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10 Jan

Obsidian Energy: Oil Producer and Manufacturer from Western Canada

Obsidian Energy is a company based in the city of Calgary, in the province of Alberta, Canada. The primary product of the company is natural gas and oil, and they are operating in the western part of the country. The company went through a rebranding process, and it was known before as the Penn West Petroleum. The restructuring and rebranding phase was conducted by the company’s executives and board of directors because they have seen that it might be the only hope that they have left in saving the dying company from complete bankruptcy.


The name Obsidian Energy was introduced to the public on June 26, 2017, and the return of the once largest and leading oil producer begins. Obsidian Energy was once known belonging to the top performing Canadian companies. They are also consistently included in the top 60 companies which can be traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The demise of the old Obsidian Energy was because the value of oil and petroleum crashed, and it resulted in a lot of consequences like being kicked out of the Canadian Royalty Trust and being devalued massively. During its peak, the company can make more than $9.5 billion profit per year.



Obsidian Energy was significantly affected by the surplus of oil which led to the crashing of its price. The original employees working for Obsidian Energy amounted to more than 2,500. Today, only 300 of them remained, and the number of dismissed employees is alarming because it has never happened in the history of Canada. David L. French, the present CEO of the company, assured the public that Obsidian Energy would survive any challenges that it is currently facing and that the value of the company will rise in the coming months or even years. Get Additional Information Here.



Now under the supervision of David L. French, Obsidian is doing everything that they can to ensure that the company would get back on track. Obsidian Energy is currently producing more than 31,000 barrels of oil per day, thanks to the cooperation that is taking place between the different departments under Obsidian Energy. They have also claimed that they can lead the country into an oil revolution if ever shortage would ensue.


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9 Jan

Where Does Betsy Devos Really Stand on the Issues?

In the past year, since the Trump administration was sworn in in January of 2017, the new President made a number of appointments that raised more than a few eyebrows. One of the appointments that got the most attention was the appointment of billionaire conservative activist Betsy Devos as head of the federal department of Education. The appointment got a lot of attention as Mrs. Devos lacked any real experience in public education, and her children (who attended private schools) never attended public schools. Mrs. Devos is, however, an activist who has worked hard in the service of charter schools, especially those that offer a conservative religious education.


Not as Meek as Expected


Given the controversy surrounding the appointment of Devos, it was expected that she would be a “meek” follower of President Trump who would support his every move. Those who knew Mrs. Devos from her time as a conservative activist in Michigan (where she served as a Chairwoman for the Republican Party) have said, however, that she is anything but meek. She is said to be a fierce fighter for the issues she believes in, and she has never shied away from using her great wealth and her influence to fight those who oppose her.


The Transgender Issue


One of the major issues that has come up this year has been Trumps’ move to rescind the federal order that allows transgender students to visit restrooms that fit their current gender assignment. Publicly, Mrs. Devos seemed to support this move by Trump. She stated that the ruling on the restroom guidelines was an example of “overreach” by the Obama administration. Even while she said this, however, Mrs. Devos took actions that would seem to be in conflict with her attitudes.


A Private Meeting


The New York Times has reported that Mrs. Devos held a private meeting with a person who represents the parents who work in her department who have gay and transgender children. She held the meeting in advance of the Trump administration move on the federal guidelines, as she apparently wanted to warn the families in advance of the move.


No matter what one’s feelings are on this specific issue, it does lead to questions about where Mrs. Devos really stands as far as her support and loyalty to the Trump administration as a whole. For now, only time will tell. Learn more: https://www.nccivitas.org/civitas-review/devos-hits-home-run-harvard/


8 Jan

Just Who Is The Real Matthew Autterson

The life and time of one Matthew Autterson is quite the fascinating story to be sure. And, it is a little bit of inspiring, if you like the state of Colorado, finance and nature. His career is quite prestigious. Currently, he holds a position as a member of the board of directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB).


But that’s not all he does. As a matter of fact Matthew Autterson is a leader of Colorado’s business community, and that is what FAB really stands for. It’s more than just about dollars and cents but philanthropic interest as well. This organization provides leadership over the years in Colorado’s communities, through Autterson.


But his good work does not stop there, as Autterson also participates with the board of Denver Zoo and Denver Zoological Foundation. He is also a chairman of the Board of Directors of Denver Hospice. These accomplishments are all very impressive and they lay on top of 25 years spent in the financial services industry. During that time, his service includes being the president of a very large state chartered financial institution.


Like many men who hold prestigious and enviable positions in a society, Matthew Autterson has paid his dues in the form of proper education and loyal employment for more than decades at a time. His particular training begins with the Michigan State University where he earns a BA in finance. He then moves on to the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program before starting his career with First Trust corporation which is a subsidiary of Fiserv.


From there things get a little bit complex in a very big and pleasant way. It starts with him leaving First Trust and joining a small charter which is actually a subsidiary of Integrated Resources Inc. From there, he sticks around and climbs to the top to become president of resource Trust Company. This is acquired by Broad Inc., which becomes Sun America Inc. And from there, is purchased by AIG. The purchase price on that transaction is a meer 18 billion dollars. Get Additional Information Here.


Even though there was a little bit of power plays in transitions in the past of Matthew Autterson, his current passion practice and focuses on providing stability to the Colorado community, in a financial and leadership role. This just fine because his past experience is with handling other people’s financial worries in a trustworthy and competent manner.


Visit: https://www.blacktie-colorado.com/photos/photos.cfm?id=27

3 Jan

Matthew Autteron’s Incredible Profile

Matthew Autteron is a graduate of Michigan State University with a B.A in Finance. He also went to the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program in the 1980. Mr. Autterson started working with the First Trust Corporation which was a subsidiary of Fiserv. In the year 1982, the successful man in the field of financial industry services joined a small team to start a new Colorado State-chartered trust company. He worked for the Colorado State charter which was a subsidiary of the New York-based financial company.


In 1986, Mr. Autteron was appointed as the president of the Resource Trust Company. Broad Inc bought Resource Trust Company and its assets in a merger. Still, under his leadership, Broand Inc was transformed to SunAmerica, Inc. The American Insurance Group bought SunAmerican Company for about $18 billion. Mr. Autterson’s experiences and skills in financial services industries help the Resource Trust Company to emerge as one of the largest institution dealing with depository and custodial services in the country. Read This Article for additional information.


During his tenure as the president of the organization, the company was able to employ more than 700 workers. He used his skills and experiences to make the company grow and expand to greater heights. Now, the Resource Trust Company has over $20 billion in custodial assets and $1 billion on deposit. The organization offers custodial and depository services to around 200,000 clients. Mathew Autteron is the Board Member of the Denver Zoo, Denver Zoological, Denver Hospice and the Webb Waring Foundations. He has previously served as the member of the Young President’s Organization and World President Organization.


Mathew Autterson is also involved in philanthropic activities that help people with neuromotor disability. He is one of the Board Members of Directors in the Falci Biosystems. Mr. Autterson’s work has been close with other organizations such as the Denver Zoo, Denver Zoologica society, Denver Hospice and the Webb Waring Foundation. These are just some branches that are also involved in philanthropic activities. Matthew Autterson has been mobilizing the mentioned organizations to increase donations to the affected people with neuromotor disability.


Mattew Autterson has made a key role in transforming FAB into what it is now. His financial experience and skills have made FAB be one of the leading medic centers in providing new technologies to the neuromotor rehabilitation. Matthew Autteron has been in the industry of financial services for approximately 25 years. He is now the President, one of Board Member and Chief Executive Officer of CNS Bioscience.


Source: http://matthewautterson.com/about/

29 Dec

How The Original Habanero Shaker Can Be Healthy And Great Tasting

Joel Friant is a serial entrepreneur and small business owner who lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. Over the course of his career, he has developed a number of products that he has sold both in stores and, more recently, online. He enjoys creating home-based businesses that he doesn’t have to create separate offices for.

Early on he was involved in selling real estate and working on remodeling projects in his customer’s homes. In 1995 he opened a restaurant that offered quick service Thai food. Out of this business he developed a strong taste for Habanero Chile Pepper. He developed a product called The Habanero Shaker which he successfully sold in grocery stores across the state of Washington. He went back to the real estate industry for a number of years and wrote a book about how to succeed in life, but friends and family always asked him to bring back The Habanero Shaker.

After learning about how to market and sell products online, Joel Friant re-launched his Habanero product as The Original Habanero Shaker. This product can be bought on Amazon in either a single or two pack version. As he says, Habanero are very hot with a Scoville score of 200,000 but not too hot that they’re nigh inedible like some of the hottest peppers. They are also very flavorful with a buttery and smokey flavor that is unmistakable.

Scientists have released a number of studies about the health benefits of Habanero Chile Peppers, as Joel Friant points out. One study showed that the capsaicin in them is a bacteria killer. Other studies have suggested that they increase your metabolic rate which can be very advantageous when trying to lose or maintain weight. Another health benefit is that they increase your blood circulation which can lead to better cardiovascular health.

Joel Friant says that his The Original Habanero Shaker’s will keep in the pantry for a long time and it won’t lose any of its flavor or potency. The reason for this is that capsaicin is a stable alkaloid which prevents it from breaking down. It also isn’t hurt by cold or hot conditions so the season variations won’t affect it, either.

29 Dec

Avatrade Review: Forex Trading Made Easy

Avatrade has certainly developed its reputation for a reason. The online forex trading platform is giving people the ability to enter into the foreign exchange market and make a profit for themselves, but it goes well beyond that. People who simply want to invest in cryptocurrencies or other opportunities can also find them at Avatrade. It’s designed in such a way that even novices are able to get into it while veterans will find plenty here for themselves. Forex trading has been around for millennia but it has never been as easy or as lucrative as it is with Avatrade.

The most important part of the Avatrade system is the MetaTrader4 platform. This gives people a way to trade foreign currencies while learning everything they’re going to need to learn in order to succeed. It gives you the ability to do something that many other platforms won’t even consider. You get all the information you need to make decisions without necessarily all of the issues that normally come with the territory. You can then use this to either trade with a fixed or floating account. That flexibility is exactly why this platform continues to dominate headlines and why there are still so many loyal fans of Avatrade review.

You don’t need to put any money up to start practicing on Avatrade. They offer accounts that will allow you to experiment and find out what you’ll need to know very easily. It’s not something to take lightly either as forex trading is a very serious form of investment. Regardless, you’ll find this gives you a great idea of what to expect and how to treat your account when you decide you’ve had enough practice.

A much more important thing to consider is the broad spectrum of investments beyond foreign currencies. People are investing in alt coins and other important opportunities through Avatrade as well. This platform is versatile enough to give even the least serious investor a reason to sign up. Not everything is easy to do but with Avatrade your chance to enter one of the most lucrative markets around is.

29 Dec

Benefits of Oxford Club Publications

One of the most important personal responsibility that all people share is the need to prepare for their financial future. For those that are looking for advice on how to save money and invest, getting advice from an experienced and reputable financial publisher can be a great option. Today, one of the best financial publishers in the world is the Oxford Club. The Oxford Club is based out of Baltimore, Maryland, but has continued to be one of the largest financial organizations in the world. Today, the club has more than 80,000 members that are spread out across more than 100 countries across the world.

When you are a member of the Oxford Club, the main advantage is that you will have access to a wide range of publications that the organization produces. In any given year, the company will provide its readers with publications that discuss tips for saving, planning for taxes, and investing for the future. Over the past few months, one of the most successful plans that they have released was an article written on income investing.

Income investing is continuing to be a very popular way to invest money. As opposed to investing for the hope of building a larger portfolio in the future through appreciation in stock value, those that focus on income investing focus on placing money into stocks and other equities that will allow them to earn an income off of it.

Today, one of the most profitable is a put selling investment strategy that has continued to prove to be successful. In fact, over the past 12 months it was reported that there were zero losers who followed the strategy that was portrayed in the publication. While this was partially due to the bull market over the past year, the strategy has continued to show that it can be successful in all market.

29 Dec

Siteline Cabinetry – Home Improvement for the Next Generation

Siteline Cabinetry is a notable way to spend your cash and make a pleasant home improvement. The beautiful décor in your property will be complimented excellently with the aid of the luscious grain inside the timber. The cabinets are built by using the Corsi group and are reasonably priced for the contemporary house owner. They provide over 270 substances and finishes in their catalogue so that you’ll never be upset with the aid of your selections. The high-quality component is the individuality of everything. Siteline Cabinetry units are more unique than wan names like Ikea by way of supplying homeowners’ customization in their merchandise. Irrespective of what your wishes are or what sort of area you have, you can make certain you’ll locate what you’re looking for in Siteline Cabinetry.

Cutting-edge kitchens, modern-day lavatories, and antique storage rooms may be made whole with Siteline Cabinetry. Whilst customizing your property, make certain to devise beforehand and calculate an effective lead time for delivery of your new cabinetry. The legal supplier will take your measurements and make the entire process convenient for you. You have got the freedom to pick out trims, colorings, and finishes that come up with the precise style you’re trying to find.

We recognize transforming your house can be a frightening mission. That’s why Siteline Cabinetry looks after the difficult work for you. When you pick out the most aesthetically fascinating addition for your private home our authorized dealers will guide you through every step of making the upgrade. The innovative customization and shipping will show you a return for your funding that you couldn’t beat! The lead time from order to transport is so brief that you’ll be amazed there was even a wait.

Siteline Cabinetry is the progressive home improvement enterprise available on the market. While a customer submits an order for brand spanking new cabinets, premium systems are used to provide the most pleasant outcomes feasible. With the aid of using the power of technology, lead times are reduced on custom orders and you may rest knowing that your shelves are made with the excellent substances you know and trust. Your toilet, kitchen, or storage room will by no means be identical when you order from Siteline Cabinetry.

27 Dec

Customers Leave Comments On Securus Technology Services On Their Website

Are you tired of your current provider and you’re paying for features you don’t even use? Securus Technologies offers a feedback forum many customers have been using to discuss the benefits of their technology. Get an opportunity to hear what others are saying about their network. It is also a great opportunity for you to tell others what you think about their features and services. You don’t even have to worry about leaving home to order services or have to commute to find an authorized inmate calling agent. Get the best from your calling features that help you save money with Securus Technologies.


Popular Securus Features


Get the best of their features by pressing any of their descriptive website tabs. They encourage their customers to read their details before registering Timor any features. Most facilities require you to be on an inmates visiting list before you can visit or send money. Their visiting list is comprised of at least 20 people of their choice. You can also use a popular inmate calling feature to leave an inmate a voicemail. If it’s approved by a facility, they can retrieve their messages at anytime. Join the Securus Technologies network today and save.


22 Dec

How JPay Made Rick Smith’s Securus Better

Even though, up until this point, JPay and Securus were two different companies, they were able to help each other. They were able to operate as one company once Securus acquired JPay. It made things better for the people who were working on the business and those who were running the prisons. Rick Smith did this as a strategic move and it made sense for him to make things better. There were many different opportunities people could take advantage of when they were using Securus, but JPay has made it easier for people to try and get the payment options they need for those who are in prison. The acquisition also cut down on some of the paperwork the people who were working in the prisons had to do. Acquiring JPay was one of the best things Securus did and it made sense for the company to do this while they were working to promote better opportunities to the people who were in the prison and those who ran it. Visit securustechnologies.com for more info.

The kiosks now have the JPay options incorporated into them. The idea is that people who visit the kiosks can pay for the inmates to get the money they need. Then, the inmates can use the kiosks in the prison to get the money and use it to pay for things they need. Doing this has helped them make more sense from the options they have and has given them a chance to actually have more money on their own.

While JPay was a company on its own in the past, it is now functioning seamlessly with the Securus kiosks. It has been able to make people have a better chance at helping those who are in prison and giving them what they need. It has also allowed them the chance to try different things to help their loved ones out. Securus knew this and felt it would be a great addition to the lineup of innovative solutions they already had for prisoners and those who love the prisoners. It gave them a chance to try different things while they were working on their kiosks. Read more on glassdoor.com about Rick Smith Securus.

Even though there have been some issues with the systems Rick Smith Securus uses, they are working to combat these issues. In fact, they are making the email system they have better than what it was before. There were some issues with security in the past, but it was necessary to ensure the jails were safe. Now that the email system is as secure as it can be, Securus is doing what they can to encourage prisoners and their families to use it. They believe doing this will give them one more level of valuable communication despite incarceration.

Know more: https://apps.securustech.net/press_listing.asp?press_id=21