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9 Nov

OSI Group Mcdonalds A Partnership That Has Withstood the Test of Time

OSI Group Mcdonalds A Partnership That Has Withstood the Test of Time

OSI Group McDonalds is today one of the largest suppliers of food in the globe. It has employed a staggering twenty thousand staff at over sixty of its facilities and in a total of seventeen countries. Its establishment from a humble start to a global conglomerate is a notable achievement in the twentieth century as well as in America’s economic history. OSI Group is still paving the way for more growth to come in the future as the world turns into a modern globalized market. Its history spans decades and has inspired many to dream big and to also believe in hard work and commitment. More about at Forbes

Its founder kolschowsky who was only two years fresh in the United States decided to start a small meat market as well as a butcher to be able to serve its community and its environs. With dedication and a lot of patience, he was able to expand into the wholesale part of the business at the close of the First World War. It was later rebranded to Otto and sons in the year 1928. Shortly Ray Kroc opened the first ever McDonalds, and Otto was tasked in becoming the primary supplier of meat products for the franchise. Little did he know that OSI Group McDonalds would be the outcome of a long, lucrative business.

With every opening of McDonalds outlets, Otto grew, and the family business soon became of the most notable brands in the world the transition from Otto and sons to OSI Group McDonalds took over two decades. With pressure coming from McDonalds to supply their signature burger necessitated a technological breakthrough that saw the inception of cryogenic food preservation which mainly employs the use of liquid nitrogen to quickly freeze food and be able to transport them long distances to their designated McDonalds outlets all over the country.

OSI Group McDonalds landed a prestigious position due to the personal relationship that had evolved between Kroc, Harry as well as Arthur Kolschowsky in 1973 they became a two-track company that saw Otto and sons dedicate a plant solely to the McDonalds franchise. From there, as they say, is what we have today a company that lived up to the dram that America promised in its humble begginings.

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7 Nov

Sunday Riley Ceramic Cleanser

Sunday Riley is a skin care brand. All skin type use it. This product brings about hidden beauty. Sunday Riley ceramic cleanser currently cost $35.00. This product is affordable and brings out the real beauty in a person.

The best-selling cleanser reformulated earlier this year. Sunday Riley and the team made it using three types of clay together with olive oil and neroli. The types of clay used include bentonite, French green and white kaolin. This version is friendly to the sensitive skins. The previous product was creamy and had a strong aroma. The reformulated one is silky water gel.

As a result of the reformulation. All skin types can now use Sunday Riley. The essential oils were eliminated from the original product except for neroli. Neroli assists in pore cleaning. It also aids in dehydration.

The packaging is also different. It has changed from a pumped dispenser tan bottle to a light blue tube filled device. The price of the Sunday Riley has also lowered. It has gone down with a margin of $10. Initially it was $45 and currently, it is $35.

The new Sunday Riley formulation is super gentle on the skin. Even for the case of sensitive skins, it does not have side effects. The new packaging is also convenient. This is because one can carry the tube in the bag.

Sunday Riley has two brands. One is good genes and the other is a ceramic slip. Good genes contain lactic acid. It performs the function of exfoliation, plumping the appearance of fine lines and opening the pores. Ceramic slip is the new formula. It contains four plant-based formula. It performs the function of cleaning the complexion and reducing the size of the pores. The clay removes the impurities while olive oil and rice fill the skin with hydration. This leaves the skin soft and smooth.

The Sunday Riley is among the products in the wellness box. The wellness box offers tools that help to achieve physical, mental, and energetic health.

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31 Oct

Krishen Iyer’s Career Journey

Krishen Iyer is a successful entrepreneur who has achieved a lot in the field of insurance. Before dwelling in the insurance company, Iyer had also started an insurance company which he called it the Iyer Real Estate Holdings. Krishen Iyer was brought up in California where he attained his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration. Before starting his recent company which is known as Quick Link Marketing Company, Krishen Iyer also had the MNP Insurance which was referred to as Name my Premium. Working in his real estate and insurance companies among many other firms he has served in has given him a vast experience in sectors like online marketing, clients interfacing and also technical development. These are some are some of the skills that have made Krishen Iyer’s new company get a lot of customers as well as more income.




Benefits of Quick Link Marketing Company




The Quick Link  Company has come with a lot of benefits to companies that are seeking useful marketing solutions. These benefits are connected with all the skills that Krishen Iyer has earned over the years he has been working in the insurance industry. Some of the benefits that come as a result of Krishen Iyer’s skills include client interfacing. This has assisted many insurance companies to find effective marketing solutions because of its substantial communication.




The Managed Benefits Company has assisted many companies to market their products and services through online marketing. One of the things that have assisted Iyer’s company to grow within a very short time is his effective communication skills. According to Krishen Iyer, communication is the key to success in the insurance industry. His nature of being inquisitive and curious to learn anything new has also played a major role in making his company grow. The Quick Link Marketing Firm has also been able to grow through making a full use of various marketing strategies.


30 Oct

The Rise Of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Group, also known as OSI Industries or OSI Food Solutions is a global meat processing company. Since its inception in 1909, OSI Group has expanded to cover not only the United States but also international markets. Currently, OSI Group is present in 17 Countries where it boasts over 65 outlets and 20,000 employees. In the United States, it has outlets in California, West Jordan, Geneva, Chicago, Illinois, Utah, Oakland and Iowa, Wisconsin, Fort Atkinson, and Riverside.

OSI Food Solutions owes its existence to a German by the name Otto Kolschowsky. He started a meat business in Oak Park in Illinois. His hard work and dedication in offering quality meat saw him expand the business to Maywood. In 1928, his business acquired the name Otto & Sons. Gradually, the company’s reputation grew which allowed it to clinch a tender for meat supply with McDonald restaurant in Des Plaines. In 1975, Otto & Sons changed the name to OSI Industries.

OSI Food Solutions has built a name as the premier international supplier of meat and other processed foods. One of their unique selling points is that they customize products to meet the customer’s specific needs. They also source, process and deliver meat products. Additionally, they are known to offer their clients quality services.

OSI Group is a recipient of many awards. In 2016, OSI Food Solutions UK won the coveted Globe of Honor award for their high-level management of environmental risks. OSI Group’s growth and expansion has led it to set up plants and outlets in India, Philippines, China, and other Countries. It began its services in India in 1995 by creating Vista Processed Foods. In 2002, it set up base in Beijing, China where it created a global footing in Asia. In 2016, it took over Tyson Foods plant in Chicago to maintain its ever-growing demand. The same year, it bought a majority stake in Baho Foods and acquired Flagship Europe.

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28 Oct

Matt Badiali- An expert in mining operations

Matt Badiali is an expert on matters if investments. He deals with investments in natural resources. He mainly deals with the mining sector and agricultural activities. Matt Badiali is making huge changes in the lives of the people he is assisting. Since he joined the industry is 2004, he has helped many average investors to create wealth by following his guidance. He understands the mining and investments sector so well that he does not need anyone to interpret for whim what is happening in the industry at any given time. In fact, he is one of the people who can read the changes even before they happen. He can tell when the market is about to move before it makes a move.

The success of Matt Badiali has come from the many years of hard work. He first attended school to learn about the mining sector. He has a bachelors from Penn State University in Earth Science and a masters in geology from Florida Atlantic University. The knowledge Badiali acquired in school enables him to understand the basics of the mining industry. He can tell when the industry is moving in the right industry. As a geologist, he can study the mining fields and make conclusions that can be used to make money from the markets.

Matt Badiali has been around the world visiting many countries that have ongoing mining operations. In the course of his tours, he has studied the oil fields in different countries. He can, therefore, tell what a specific occurrence will mean for the whole industry. From work he has done in the past one decade, he has demonstrated that he is up to the task of making the world a better place. He has made sure that there opportunities that allow him and his followers to make money from the industry. Following the work he has done as an investor, the things he has done show of a man who has gone beyond his means to find the right information about a challenging industry to many. Matt Badiali is the author of the Profits Unlimited newsletter.

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27 Oct

JHSF: Leading Real Estate Company in Brazil

JHSF is one of the leading companies in the Brazilian high-end real estate sector. The company is known to participate in commercial and residential houses, high-end hotels, administration, and development of business centers, as well as, international business airports. In 1972, the company was started, and to date, it has been able to identify new opportunities in the different markets in which it operates.

Over the years, the company has observed tremendous growth, and this has seen the company consolidate its presence in different capitals such as New York, Miami, Salvador, Sao Paulo among other countries. JHSF is made up of four main business units, and these are Airport, Fasano Hotels & Restaurants, Shopping centers, and Companies. That has witnessed the company listed in the highest Corporate Governance Segment in 2007.

José Neto is the present chairman of JHSF, and while serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the company, he oversaw the brands interests in building hotels, public developments, and also office buildings. In 2009, he was able to manage the company’s first venture into retailing partnership agreements with Jimmy Choo, Hermes, and Pucci, which saw the opening of the first luxurious retail outlet. The real-estate organization is focused on establishing residential and commercial properties within Brazil, and has plans to extend its operations to other countries. To know more about the company click here.

José Auriemo Neto is an alumnus of the (FAAP) Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado University in Sao Paulo. After his University education in 1993, he was able to join JHSF whereby his hard work and dedication, saw him climb up the ladder of success. In 1997, José established the group’s service department, and this was made possible by creating a parking lot management company. In 1998, he secured the rights to develop the company’s first shopping destination. That saw JHSF group scale the heights of success in the real estate sector, thus making the company one of the best real estate service providers in Brazil, and neighboring regions. Besides, the group’s presence has also been felt in other parts of the world, making the JHSF one of the most popular Real-estate companies in the world.


24 Oct

A peek into Deirdre Baggot’s Career

Deidre Baggot is a healthcare and business specialist who resides in Denver, Colorado. She graduated from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville with a degree in Nursing. She then joined Loyola University School of Business for her Masters in Business Administration. She also has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Colorado in Denver. Following her graduation from the Southern Illinois University, she began her career in 1997 at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital as a staff nurse. She also handled the responsibilities of the manager of the administration group and the resource coordinator at the hospital. She immigrated to Ann Arbor, Michigan after six years where she worked for the University of Michigan Health System. Later in 2006, she relocated to Denver to begin her role as the senior administrator for the SCL Heart Medical Group. Click here for more Related Articles.

Since she joined the organization, many people have benefited from her work. Other beneficiary departments include enhancing business growth, acquisitions, recruitment, and marketing. She left the organization after four years to join GE Healthcare partners. She played the role of improving the health care system. She carried out many beneficial projects where one such project raised the annual revenues for a payment consulting organization. During her career life, Deirdre Baggot has created clientele relationships with many people. She has also planned and effected improvement strategies and programs in many hospitals around the country.

Deirdre Baggot has not escaped recognition for her work. She has been an active participant and a significant speaker in many medical conferences including, Healthcare Financial Management Association, The American Heart Association, American College of Healthcare Executives, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Bundled Payment Congress, Innovation Summit, Bundled Payment Summit and Pay for Performance Summit. She has held numerous leadership positions such as a member of the Board of Colorado Organization of Nurse Leaders while at the University of Colorado, The University of Michigan Health System and the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Deirdre is a specialist in bundled payment in the health care system and has written broadly over the topic, reforms in healthcare and payment transformation. Today, she is the Senior Vice President and Practice Leader for Bundled Payments at The Camden Group.

Learn more: https://www.worldcongress.com/speakerBio.cfm?speakerID=3998&confcode=HL17004


24 Oct

How Sussex Healthcare Manages to Remain the Top Caregiver Company

Sussex Healthcare is an independent company in the United Kingdom with a network of facilities offering support services to the elderly and people with disabilities. The company’s network comprises of twenty facilities. The facilities have doctors, nurses specializing in general care and treatment of old age conditions like dementia, and neurological disorders. The staffs support the patients round the clock with state- of -the -art technology including gyms and specialized treatment. The company is unique because apart from having excellent staff, the residents receive a healthy diet made from local fresh ingredients that are important for their overall wellness. Besides, the facilities sit in a beautiful environment near lakes and bird sanctuaries where residents enjoy nature and participate in educational activities. Visit beta.companieshouse.gov

The company started operations in 1985 as one facility but today caters for nearly six hundred residents in its twenty homes. Sussex Healthcare is one of the largest caregiver companies in the United Kingdom with a mission of providing care, independence, self-respect, and dignity to its client. Sussex Healthcare does not only offer treatment to diseases like dementia and neurological disorder but also offer reflexology, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy services. That is another aspect that makes sure the company stands out as among the best in the region. The people with learning and physical disabilities in the facilities use the multi-sensory rooms, track hoisting and spa tools to do their laid down activities. They also receive special attention round the clock because the facilities have extra staff for that purpose.

The company’s nurses use the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care to cater for the terminally ill. The patients receive respite care for temporary admission and long-term palliative care for more severe cases. The management of Sussex Healthcare consists of Doctors and businesspersons around the world. Shiraz Boghani is the Chairman and the founder who started the company more than three decades ago together with Dr. Shafik Sachedina. The two brought together experiences from different fields with Shiraz from hospitality and Shafik from medical fields. The combination of the two talents contributes to the smooth running and steady growth of Sussex. Read more on https://www.nhs.uk/Services/Trusts/Overview/DefaultView.aspx?id=1492


20 Oct

Marc Beer: Additional Financing for Renovia

Those individuals that suffer from pelvic floor disorders will be interested to read the new article “Renovia Completes $42.3 Million Series B Financing”. The financing to treat public floor disorders is not always readily available. There are a lot of other diseases that seem to take the media attention. Additionally, pelvic floor disorder is not something that the sufferers want to talk about. It can be somewhat embarrassing to discuss the symptoms that accompany such an ailment. One of these symptoms is urinary incontinence. This is usually something that individuals will go above and beyond to prevent disclosing. Unfortunately, this means that many of the people that suffer from pelvic floor disorder go through this discomfort alone. Renovia is fighting for those people.


This additional financing that Renovia has secured is upwards of $42 million. This $42 million will go a long way towards increasing the corporate development of the company as well as additional launches. The most important thing that this funding will go towards is the completion of clinical trials and the further development of their product. To ensure the creation of a quality product Renovia wants to conduct additional clinical trials. These clinical trials are also important for the future development of products. They ensure that the products not only work but that they meet the needs of their targeted client base.


This CEO behind these efforts to treat pelvic floor disorders is Marc Beer. Marc Beer has put a considerable amount of time into growing Renovia since he helped secure the initial financing to begin the process of growing the company. Renovia possesses a lot of unique technology to help treat pelvic floor disorders. This is something that Marc Beer truly believes in. He has used his savvy business skills and knowledge of the industry to further this cause. He truly believes in the mission of Renovia and wants to help improve the lives of women everywhere.


Marc Beer got his start in the pharmaceutical industries through Abbott Laboratories. He began this position after graduating from the University of Miami. This university was focused in Ohio and gave him a lot of foundational knowledge that would be essential to his new position. Marc Beer found that he had a lot of strength in this industry. He started working hard and moving up. This led him to positions as CEO. He also gained the confidence to start and help grow a variety of pharmaceutical companies. Renovia has proven to be a true passion of his as he continues to monitor its growth. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/marc-beer


18 Oct

Felipe Montoro Jens Offers Advice On How To Repair Brazil’s Infrastructure

The National Confederation of Industry is regarded as the “voice of the Brazilian industry,” making the opinions they volunteer and information they share invaluable. It’s for this reason why Brazil ought to heed their warnings and address the ongoing issues with their infrastructure. According to the National Confederation of Industry, Brazil has inexplicably halted 517 infrastructure works in the past year. This startling figure has prompted economists and projects experts alike to evaluate the situation and offer their sound advice. Felipe Montoro Jens is one such individual. As a seasoned project analyst, Jens is versed in the intricacies of infrastructure. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at ideamensch.com

While Jens is well aware that infrastructure works demand great attention and skill, he’s baffled by Brazil’s severe negligence. What’s more, Jens is having a hard time wrapping his head around how Brazil got to this crucial state. The most unsettling truth about Brazil’s waning infrastructure is that their workers aren’t even equipped to execute seemingly simple jobs including sports facilities and daycare centers. Given the negative impact this dilemma has had on Brazil’s economy, Jens recommends prompt change. Moreover, Jens fears that Brazil’s resources will deplete if they don’t show initiative in repairing their economy.

Upon further analysis, Jens discovered that there are four overarching reasons for Brazil’s declining infrastructure: technical issues, financial obstacles, inept workers, and land ownership mishaps. Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems. Felipe Montoro Jens proposes offering training programs, improving microplanning procedures, creating balanced contracts, and reinforcing internal control. Jens maintains that Brazil will undoubtedly see improvements if they implement some of these changes. Unfortunately, Brazil is notorious for sitting idly by as issues fester. Jens hopes that the severity of their current state will spur them into action. So long as these words don’t fall on deaf ears, Brazil will be on the up and up.

Learn more: http://maringa.odiario.com/politica/2018/03/veja-com-felipe-montoro-jens-cidade-mineira-investe-em-ppp-para-estimular-o-lazer-e-a-pratica-de-atividades-fisicas-da-populacao/2476577/