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12 Dec


Born on March 2, 1980, in New South Wales situated in Australia Rebel Wilson grew to be a renowned actress. She actively started her acting career in 2002 after having studied at the Australian Theater for Young People (ATYP).

Known as the Hollywood sensation, Rebel Wilson has graced the TV screens as an impressive and magical artist. Recently featured as a regular star cast in the movie Pitch Perfect, her role as Fat Amy was not only hilarious but her vocal cords were off the charts. She once scripted, acted and even produced a comedy.  Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram and Twitter

The bold, courageous and fierce personality is not just a character she portrays in her films, she has a strong personality in real life and being hilarious is a charm she has had ever since she overcame shyness. Her own style of unique comedy is what sets her apart from other actresses. Read more: Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book and Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

Rebel Wilson feels her name is just the repertoire she stands for. Rebel Wilson is non-conformists and believes that she needs women to be inspired and not be afraid. She has had various nominations and has received awards. She won the MTV Movie Award for Best Actor in a Movie. As if that is not great enough, Rebel Wilson had her magical moment by sharing her Best Musical Moment Award with the Pitch Perfect colleagues. In 2013, she was awarded for being the Choice Movie Actress Comedy genre award at the Ten Choice Awards. Rebel has appeared in Vogue magazine in Australia.

Rebel Wilson is to star in the soon to be released in 2019 musical comedy “Isn’t it Romantic.” This American comedy film has created quite a buzz, and with the released date being on 14th February the more audience is anticipating for it. Starring alongside Rebel Wilson are; Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra, and Adam Devine are just adding the cherry on top to this film. The movie plot is based on some woman named Natalie, in the city of New York working as an architect and is very hardworking.

Rebel Wilson wakes up after being hit on the head and the world she finds herself into is the best version of what a romantic comedy film she has always seen as a child more like an alternative planet. She has had this illusion about love, life, and romance and for the first time she weirdly lands the role of the main lady is a romantic fantasy comedy she wakes up in. The mugging in the subway with a thief might have just been the best or worst thing that has ever happened to her.

It is no secret that she brings life and a kind of humor never seen before to the set. Her self-confidence of accepting who she is the kind of vibe we are prepared to see. Wilson version stars as a plus size girl to star lead role in a romantic comedy and the message she sells are about self-love and acceptance. Indeed, “Isn’t it Romantic” is a must watch.

7 Dec

Ryan Seacrest – A Great Entreprenurial Success Story

Ryan Seacrest is a young looking 43-year-old international entrepreneur. He is a bi-coast entertainment traveler who has a residence in New York because he is the co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan and a syndicated radio program called On Air with Ryan. He has a residence in California due to his producer status on the Kardashians and when in production, the American Idol show.

Ryan’s entrepreneurial successes continue with his ownership of the DigiTour Media company that creates reality programs, YouTube programs, and cable network programs. The Seacrest Studio is a live closed-circuit broadcasting network. It is set-up in pediatric hospitals and is beamed into the sick rooms of children for enjoyment and fun during their healing process. The Seacrest Studios is a part of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which was founded in 2006

Mr. Seacrest has also launched a Macy’s line of tailored men’s clothing and accessories. A few years ago, Ryan created a partnership with Dr. Harold Lancer, a prestigious Hollywood dermatologist. Together, they created a successful skincare line for men. Mr. Seacreast also has other entrepreneurial ventures with the international Coca-Cola company and the Ford car company.

Ryan makes all of his skilled endeavors look easy as he produces, writes, edits, jockeys for interviews, and directs entertainers. In answer to this question that was once posed to him, Ryan stated that Dick Clark who was a great influence in his career told him that if people believe that you work relaxed, then they will portray you like that, which is a positive trait.

In addition to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Ryan Seacrest has other award-winning production litanies such as:

* Bravo network program called the Shahs of Sunset

* The CMT network program called I Love Kellie Pickler

* Shades of Blue starring Jennifer Lopez in sponsorship with the NBC network

* Food Revolution starring Chef Jamie Oliver

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has been honored with an Emmy for their work on scripted and unscripted digital programming. As a generous philanthropist, Ryan Seacrest sits on the board of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and he is an honorary chairman of the Grammy Foundation.

6 Dec

Wes Edens Company, Brightline Partners with Virgin Group

Wes Edens has all the reasons to smile. The businessman has been getting good returns from most of the investments he has been making over the years. His name has been appearing in the Forbes Billionaire list because of the successful businesses he has started. His position while serving as a principal and chairman at the prestigious Fortress Investment Group has also made him popular. Years ago, the businessman founded a company called Brightline. The organization, according to its website, is serving consumers in America as the first privately owned passenger railroad in the intercity section. The institution success doesn’t surprise many, keeping in mind that its founder knows the secrets of the market and how to remain in the top all the time. Read the article of Wes Edens at

As the year is ending, Brightline has made a significant deal in the American market. The institution has announced that it has made a strategic partnership with a company called Virgin Group. This is one of the major agreements that have been attained by the passenger railroad company, keeping in mind that Virgin Group is one of the giants in the world’s hospitality and travel department. With this partnership, Wes Edens believes that his company will depend on the expertise and experience of their new partner to establish a new brand in the market that will be going by the name Virgin Trains USA.

This year has been quite busy for Brightline. The organization launched new services that would touch several cities in May. The organization has also announced that it has plans to expand and also establish its services in Orlando and Tampa, areas that are believed to be very competitive in the country. Brightline team, however, is excited about the new agreement it has just signed with Virgin Group, and it says that it will take care of its end of the bargain so that the project will be as successful as possible in the recent future. Wes Edens is already a giant in the corporate world, and many are confident that this new venture will only bring his success. Wes Edens financial career has been shining for so many decades.

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6 Dec

David McDonald OSI Group Involvement in Developing OSI Group to The Largest Food Supplier in the World.

OSI Group, one of the largest food suppliers in the world, has a had a very long run from its beginnings. The humble beginnings back in Chicago when a German immigrant thought of supplying food to local restaurants has now grown to a global company.

It has all been achieved because of a very stable leadership system that treats each other as a family from the top leadership to the least of the employees. David McDonald OSI Group has been one of those who has championed the growth of OSI Group globally.

Through his leadership, OSI Group has come into collaboration with major companies in Europe thus increasing their reach into the European market.

David McDonald’s Influence in OSI’s Operations

Although David McDonald OSI Group did not join OSI in its initial beginnings, he has played an important role since he joined 30 years ago. He has maintained OSI Group’s desire to grow and improve in all aspects and become a global competitor.

In an interview with CEOCFO magazine, David McDonald OSI Group stated that the growth is attributed to suppliers and customers who have proven their loyalty to OSI time and time again. He points out that although the vision has not changed, the push for OSI to be a global food provider has driven its growth.

David McDonald’s desire is to see OSI become a place where there is a collaboration between the suppliers, employees and the local farmers.

As a result, David McDonald has provided the team with a lot of creative freedom to come up with solutions to the challenges OSI Group faces. David believes that transparency and flexibility are the building blocks of OSI Group and have sustained it ever since.

David McDonald OSI Group maintains the entrepreneurial culture that birthed OSI in different parts of the world by entering into formal partnerships.

Together with the governance that has oversight, David McDonald OSI Group has managed to extend the operations of OSI group across the globe without interfering with OSI Group’s culture. But yet maintaining its provision of high-quality products without bragging about its success. Expansion for OSI Group Continues Internationally

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4 Dec

Paul Mampilly got tired of working with firms

Paul Mampilly has been an influential force in the finance sector. It was from the moment he got his Masters in Bachelors of Arts from the University of Fordham, where he was employed as assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust.

He continued to build on his experience in the sector through investing in different firms. He was also hired under important positions in legal firms such as the Deutsche Bank and ING which was a personal banking and savings bank.

His experience made him quite famous and significant corporations wanted to recruit and hire him because he was a rare asset. An example of the big firms was Kinetics Asset Management, where Paul Mampilly handled the company’s hedge fund thus increasing the firm’s assets to an average of $25 billion. This move is named by worlds financial analysts as the ‘World’s Best Returns.’

For the longest time, Paul was the best person to seek investment advice. It was so because in 2009 when most stocks were selling at extreme lows, he called a market inflection point. He was so convinced with his move that he enrolled for a competition that was hosted by Templeton Foundation which was at the time respected highly. At that point, Paul turned $50 million to $88 million and therefore won the competition by a gain of 76%.

With time, Paul Mampilly got tired of working with firms and wanted to spend time with his friends and family at home. These were signs of his Wall Street pace fading. However, Paul Mampilly is still in the finance world, only that this time he is not helping big companies to become rich, but the average, ordinary people.

He publishes newsletters now and then since joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 where he shares his investment tips. Paul also features in business news of Bloomberg TV and CNBC alongside the Fox Business News.

From just publishing his newsletters, he also manages True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes which are trading firms that offer trading services. Paul also writes for Winning Investor Daily where he has a weekly column. In a recent interview with Inspire, Paul gave his story of how he moved from Wall Street to Main Street after developing the passion for helping the ordinary Americans make money.

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1 Dec

How Fortress Investment Group Will Deliver With Asset Funds

Some may question how will Fortress Investment Group deliver with open end asset funds. This is no easy task. Dealing with funds like this is something many other asset managers have struggled with in the past. But make no mistake Fortress Investment Group is not like many other asset management companies. They have been able to trudge pass hardships, overcome adversities and become one of the top brands in their industry. They are ready to take on open end asset funds, as well as another leap forward in their industry. Visit their website at

An open end asset fund is another form of a mutual fund. The difference is that this type of fund has less restrictions on the amount of shares given out. This structure is due to the need for investors to have a more effective way of investing. If funds become too large, the amount of investor may get limited. Sometimes when this occurs other investors are not allowed to make more investments. Fortress Investment Group is skilled in handling many types of investments for their investors. This is just one area the money management firm wishes to expand upon for clients.

Fortress Investment Group had a long history of creating strategies and then implementing those strategies into success for their investors. They have established long lasting relationships with their clients. Many of the investors that use this firm have been with them for nearly a decade. This asset management firm knows their worth. They know what they are capable of delivering for investors. Because of this confidence, they did not shy away from valuing themselves pass the billion dollar mark when Softbank was interested in buying the company. Fortress has extensive history and experience in the industry. Softbank gladly paid 3.3 billion dollars for the purchase. Softbank plans to equip Fortress with the resources it needs to continue to push pass boundaries and explore more areas in the investment world for investors.



28 Nov

Randal Nardone: Successful Head of an Investment Company

Randal Nardone, 557th on the Forbes Billionaires List in the year 2018, is the head of Fortress Investment Group and Fortress Investment Group has recently decided that its direct-lending fund will be the way that it can boost its offerings. It believes that a private credit effort will help in this boosting.

Softbank, the owner of Fortress Investment Group, is expected to end this direct-lending fund in October of 2018.

So far, this company has raised $400 million by getting money from its patents. It has gotten $500 million from what it calls an open-and-asset fund. The money for this fund comes doing well in the private credit market. The amount of money that a company makes are quite good for small and medium companies. These funds have a beginning to have a better reputation than sovereign, pension and insurance funds.

What is an open-and-asset fund ? It is an open-and-asset fund that does not have any restrictions on amout of shares that issues bonds or stocks. The structure of the majority of mutual funds are useful and convenient for investors. When the total profits are too leges, new investors are not allowed to use the fund. Visit to learn more about Randal Nardone.

Randal Nardone is the one who chooses the fund and it is believed that he is the right person to be choosing funds. So far, he has made great achievements at Fortress Investment Group and he has good credentials. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Biology. He has a Degree of Jurisprudence from Boston University Law School. They may not be traditional credentials for the financial industry, but he certainly learned some tricks from his schooling to help him be successful.

Randal Nardone did use his law degree and eventually became a partner at Thacher, Profirr and Wood.

Randall Nardone did become tired of the law and moved on to work at Black Rock Financial Management. He was able to become a Principal at this company. Simultaneously, he worked at UBS as a Managing Director from 1997 to 1998. With his fellow financial industry colleague Wes Edens, he started the Fortress Investment Group (originally called Fortress Registered Investment Trust) in 1999. Since 1999, he had held positions at this group such as Vice President, Secretary and Chief Operating Officer.

His position at Fortress and other financial corporations has allowed him to become position 557 on the Forbes Billionaires List.

Randal Nardone the right person to lead Fortress and other financial corporations based on his past record.

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15 Nov

The beautiful masterpieces that could be made by Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden was born on November 17th, 1971 in Austin, Texas. She is 46 years of age. She is a very successful plastic surgeon and is well known as a media commentator, her authorships and plastic surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Walden began her medical career in New York at the Manhattan Ear, Eye and Throat Hospital. Dr. Sherrell Aston mentioned her while she was there. She has been a listed plastic surgery expert by VH1, “E”, Dr. 90210, as well as ABC and Fox News Channels. Dr. Walden performed her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She then obtained a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the hospital. She continued to stay at the hospital after her fellowship was completed and she then worked the Upper East Side in New York City for seven and a half years. During her medical tenure in New York City, she participated in clinical trials that eventually led to the silicone breast implant reintroduction.

The medical procedures that are performed by Dr. Jennifer Walden are:

  • Injectables
  • Body, Breast and Facial procedures
  • Radiofrequencies
  • Hair restorations
  • Laser procedures
  • Skin care
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation

She is one of the few women that has been elected to serve on the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors and she is also a member of the Modern Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Practices Editorial Board of Directors. Dr. Jennifer Walden has also co-authored the textbook titled “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”.


15 Nov

The Treat Your Lips To EOS Lip Balm Review

Women across the Internet are exchanging messages about the EOS Lip Balms. Many women state that they have looked high and low for a lip balm that would nourish and smooth out their lips. In a new video that is available online, the makers of EOS lip balm explain why their lip balm is one of the best that is produced today. EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth is the small startup that manufactured products that quickly rivaled the top leading lip balm brands that were already in the consumer market. Here is more on EOS lip balms.

Treat Your Lips To EOS Lip Balms

First, it is important to realize that lip balms are a treat and a necessity today. The average woman exposes her lips to spicy foods that burn and chap the lips. Many might drink beverages that also dry out the lips, while weather conditions also are very detrimental to sensitive lips. EOS natural and organic lip balms are the way to make sure that those sensitive or dry lips are protected. Treat your lips to EOS lip balms for a delightful treat during any season of the year.

Soft Lips

Perhaps, you’ve avoided kissing your special someone because your lips are rough and dry. Well, start treating your lips to your favorite EOS natural and organic lip balms immediately. Soon, your lips will become soft, and very supple. The ingredients that are included in this quality product make your lips soft and very nourished. The new lip balms produced by EOS include Shea butter and coconut oil.

There are many benefits that are associated with using this product. For example, the lip balms are certified organic and natural. The lip balms are available in a wide variety of flavors, and the product is very soothing and healing to your lips.

9 Nov

OSI Group Mcdonalds A Partnership That Has Withstood the Test of Time

OSI Group Mcdonalds A Partnership That Has Withstood the Test of Time

OSI Group McDonalds is today one of the largest suppliers of food in the globe. It has employed a staggering twenty thousand staff at over sixty of its facilities and in a total of seventeen countries. Its establishment from a humble start to a global conglomerate is a notable achievement in the twentieth century as well as in America’s economic history. OSI Group is still paving the way for more growth to come in the future as the world turns into a modern globalized market. Its history spans decades and has inspired many to dream big and to also believe in hard work and commitment. More about at Forbes

Its founder kolschowsky who was only two years fresh in the United States decided to start a small meat market as well as a butcher to be able to serve its community and its environs. With dedication and a lot of patience, he was able to expand into the wholesale part of the business at the close of the First World War. It was later rebranded to Otto and sons in the year 1928. Shortly Ray Kroc opened the first ever McDonalds, and Otto was tasked in becoming the primary supplier of meat products for the franchise. Little did he know that OSI Group McDonalds would be the outcome of a long, lucrative business.

With every opening of McDonalds outlets, Otto grew, and the family business soon became of the most notable brands in the world the transition from Otto and sons to OSI Group McDonalds took over two decades. With pressure coming from McDonalds to supply their signature burger necessitated a technological breakthrough that saw the inception of cryogenic food preservation which mainly employs the use of liquid nitrogen to quickly freeze food and be able to transport them long distances to their designated McDonalds outlets all over the country.

OSI Group McDonalds landed a prestigious position due to the personal relationship that had evolved between Kroc, Harry as well as Arthur Kolschowsky in 1973 they became a two-track company that saw Otto and sons dedicate a plant solely to the McDonalds franchise. From there, as they say, is what we have today a company that lived up to the dram that America promised in its humble begginings.