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18 Jun

Joe Arpaio pardoned by President Trump, Larkin and Lacey protest

The pardon of Joe Arpaio by President Trump has elicited mixed reactions from people in different quarters. The step taken by Trump was a significant step backward. In current day and age, it is not right to pardon someone who faces numerous counts of human rights violation. Human rights have a significant role to play in a community.

As long as human beings are not treating each other with the respect and dignity that is deserved of human beings, then there is a huge problem. So, the latest pardon coming out of the Whitehouse is an indication of how low the standards of governance he have fallen.

Leaders are supposed to condemn such injustices but in this case, the president is singing along to the voices of the racists and oppressors. It is yet to be seen how the president will push for the observance of human rights while he has already been branded a racist.

Joe Arpaio pardon does not sit well with those who support human rights for all. As per the constitution of the United States. Human rights are part of the law. Therefore, no human being deserves to be treated as less of a human being than others.

Whether one is a native or not should not be a concern of those in leadership. If countries are tackling immigration, they need to apply the right approach. Immigration is not a crime that should be punished by discrimination and torture. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Village_Voice_Media

In the case of Joe Arpaio, he was using the powers that had been placed in his office to discriminate people who were in the county without documents. He would have them arrested and placed in secret concentration camps which he had established in an attempt to deal with the rampant issue of immigration through the southern border of Mexico.

Although the government has a role in controlling immigration, it is the manner in which the Sheriff of Maricopa County conducted himself that led to concerns and outcry by those who support human rights.

Joe Arpaio treated immigration as a crime and immigrants were treated like criminals. In the concentration camps he had established, it was almost impossible to live a healthy life. The conditions were so bad that temperatures would rise to over 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

Under such conditions, it was interesting to note that the sheriff did not care about the safety of the immigrants. Some immigrants even died following the adverse conditions they faced coupled with torture through beatings and denial of basic human needs such as medical care. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Joe Arpaio has now managed to go Scott free even after overseeing such violations of human rights. President Trump, according to journalist Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin of Phoenix New Times is just like Arpaio.

They are a bird of the same feather when it comes to matters of immigration. Arpaio seems to have a hint that the president would pardon him since he was one of the most active campaigners of his presidential bid. When he got into office, he rewarded his friend who had failed to defend his position.

15 Jun

Jed McCaleb: A Successful Technology Entrepreneur

Jed McCaleb is an entrepreneur who has always been passionate about technology. In fact, one of his first investments was eDonkey, a huge file-sharing network. His objectives were to reduce inefficiency and make life more manageable for his clients. Jed is also experienced and knowledgeable in the financial field. His latest firm, Stellar, is an establishment that tries to increase economic opportunities for everybody. This network gets support from Stellar.org, a non-profit corporation that blends digital financial objectives and technology. The result of this combination is an open-source application. By understanding the drive behind this undertaking, other businesspersons may be able to emulate in the successful path of Jed.

Jed McCaleb became captivated with the Bitcoin phenomenon. That was the main idea behind Stellar. Jed saw Bitcoin as an exceptional database paradigm that could be utilized to connect numerous financial organizations effectively. In this way, Jed used the model as a means to share value with the society.

By employing the Bitcoin functionality, it is possible to offer all people with bank accounts access and diverse ways to save their money. It can also help people who need to receive or send cash without paying high fees. Thanks to Stellar, it’s possible to reduce the need for banking establishments to charge clients with high charges. Several nonprofits and similar companies are using Stellar in most of their financial climates, particularly in countries where the level of poverty is high.

Jed McCaleb is presently the CTO of the Stellar.org. This role requires him to lead all technical development activities at Stellar. Jed has served in some sub-industries in the technology world. In the recent past, he designed what is currently one of the most used types of peer-to-peer file sharing. Jed’s invention can download parts of a file from many different users and then consolidate it back together.

Jed McCaleb designed Mt. Gox as well. Mt. Gox began as a secure place for gamers to run their virtual trading activities. It did not remain a product of the video game society for long; McCaleb revolutionized the firm by converting it into the first bitcoin exchange in the world. The firm has since been put up for sale and closed down. Checkout Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

Visit this link: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/03/23/the-rise-of-the-alt-coin-according-to-the-stellar-co-founder.html

13 Jun

The Legitimacy of Freedom Checks

Freedom checks are currently one of the most discussed topics in the news. While it’s important that you research an opportunity like this on your own time, it’s also important that you test everything you hear about to see if it’s actually true. There’s no doubt a lot of hoopla about these checks and the ads that promote them. What about the legitimacy of these checks? Even if you aren’t sure that these are the real thing, just sit tight. Visit the website freedomchecks.com to learn more.

These checks look like government checks, and they strongly resemble the refund checks you get from the IRS. However, these checks are nothing like the ones you get back from the government. Freedom checks are a unique proposition all their own. It’s for sure important to get the right information, but what does this mean for you? It means that you need to verify their source, or in other words where they come from. The latest commercial in talk radio is now about these freedom checks and what they’re all about. Banyan Hill publishing has been hot on the trail regarding these checks, and how Matt Badiali, a financial analyst promotes them.

Listening to a number like $34.6 billion attached to a payout to the great citizens of America sounds like a huge number. It is big, but hearing more about this true investment may be well worth your time. It would be silly of a financial analyst to promote these checks and risk losing his license. In fact, he found out through his work what they were all about. While interviewing CEO’s and presidents of natural oil and gas companies, Matt Badiali learned more about these checks and how they come about. He found out first-hand that they are a legitimate opportunity.

Because they are a real investment, these freedom checks are paid out to you with the tax advantage of a partner with the company. The kicker is that you aren’t a partner at all, but merely an investor. He was able to determine how the stock market worked in his favor back in 2008 when stocks were down. Matt kept investing, and a few years later he sold his small stock that earned a whopping 4,400%. Companies that are generating at least 90% of their revenue from natural resources are able to make these payouts. It may be worth the look to see if it’s right for you. Read more: https://banyanhill.com/exclusives/34-6-billion-freedom-checks-paid-thanks-new-tax-plan/

12 Jun

TransUnion Hires Successful Executive Heather Russell as the Chief Legal Officer

The former partner of Buckley Sandler LLP, Heather Russell, was recently hired by TransUnion following a retirement plan by John Blenke. TransUnion hired her on May 1st, 2018, but she assumed her roles as Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Office on June 4th, 2018.

Who is Heather Russell?

Russell acquired a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Biology from the College of William and Mary in 1993. She then proceeded to the Washington College of Law where she graduated with a Doctor of Law in 1997.

She is an expertise in diverse areas of finance. Russell has over two decades offering financial services in data protection, merger and acquisition, and compliance of regulations. She gained expertise in financial services from her previous positions at Buckley Sandler LLP and the Fifth World Bank. She has spent most of her career in banking sector, among them the Bank of America as an Associate General Counsel and BNY Mellon as the Managing Director and head of regulatory counsel. Consequently, she is expected to bring diverse financial expertise at TransUnion.

Russell’s Role at TransUnion

TransUnion is a dedicated team driven to ensuring powerful supply of information to its consumers. With a global presence of over 30 countries, TransUnion brings unique topics to its readers, aimed at financial literacy to customers. In her current role, she is expected to bring immense knowledge and skills. This is evident from the company’s executive led by its President Jim Peck. Peck stated that he is confident Russell brings added value to the company’s leadership team. Also, he is hopeful that she will bring in innovations suitable for both the company and its clients.

In an anticipation to remain at the top of information solutions, TransUnion settled on Russell due to her expertise in the field. As a successful executive in her former firms, she brings diverse knowledge that will help grow TransUnion. She stated this as she accepted her current positions at the company.

Official Source: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/05/01/1494394/0/en/Heather-Russell-Joins-TransUnion-as-Chief-Legal-Officer.html

6 Jun

Flying to the Fagali’l Airport

     Fagali’l Airport is a small airport that serves Apia the capital of the Independent State of Samoa. It is located at Fagali-Uta. Its IATA airport code is FGI and the ICAO airport code is NSFI. Flights depart and arrive from Pago Pago and Savai’I from the airport. Polynesian Airlines owns and operates the airport. The small airport is the second busiest in Samoa after the Faleolo International Airport that serves Apia the capital city of Samoa. Fagali-l airport has a terminal with basic facilities and only one runway. Polynesian Airlines operates flights to the Pago Pago International Airport from here.

Tourists arriving at the Fagali’l Airport can reach Apia in a few minutes by taxi or bus. Local taxi operators provide a regular taxi service at the airport for tourists and visitors. Most hotels located near the airport offer an airport shuttle service that can be booked in advance. Amenities are basic and there is no place to stay within the airport. There are many comfortable hotels near the airport. Some well- known hotels are the Insel Fehmarn Hotel, the Le Manumea Resort, Orator hotel Samoa, Travellers Point Hotel and the Pasefika Inn.

There are many sights and attractions for tourists who arrive at the Fagali’l Airport. The best known is the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum dedicated to the great Scottish author who made Samoa his home. He is fondly called Tusitala or writer of stories by the locals. Other attractions near the airport include the Fiafia Night Show with Samoan singing and dancing, hiking tours, diving and snorkeling opportunities, boat tours around the islands and the Samoan Cultural Village.

The Fagali’l airport may look small and basic to arriving tourists but they will soon realize that it is the gateway to a memorable and relaxing holiday in Samoa.

5 Jun

Luiz Carlos Trabuco; Change In The Industry Of Banking Calls For New Leaders

As of now, powerful forces are vastly reshaping the industry of banking. From customer expectations, regulatory requirements and demands, economics, alongside the need to inject a new portfolio of services in the banking industry. Moreover, it has become too critical for organizations in the sector of financial services to stay ahead of any challenges alongside retooling the department to win an extra mile. Therefore, change has become a critical aspect of most banking organizations as well. For that reason, when Brandao de Mello of Banco Bradesco announced that he was stepping down in the wake of October 2017, the employees were somewhat worried about the turnout of events.


However, before Brandao stepped down eventually, he was clear about some aspects that should remain constant for the organization to continue upholding its general operations. For starters, he said that the bank must continue to recruit internally. Thereafter, he also insisted that he would still guide the bank behind the scenes. Moreover, Brandao de Mello appointed a temporary replacement; Luiz Carlos Trabuco stepped in immediately to serve as the cheerleader of the banking institution and make sure that it was perfectly streamlined to provide the relevant services for the next new president.

Read more: Bradesco anuncia substituto de Trabuco

Selecting Octavio de Lazari

Octavio de Lazari is his name. Well, even though he has now been elected to serve, the election process was not entirely smooth. Of course, as reported by Luiz Carlos Trabuco as CEO, it took the board of directors a series of lengthy meetings to elect a perfect president. Now that the search is over, it is clearly outlined that Octavio de Lazari understands the banking dynamics of the intuition. Therefore, it is also correct to deduce that he shall give his best to Banco Bradesco. Besides this election, Octavio de Lazari has been the vice president for more than five years. As a result, it is only correct to declare that he shall add value to all the branches he will supervise throughout the managerial process according to folha.uol.com.br.

What about Luiz Carlos Trabuco?

Banco Bradesco is well known for offering excellent services since its inception. Therefore, it is correct to say that this banking institution has multiple advisers alongside product specialists who control significant branches. However, these teams must also be guarded by a revered and trained professional who understands the eventuality of the impending changes and challenges that a banking institution can encounter. That is where Luiz Carlos Trabuco comes in not only as a team leader but also a team player. As a man with vast expertise for almost 4 decades within his jurisdiction, Luiz Carlos Trabuco dedicates most of his time to expanding sales and wooing clients to the service delivery portfolio. For that reason, even though Octavio de Lazari is currently recognized as the significant team leader, Carlos will still assist in meaningful decision making. Other than that, Banco Bradesco is set to deliver beyond client’s expectations.

The Outline

As the banking industry takes a new dimension with significant demands jetting in, it is clear that new leadership structures come in handy to support the supply of these demands. As illustrated in the case of Banco Bradesco, perhaps change is a good thing after all.

See: https://www.istoedinheiro.com.br/o-bradesco-de-brandao-trabuco/

5 Jun

Betsy Devos, Gracious In Public But A Fighter In Private

When President Trump announced that he is recalling a federal policy that allows transgender students the use of bathrooms of their choice, Betsy Devos, the education secretary, who was present when the announcement was made, just silently submitted without issuing any opposition. Previously, she was known to fight for the rights of these students to have their personal choices honored by those in authority.



But before the President’s announcement, DeVos did something that is unexpected. She warned the Education Department employees who are transgender and gays that something is about to happen. And that something was President Trump’s announcement that adversely affected the choices of transgender students.



To the cursory observer, this incident might indicate that the new Department of Education Secretary is a push-over. But people close to DeVos say that they have a surprise coming. Although DeVos seemed to have quietly acquiesced with the wishes of the U.S. President, she only did so because of exigencies.



DeVos nature is to fight for the rights of those who are underprivileged. Those who know her claim that while she may appear gracious in public, she is a driven person who is relentless in fighting for what she thinks is right. They say that she has used the vast fortune of her family to punish enemies, reward allies and to work behind the scenes in passing legislations and in unseating lawmakers who are against her.



A former state attorney general and a Republican, Mike Cox, said that DeVos has instilled fear in many people in Michigan politics. He claims that her being a billionaire is not the only reason. Cox added that he finds DeVos to be very steely and very determined when she is trying to achieve a goal.



Another person who knows her, Randi Weingarten, American Federation of Teachers president who is a staunch Democrat supporter warns about the tendency of people to underestimate DeVos. It seems that Weingarten regards her as someone who appears plain-spoken and personable, but is actually dangerous.



DeVos has fought for three decades to channel public money to charter schools instead of the traditional public schools. Charter schools depend on tax dollars but are administered by private organizations that are operating outside of the structures of public schools. She also lobbied for tax money for vouchers for paying tuition fees at private and religious schools. But her detractors claim that charter schools is damaging to public education because it will eat on its resources. However, DeVos and her supporters say that this will enable poor families enough choices and will create competition that can pressure officials to improve traditional public schools.



DeVos has actually taken up this cause further than any of the advocates of charter schools. She gave her support to schools that are administered by commercial entities and opposed moves to require them to submit to performance standards. It is mainly because of DeVos’ efforts that Detroit is now enjoying the distinction of having the biggest concentration of charter schools in the country.


Follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.


2 Jun

Secure Your Financial Future with Freedom Checks

By now, we’ve all heard about the massive, new tax plan passed by Congress and the federal government. Like any good American, you are probably thinking, what is in it for me? Well, the good news is there is something in it for all of us: Freedom Checks. In fact, more than $36 billion will be put into the hands of the American people.

With a looming June 1 deadline, Americans everywhere should be rushing to apply for their Freedom Checks, but not everyone is aware they exist. First of all, we are all used to our elected officials throwing around big numbers, billions, or even trillions, of dollars, so what can the average American expect from Freedom Checks? Well here are a just a few examples of real payouts: Missourian Doug Smith will be receiving a check for almost $25,000. That amount may seem pretty hefty to the average American, but imagine finding a deposit in your bank account similar to what Lisa Luhrman of Tulsa, Oklahoma will receive: $66,750. Then there is Golden, Colorado’s Mike Reed, who’s set to collect a whopping $160,000. Read more about Freedom Checks at banyanhill.com.

So, where are these life-changing Freedom Checks coming from? Matt Badiali, who first came up with the term, is a financial expert who stumbled upon these payouts, just waiting to be collected. The checks are available to any American, without stipulation on age, income, or net worth. Badiali is calling the the new tax plan, and the payouts, the “biggest cash grab in history.”

Badiali, who was a geologist by trade before stumbling upon this great financial discovery, notes that many of these payouts are not a one-time only thing, but, in fact, may continue indefinitely. The payments, in most cases, amount to figures that are 3 or 4 times the average, annual social security payment of most Americans. Badiali does note that your payout will correspond to your investment. Like the old saying goes, it takes money to make money, but even investors putting in amounts as small as $10 can be guaranteed a lifetime of returns.

These payouts are a way for all Americans to safeguard their futures and their retirements without having to rely on the insecure future of Social Security. These funds guarantee freedom from that worry, and even leave the door open for some of life’s big dreams, like vacation homes and time with loved ones. So what are you waiting for, get your Freedom Checks today. Visit: https://kennedyaccounts.com/about-freedom-checks/


28 May

HCR Wealth Advisors and Their Work with Different Clients

The world of investing and trading is continuously changing, and this is why a lot of people have problems and troubles investing on their own. If you would rather make use of a professional to do the investment management for you, HCR Wealth Advisors is there to make this a possibility. The investment firm has worked with lots of professionals in the past to ensure that this is done correctly, and it is why people seek the firm’s help far and wide because of all that it is able to do for its many clients.

No matter what type of wealth management you’re going to need to have done, it is often a good idea for you to contact a registered investment advisory firm and see what it can do for you. The firm will outline the right plan for you to ensure that you get the most out of the investments and wealth that you’re working with right now. Plus, the fees are reasonable so that you’re not spending a lot just to be able to get a better grip on the money and finances that you have at the moment.

There is a reason why so many people enjoy making use of the different options that HCR Wealth Advisors has available to their needs. Because of recent trade wars within the investment world, it is no wonder that HCR Wealth Advisors has become a staple for those who want to manage their finances better and know that this is going to help them to run a more successful business or bank account. You can get in touch with HCR Wealth Advisors to find out more about what it offers and how to begin the work that is needed to better manage and organize your wealth. Now is a good time for you make use of these professionals and see if HCR Wealth Advisors is a good choice for your needs. Many new clients have already contacted the firm and found out what it can do for their own needs.

Looking for wealth advisor? Connect with HCR Wealth Advisors: https://www.financialservicedirectory.com/los-angeles/financial-advisor/hcr-wealth-advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

21 May

Jed Mccaleb Give Insights About Crypto

Jed McCaleb has been an entrepreneur for a couple of years now. He is known across the globe for having founded several companies. He is one of the people who have a passion for cryptocurrencies. He created Stellar CTO as well as Mt. Gox. While speaking to the CNBC earlier this year, Jed said that he can foresee a world where a single payment system will be put in place. He says that Blockchain will power this. Stellar is powered by Blockchain just like Ripple. As a matter of fact, Stellar is an international payment method that operates using digital tokens.

According to Jed McCaleb, it is clear as day that there shall be a payment network operating across the globe. Besides, Jed says that there shall be a system specially designed to allow for payment of fiat currencies. As of now, Woon Bank of South Korea is considering implementing the commercial basis of Ripple. It is fascinating to note that Stellar and Ripple are being considered by most of the financial institutions that are legitimate. Ten years from now, Mr. McCaleb anticipates that the Stellar’s blockchain technology will power the payment process as well as the traditional assets such as stocks and shares.

While speaking about the possibility of the Stellar technology changing the face of the world’s financial system, Jed McCaleb speaks from the point of authority. He has been developing Crypto for quite some time now. McCaleb says that the face of fundraising, payments as well as stock markets will change drastically by the year 2028. The sentiments of Jed cannot just be ignored.

Before coming up with Stellar, Jed McCaleb created a file sharing network known as eDonkey. This startup was among the first companies to allow for downloads from multiple sources. One thing that has always stood out about McCaleb is the fact that he is interested in bettering technology every new day. He intends to use the technology he comes up with to better the world. Jed McCaleb enjoys a substantial social media presence. He reaches out to his fans through Twitter.

Stellar’s CTO has more to say about the blockchain network: https://cointelegraph.com/tags/jed-mccaleb