope to that of Amway or Tupperware parties, where products are introduced to a target demographic. According to an article in, Libby foresees continued success in the wine industry and points to a 5% increase in wine revenue (in the United States) as an indicator of future success.


Although network marketing has proven successful, Libby is also in favor of incorporating sommology, the process of pairing wines and foods, to further drive sales. Unlike traditional network marketing, which operates on the premise of recruiting distributors, Traveling Vineyard is a business predicated on the success of their wine guides. According to an article in CrunchBase, Libby believes in providing unparalleled support to guides, which is accomplished through superior business management technology, like the Awesomm app. The mobile app is available via Apple’s App Store, and offers wine guides access to a myriad of information; guides will have quick access to wine notes, the ability to sign up new wine guides, and a host of other features, all available through their mobile device.


In-home tastings and network marketing represent a very innovative way to introduce a product to any market, and Traveling Vineyard is riding this proverbial wave to unprecedented prosperity. How does Traveling Vineyard work? The business operates based on marketing exclusive boutique wines to targeted customers, and the Company’s wine guides generate sales. In addition, existing guides will also recruit new guides to help introduce the brand to more communities. Again, although the marketing concept has been done in the past, it is certainly innovative for a wine distributor; current wine guides have extolled the flexibility that comes with hosting tasting parties based on their own time schedules, while also creating another stream of income.


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