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10 Aug

Lacey and Larkin revisit the arrest by Joe Arpaio

Different presidents in the United States have made controversial pardons, but many of these cases might not be known to a majority in the current generation. However, President Trump has made one pardon that falls squarely in the league of controversial pardons by a head of state.

Towards the end of 2017, President Trump pardoned notorious former Sheriff of Maricopa County known as Joe Arpaio. Among the crimes he committed is unlawfully arresting Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, journalists and owners of Village Voice Media.

The story of Arpaio and the two journalists goes back to 2007 when he ordered their arrest. He accused them of disclosing details related to grand jury proceedings. In what later came to be decided by the courts as a case of First Amendment violation, Arpaio took the journalists from their homes at midnight and proceeded to hold them in the illegal jails he was running.

Lacey and Larkin were held for 24 hours after which they were released following pressure from the media industry.

Through one of their newspapers known as the Phoenix New Times, Lacey and Larkin focused on the atrocities in Maricopa while Arpaio was the sheriff. They focused on illegal jails such as the Tent City which was a torture chamber for immigrants who he arrested. The paper also focused on crimes that were going in these jails. There were cases of human rights violations of worrying magnitude. Inmates were beaten mercilessly and tortured through the denial of basic supplies such as food and medicine. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Lacey and Larkin Speak Out on Trump Pardon of Arpaio | Phoenix New Times

Due to the nature of crimes Arpaio had committed, he found himself in court severally, answering to cases of harassment of immigrants. In 2011, he was ordered by a judge to stop racial profiling of immigrants, an order he never obeyed. Arpaio aggressively tortured thousands of Latinos who had crossed the border into the United States despite the court intervention.

After Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin took up the case of Arpaio and covered it in deals, his criminal deeds caught the attention of the whole country. The public pressure had the Sheriff taken back to court once more to face charges of contempt of court orders.

Joe Arpaio was found guilty by the courts and was to be sentenced in October 2017. However, those like Lacey and Larkin who wanted to see the former Sheriff pay for his mistakes were left dismayed after President Trump gave Arpaio a pardon even before the sentencing date.

1 Aug

Learn More About Bradesco And Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has unarguably had an outstanding career at Banco Bradesco. Succeeding in any country’s banking industry is difficult, let alone maintaining the private Banco Bradesco’s size and performance among the top three major financial institutions in all of Brazil – right behind Indonesia in terms of population, ranking fifth in the world; Brazil also has a top-notch economy relative to every other nation’s economic output.

As of 2018, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will celebrate his 50th year with Bradesco – also known as Banco Bradesco SA, where “SA” stands for South America. He started toiling away for the then-young company with only 20-odd years under its less-than-corporate belt immediately after finishing compulsory secondary schooling at the age of 17.

Mr. Trabuco climbed through every rank possible within Bradesco’s organization

Banco Bradesco didn’t promote Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi – at least not any meaningful promotions relative to the bumps in workplace rank he has received over the last two decades – much until after he showed leadership, poise, and care for cross-departmental efficiency as the director of marketing.

At the age of 32, some 15 years’ experience at Bradesco made him comfortable enough within the organization to revamp its communications policies with reporters, journalists, and curious businesspeople. Rather than keeping the company’s information as secret as possible under perpetual lock-and-key, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi decided to openly share all information that didn’t include things like trade secrets, customer information, and other sensitive information.

Banco Bradesco immediately became more popular among Brazilians because no other bank had made such a firm push towards transparency among all ranks and departments of the business. Rather than being obligated to send all inquiries regarding interviews to public relations or communications departments within Banco Bradesco, all employees were free to chat with literally anyone as long as super-sensitive topics weren’t touched on.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi isn’t at the top anymore

Mr. Trabuco is not at the top of Banco Bradesco’s executive chain of command anymore, though he is the President of the Council at the company – the position roughly translates to being the chairman of a company’s board of directors.

If you wish to learn more, you may check https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luiz_Carlos_Trabuco_Cappi.

30 Jul

The Successful Career of Paul Mampilly in the Investment Sector

Paul Mampilly is an investment specialist and a researcher who has over two decades of experience in Wall Street. He has worked with several clients throughout his career including ING, the Kinetics International, and Deutsche Bank. Paul started off his career three decades ago on Wall Street as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. Paul would later join Deutsche Bank because of his potential, and he later joined ING. He has also served as the money manager at Sears, Bank of Scotland, and Swiss Bank.

His success in the investment sector

Paul Mampilly was hired as the hedge fund manager at Kinetics Asset Management in 2006. During his tenure, he ensured that the company assets increased by up to $25 billion and increasing its annual return by 26%. Paul also got the opportunity to participate in the investment completion that was organized by Templeton Foundation. Paul managed to grow the investment from $50 million to $88 million amidst the fact that there was a global financial crisis.

Supporting the common American

After a successful investment career, Paul retired from helping the wealthy to get wealthier than before. He decided to go back to the grassroots where he believes there is a dire need for investment. Paul, therefore, decided to guide young investors towards making the right financial choices. As a result, he decided to create the Profits Unlimited, a newsletter that offers guidance on how to successfully invest money. Paul Mampilly planned to help individuals understand when and where to invest to get high returns. Since its establishment, Profits Unlimited has obtained subscription membership of up to 60,000 which makes it one of the fast growing newsletters.

More about Paul Mampilly

The successful investor believes that making the right financial choices can make a poor person a hero. However, any small mistakes would result in losing all your investments. Although he retired from Wall Street, Paul remains committed to offering investment services to common Americans. Paul Mampilly has also founded True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes.

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28 Jul

Flavio Maluf Contributions to His Family’s Business Empire

FlavioMaluf was born by a political dynasty and a very wealthy family. He is from a politician’s family whereby his father was a renowned politician and a great businessman. He was born into a very wealthy family, and this has been through his impressive business skills and also hard work. He has subsequently managed to chart his path and has a huge empire. He has excellently achieved in his endeavors and he is now focused on the best in his career. Read more about Flavio at terra.com

Flavio is a graduate of the famous Armando Alvares Foundation. He graduated with a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been very passionate about making it in life. He is very optimistic about making other people succeed in their careers and has been loved for his passion and dedication. He has been on the frontline pushing success and has been very optimistic and clear on his goals. Flavio, despite being an engineer, he has a great passion for business. That is when he took over the leadership of his family business in 1997.

FlavioMaluf is also a graduate of the famous Grand food. He has a great desire for improvement in his career. He has been advising young people with the desire to join businesses to do it with a lot of caution. He is focused on improving in his career. Most people have a mentality that by owning a company they should not work more, it is the direct opposite of that according to FlavioMaluf. They are expected to work even more. They should burn midnight oils doing research and creating new businesses. That is the time they are supposed to be more productive. When one is in business, he should focus on making ends meet by creating more time for meetings, marketing and also learning more tricks.

Visit :http://www.dino.com.br/releases/flavio-maluf-e-sua-trajetoria-profissional-flavio-maluf-e-presidente-da-eucatex-brasil-dino89063425131

27 Jul

Working at Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare center is an institution that takes care of the elderly. The institution has more than 23 living homes around Sussex. The activities that go on at Sussex Healthcare help to stimulate the patients psychologically and emotionally. The center is not only for the old, but a place for the adults suffering from other conditions like neurological disorder, autism, learning disorder, and brain injuries. The facility began in the year 1985. We have nurses in all the homes to ensure the patients get enough help through their lives. The workers demonstrate genuine concern for the patients. Our levels of understanding for the clients are distinctive.

In March this year, Sussex Healthcare reported the appointment of the new Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Taylor-Morgan. The leader got acquainted with the happenings at Sussex right before commencing her roles. As a strategic leader, she executed her plan of actions with precaution. Morgan-Taylor visited all the homes all over Sussex to interact with the residents, workers, and family members. Thus, she answered the burning questions and highlighted the tricks she would use to manage her office. Morgan-Taylor’s agenda is to join hands with the senior officials to enable service Improvement, compliance, and quality life to the patients.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor works herself up through leadership posts. Thus, she ever worked as a Quality Development Director, Service Manager, and Managing Director. Therefore, she understands the difficulties her workers go through. Also, she is a listener and is ready to try out the opinions of her employees. Amanda Morgan-Taylor began her career as a Mental Health Nurse in the year 1984. The qualification of Morgan-Taylor in giving medical care improved through working for more than 30 years in various public and private healthcare fields. In the different organizations that she ever worked, Morgan-Taylor restored confidence, competence, and trust of the clients by delivering material aid.

The appointment of Amanda Morgan-Taylor showed that Sussex Healthcare is ready to offer improved quality of care. The selection shows a brighter life at Sussex this year and in the future. The institution opened a specialist gymnasium for the residents to exercise their bodies for a healthy life.


20 Jul

Jim Toner, The Youngest Real Estate Developer Who Is Willing To Teach Others

In the world filled with selfish people, it is not easy to find someone who will be willing to share with you, an idea that will benefit you in the end. If it happens that someone will advise you, most of them look at how much they are going to gain. That is not the case with a 27-year-old Jim Toner, a real estate developer.

Although he is a young man, real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner is not driven by egocentrism as most young entrepreneurs. He is open to sharing what he has in his mind with those who are willing to venture into the real estate investment. He has managed to talk to thousands of people across the U.S. on the benefits that come when one invests in real estate. His views come at a time when many Americans, some of whom had put a lot of their money in properties lost nearly all the money. If these investors did not lose the money, their property lost the value thus individual investors could not get the projection they wanted. Jim Toner says that these happened during the recession.

Now that the recession is over and things seem to be coming back to normal, Jim Toner said,  his listeners that it is time to put the money where it comes benefit their families in the future. It is because of his generosity in sharing with the people that have made him earn the title ‘The Anti Guru’.

To ensure that he reaches many people with the positive message, Jim Toner regularly appears on ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, and CNN. Reputable magazines have also published his expert advice. The aim is that his message reaches as many people as possible. Many people who listen to Jim Toner or read his pieces in newspapers and magazines say that his advice and application of common sense strategies have encouraged them a lot.

Over the years, Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) has been able to work with big names in the industry. Some of the names you can always refer to are Frank McKinney, Napoleon Hill Foundation and Bill Bartmann among other big brands.

Recommended your visit: https://vimeo.com/228115326

17 Jul

Jeremy Goldstein’s Initiatives to Combat Mental Health Issues

According to the World Health Organization statistics, mental disorders are one of the most significant health challenges facing humanity.

More than 45 million people in the world are affected by this epidemic. From anxiety, depression, mass shootings to eating disorders, mental illness can take many forms, and it hinders individuals from leading a fulfilled life.

Jeremy Goldstein is a board member of Fountain House, a charity organization that supports people living with mental illness.

He recently held charity dinner consisting of mouth-watering food and classic wine to raise funds for this organization. Fountain House has been working for over 70 years since its inception in 1944 to ensure that victims of mental disorders recover and lead close to healthy lives. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: https://www.resumonk.com/Rf4O8IjkZGGkJ1jqlTIPqA

Fountain House’s management team and capable board of directors like Jeremy Goldstein lead the members in several projects that assist people living with mental health disorders to be involved in the community and contribute their talents. Follow Jeremy Goldstein on Twitter

The charity organization focuses on encouraging members to boost their confidence, learn new skills and cultivate relationships in the society. In 2014, Fountain House earned the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize for their initiatives. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

Through programs offered by Fountain House such as Young Adults and d its Education program, the organization has impacted the lives of many individuals. The diner is set to be hosted at the Nomad Hotel in New York on 22nd May. Tickets to the dinner were selling at $3700.

Jeremy Goldstein is a respected attorney who manages his firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The alumni of New York University School of Law where he obtained his JD also attended the University of Chicago for his M.A degree.

He has a vast experience in administration compensation and corporate governance. Jeremy is also an author and commentator on several issues in his expertise.

13 Jul

Heather Russell Career in Financial Management

Russell is privacy and financial handling expert. Heather Russell is from the New York area where she has attained her education and considerably developed in the line of financial management.

Education Background

She studied at the Washington College of Law where she graduated with a Doctorate of Law. Heather Russell attained this back in the years of 19994 to 1997. She was earlier in the same school for a Bachelor of Arts in the English and Biology subjects back in the year 1989 to 1993.

Managing Career

Before her current post, Heather Russell has been a Community Association Manager at Florida where she oversaw the allocation of public fund to ensure they were to be of great help to the community and also leading her supportive team in the Association. She is also a Certified and Licensed Community Association Manager.

Heather Russell has been the Director of Rizzetta Company where her central roles have been Customer services, Contract management and matters in Business and fund developments.

Current Post

Heather Russell is currently the Chief Executive Officer and the Vice President of TransUnion who are experts in Global finance regulation Services this comes due to here the long-term experience of more than twenty years in handling financial management services. In her new role, she is to help consumers, and businesspeople make the right business decisions and gain financial services global wide.

She is also allowed to helping solve the current problem facing people in business and consumers as they try to attain their business dreams. The board of management of TransUnion believes in Heather Russell and trusts that she is an excellent addition to the company as it tries to moving forward in Financial Services. She (@heather_russell) has a great experience and believes achieving significantly in TransUnion asks for full support from all the Staff as this will help her in her line of duty.

See more: https://math.richmond.edu/faculty/hrussell/

11 Jul

Hussain Sajwani’s life story

Hussain Sajwani was born in a conservative middle-class family from Dubai in the year 1954. His father was a small businessman who owned a watch selling the shop. On the other hand, is a beloved mother was a hawker who bought fabric from a wholesale and sold them to other women in the neighbourhood. As a young man, Hussain Sajwani was ambitious and thanks to his father who was a visionary. He joined the University of Washington for his undergraduate. He majored in economics and industrial engineering.

Al Jazeera mentioned that after Sajwani’s studies, he was employed by a GASCO, a company owned by the Abu Dhabi national oil company. After working as a manager for some time, he opted to venture into a catering business. His primary goal was providing quality services to his customers at all times. He managed to take advantage of what other people were not doing in the industry and added the luxury on it. This saw him make it in the business.

In 1990, he moved to Dubai to take advantage of the booming number of people in the Middle East. He builds a chain of prestigious hotels in Dubai.

In 2002, DAMAC Property was born. DAMAC Property is one of the most admired development firms in the Middle East. DAMAC owner has partnered with the various international organisation in the field to build state of the art property. Recently, the DAMAC owner partnered with the Trump Organization in making two golf courses in Dubai.

The DAMAC owner believes in quality education and good morals as the best key to success. That is why he has invested in the education of his children and given them a better life than his. His four children are what defines who he is. Furthermore, he acknowledges his father for the role that he played in his life. The DAMAC owner refers to his father as a mentor and the most excellent man that he has ever seen in his life. Additionally, his love for education saw him pursue a degree in medicine in Baghdad. However, he dropped out after some time. Meet the board of DAMAC here.

Visit his website: hussainsajwani.com

11 Jul

How Rick Shinto is Elevating the Reputation of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health, a provider of Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice services is experience growth and rich success under the leadership of CEO Rick Shinto. With more than 20 years of experience, Rick Shinto is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to healthcare plans. Starting out as a physician, his experience far outweighs the leadership of any company where the CEO has no experience as a physician. The ability to work with the patient and see them through the entire process is what makes the difference between him and others.


Rick Shinto’s chosen specialty was working as an internist and as a pulmonologist. Working in Southern California, he was able to work with a wide variety of people and health conditions. He also spent time as a VP for MedPartners, a company that is dedicated to staffing in the healthcare industry. His time spent with MedPartners was shortened when he chose to take on the role of senior medical officer with Cal Optimal Health Plan, a program that is specifically designed to serve senior adults. One of the greatest insights that Shinto had going forward in his career, was his exposure to individuals from all income levels.


Having worked with both low-income family plans and others, he was able to see the need for quality plans for all. This in turn has aided him in serving the sector of healthcare that is focused on Medicare Advantage Plans as well as Medicaid plans. His role in medical management for NAMM in California was yet another important role that helped Rick Shinto to form his leadership abilities that he now uses to help others during his time at InnovaCare Health. It was in 2012 that Aveta Inc., a company he worked with was sold, but his time there in a leadership role aided in improving his skills working with managed care plans.


Rick Shinto has worked in all aspects of healthcare, and has watched the formation of healthcare plans first-hand. It was in June of 2012 that he received a prestigious award. He received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and since that time, he has been improving upon healthcare plans and helping people get the care they deserve with quality plans at affordable rates.