Larkin and Lacey Created the Frontera Fund to Help

14 Sep

Freedom Checks Excellent Investment Plan for the Masses

Matt Badiali has become highly popular in the world of finance and investments in the last few years, and it is due to the accurate financial predictions he has made. The financial predictions that Matt Badiali has made in the last two decades as a financial advisor and analyst has made him one of the most sought-after a financial executive in the world today. He is particularly known for his expertise in the field of natural resources and energy as he is a professional geologist and has also taught geology as a professor at the University of North Carolina. However, after working for big corporate companies for many years, Matt Badiali decided to help the main street Americans to make smart investments and to have enough for their retirement. Read this article at Money Morning.

It is for this reason he recently published an ad in which he was seen holding Freedom Check. As per Matt Badiali not many people know about MLPs or master limited partnerships and investing in these companies can help the clients get good returns. Matt Badiali has been trying to promote investments in MLP companies as it is what would help the investors to earn good returns on a regular basis. These companies are bound by law to provide maximum returns to the customers, and investing in these companies can be highly beneficial. Matt Badiali through his experience and expertise has been able to identify several MLP companies that are very profitable. He believes that investing in these companies would help people get Freedom Checks in the form of dividends on a regular basis. Getting Freedom Checks periodically would help people achieve their financial goals and get the financial security they are looking for.

Many people who have heard of Freedom Checks often do not conduct their research and think that it is a scam. Only those who learn more about Freedom Checks can take advantage of it. Matt Badiali wanted more people to know about Freedom Checks and use the investment plan to secure their future. It is the reason why he wrote about it in his newsletter so that it can reach more common people. Visit:



13 Sep

Whitney Wolfe Works on Progression With Bumble

For some app developers like Whitney Wolfe there is a constant need for progression. Bumble started as the dating app, and Whitney Wolfe would make it her business to set up Bumble Spots where people could meet in person. She would follow this by creating Bumble BFF so that people could develop friendships. She will follow that with Bumble Bizz is where people could still utilize the same app platform and simply switch off the dating mode to conduct business. Visit her article at to know more.

In recent weeks Whitney Wolfe has also added the option to turn off Bumble dating completely with the push of a button. Still, she wants people to utilize the app even if dating is not what they are interested in doing at the moment. She believes that this is going to be her stepping stone into building more interest in this app.

Wolfe has found herself to be one of the more intuitive app developers that is taking time to listen to the feedback. She knows that feedback is what fuels the road to progressive. It is hard to do anything and make any app better if you are not listening to what your users are saying.

When Whitney Wolfe is able to quote stats about the harassment and the fact that Bumble has a less than 5% harassment rate shows that she is looking at the comments from Bumble users. It shows that she is taking their input into account as she goes forth. It also shows that she’s willing to work with users and tweak the app in a way that is going to be most beneficial.

Whitney Wolfe knows that there is a new way to look at dating in the app world when you give women power. When they are able to make the first move it is exciting for the man. He knows that the woman is actually interested in him. She knows that this could also improve the safety in the app dating world. When these things are factored in it makes the transition to other phases of networking through Bumble much easier to implement.

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3 Sep

Dick DeVos helps to reshape the face of U.S. education

Dick DeVos is widely known for his involvement in Republican politics. This is an association that he can hardly do anything about. His wife, Betsy DeVos, has been one of the key figures in the Michigan Republican Party for more than 30 years. And she currently serves as the U.S. Secretary of Education under the Trump Administration. Additionally, DeVos himself ran for the governorship of Michigan in 2006, only narrowly being defeated by the highly popular incumbent governor, Jennifer Granholm.


Because of these considerations, DeVos, for better or worse, has cemented his image in the public mind as a career politician who is heavily involved in Republican causes. But the truth is that DeVos, who really isn’t all that partisan, has only spent a vanishing fraction of his entire career on political matters of any kind. Around his home state of Michigan, DeVos is known for his many other major accomplishments, including his spectacularly successful business career, his gigantic personal investments in the redevelopment of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and his lifelong, intense interest in reforming education, especially the aspects that affect the least privileged American kids.


It is in this last area that DeVos has realized some of his greatest accomplishment. Yet, he has received very little attention or praise for his groundbreaking work in the education field. This is surprising because some of the schools that DeVos has personally been involved with creating, designing and financing have become the models around which the majority of charter schools are built upon today.


One example is his West Michigan Aviation Academy. This is a high-school-level specialty academy that focuses students on careers in the aviation business. Aside from the incredible fact that DeVos was personally heavily involved in the design of every aspect of the school, including the curriculum, the West Michigan Aviation Academy has racked up an incredible track record. The school has recruited from some of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in the area, taking kids that would have otherwise gone to some of the worst-performing schools in the state. And it has routinely shaped those underprivileged students into top-flight scholars.


Along with many other DeVos-backed schools, the West Michigan Aviation Academy has proven that kids from some of the poorest neighborhoods can achieve at the same level as those students hailing from the richest areas. And while this has negative implications for the state of public education, it provides a great beam of hope for struggling minority youth.


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1 Sep

Jim and Lacey Spearhead the Ousting of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Being awaken by strange knocks on your doors at night can be very astonishing and nerve-wracking for many individuals especially if you have witnessed other individuals who have undergone the same experience in the past.

However, this was different for the two journalists who owned the Village Voice Media, Jim Larkin and his business partner, Michael Lacey. They had messed up with the brutal sheriff of the county at that time, Joe Arpaio.

This was after they disclosed the illegal behaviors that he had been using to administer the county that made a lot of people resentful and hurt. However, despite the great pain that he caused to the people and especially the immigrants, no one could have the guts to stand for the rights of the immigrants by alerting him of the evil deeds that he did to them.

He had instilled fear in the media houses by arresting every individual who tried to question his administrative techniques.

Jim and Lacey, however, believed that the administrative vice by the sheriff could continue to perpetuity if no one tried to curtail it. One morning, they woke up and decided to publish all the evil deeds that the sheriff and his fellow oppressors had been directing to the Hispanic society and also the Latino immigrants. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

These included illegal arrests and detention followed by unfair convictions. The biasness never ended at that point; the immigrants who were arrested would be unfairly punished and some executed in some extra-judicial techniques.

After the publication, the public was very happy because the two journalists had spoken for the voiceless in the community. They were happy that the sheriff’s mischief had been addressed and so they expected some change from his administration.

On the other hand, the news met Sheriff Arpaio with a lot of anger. He immediately ordered the apprehension of Jim and Lacey by his county officers. This was when they went knocking by the doors of the two journalists at night. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

They dragged them out of their homes and took them to the prisons where they were held in custody. The public was so disgruntled by this act and responded by demonstrations on the streets. They all had a common objective; demanding the immediate release of their mouthpieces, Jim and Lacey. The two were released with immediate effect

After prolonged tussles between the public and the police, Arpaio gave in to their demands and released the duo. This would however not be the end as Lacey and Larkin went to court demanding justice for their illegal arrest.

The legal tussle went on for a while, and in 2013, they received the justice that they had requested. The Appellate Court ruled the compensation of the two journalists with an amount not less than $3.7 million.

22 Aug

How Whitney Wolfe Has Impacted the Online Dating World

How Whitney Wolfe Has Impacted the Online Dating World

Decades ago women could not stand for their rights and exercise even their right to freedom. In fact, not many women could stand their own ground and fight men in the investment and business sector. These notions and misconceptions are bygones today and women are taking the world by storm in every sector. Whitney Wolfe is a good example of notable women who have overcome these decade-long perceptions and depicted their prowess in the business world.

Whitney Wolfe is a widely known entrepreneur, CEO and the face behind success of Bumble. She is also the co-founder of the widely known and accepted dating app, Tinder. Bumble is one of the leading social networking applications that many social media users rely on these days. It was established in 2014 and it has gone on to attract millions of users. Whitney Herd founded this dating app when she noticed gender disparity among many people in the dating world. Read more articles of Whitney Wolfe at

Through this dating app, it has become easy for users to make and develop empowering bonds in love adventures, life and in the business world. Through this networking platform, women have gained the confidence to make the first move. This is a dream and a vision come true for Whitney as the app has become a female-first dating social network. Bumble has gone on to launch other platforms such as Bumble BFF which is a friend-finding application that has changed love lives of many app users. Bumble Bizz is also another platform users can rely on for professional networking.

Whitney Wolfe can attribute the success of her Bumble vision to an extensive number of users in need of dating advice. She also says that Bumble is not all about dating and she has always wanted to empower women to go for higher salaries than men who dominate many top positions. Wolfe has always encouraged women to go for the income they yearn for and stand their own grounds. She also attributes the success of Bumble to collaboration with experienced and enthusiastic folks who hold great skills in networking. Whitney Wolfe also attributes her success to her academic and professional background. She is a graduate of the Southern Methodist University and she holds a degree in International Studies.

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19 Aug

OSI Food Solutions Offers Customized Processed Food To Customers Around The World

OSI Food Solutions is one of the world’s largest suppliers of value-added food products. They offer customized food solutions to their client’s which include both restaurants and supermarket chains. This company is over a hundred years old, having been founded in 1909. It grew over time from a butcher shop to a wholesaler before becoming the global food provider that it is today. Its headquarters can be found in Aurora, Illinois, and it has food processing facilities in several countries around the world. What separates OSI Food Solutions from its competitors is its ability to highly customize what they offer their customers. They can meet the exacting needs of what the customer requires such as taste, size, shape, and more. Each of their food processing facilities has a test kitchen in it where new recipes can be experimented on.

They also offer a very consistent product so that customers always get exactly what they need. Due to these abilities, this company has become one of the biggest privately held businesses in the United States. Managing environmental risks is one of OSI Food Solutions primary goals. This dedication was recognized by the British Safety Council on December 6, 2016. Their United Kingdom operations earned the Globe of Honour Award as they exemplified what it means to limit environmental risks. To win this award they were continuously audited over the course of the prior twelve months, including every facet of their operation from the floor of their food processing facilities to their boardroom and everything in between.

They were judged by an independent panel of experts to who they had to demonstrate excellence in environmental management. Most of what OSI Food Solutions provides is protein-based. This includes beef, chicken, pork, and seafood-based products. They also provide dough-based products such as pizzas, cookies, and baked goods. For the past several years they have also provided processed vegetables and fruit to their customers along with sauces, condiments, marinades, and more. They provide a complete food solution to their customers which includes some of the biggest restaurant chains in the world such as McDonald’s and Subway.

15 Aug

Architect Robert Ivy Earns Lifetime Achievement Award

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters is awarding the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award to Robert Ivy, executive vice president and CEO of The American Institute of Architects. The award is given to a living artist or art patron with connections to Mississippi, who has demonstrated an exemplary body of work in their lifetime of creating, performing, or supporting art. Ivy is the first architect to ever receive the award. He is considered a worthy recipient due to his role as a practicing architect, as well as writer, author, and commentator on architecture worldwide. MIAL President Nancy LaForge says, “When it comes to making architecture more accessible to the general public, there’s really no one else from Mississippi like Robert Ivy. Ivy now takes his rightful place in the list of Noel Polk Award honorees.” AIA President Carl Elefante adds, “Robert Ivy is an ambassador for our profession. This award comes as a personal and professional achievement for him as a native of Mississippi. Read more about Robert Ivy at Wikipedia.

This is not the first professional award for Ivy. He was previously honored by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi as a Master Architect. Ivy also received the Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture.

Robert Ivy has made it a priority to communicate the value of design worldwide. Prior to joining the AIA in 2011, Ivy was editor-in-chief of McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record, which was disseminated worldwide and received numerous awards. Ivy also led the launch of a Mandarin version of Architectural Record. As CEO of AIA, Ivy has expanded its global reach. Seven global chapters of AIA, including new chapters in China and Canada, allow American architects to practice around the world.

Robert Ivy officially received the Lifetime Achievement Award on June 2, 2018, during a Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters event. He joined a small, distinguished list of Mississippians to ever receive the award, including writer Eudora Welty, actor Morgan Freeman, writer Shelby Foote, artist Walter Anderson, and singer Leontyne Price. Ivy must be proud to bring architect to that list. Follow:


10 Aug

Lacey and Larkin revisit the arrest by Joe Arpaio

Different presidents in the United States have made controversial pardons, but many of these cases might not be known to a majority in the current generation. However, President Trump has made one pardon that falls squarely in the league of controversial pardons by a head of state.

Towards the end of 2017, President Trump pardoned notorious former Sheriff of Maricopa County known as Joe Arpaio. Among the crimes he committed is unlawfully arresting Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, journalists and owners of Village Voice Media.

The story of Arpaio and the two journalists goes back to 2007 when he ordered their arrest. He accused them of disclosing details related to grand jury proceedings. In what later came to be decided by the courts as a case of First Amendment violation, Arpaio took the journalists from their homes at midnight and proceeded to hold them in the illegal jails he was running.

Lacey and Larkin were held for 24 hours after which they were released following pressure from the media industry.

Through one of their newspapers known as the Phoenix New Times, Lacey and Larkin focused on the atrocities in Maricopa while Arpaio was the sheriff. They focused on illegal jails such as the Tent City which was a torture chamber for immigrants who he arrested. The paper also focused on crimes that were going in these jails. There were cases of human rights violations of worrying magnitude. Inmates were beaten mercilessly and tortured through the denial of basic supplies such as food and medicine. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Lacey and Larkin Speak Out on Trump Pardon of Arpaio | Phoenix New Times

Due to the nature of crimes Arpaio had committed, he found himself in court severally, answering to cases of harassment of immigrants. In 2011, he was ordered by a judge to stop racial profiling of immigrants, an order he never obeyed. Arpaio aggressively tortured thousands of Latinos who had crossed the border into the United States despite the court intervention.

After Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin took up the case of Arpaio and covered it in deals, his criminal deeds caught the attention of the whole country. The public pressure had the Sheriff taken back to court once more to face charges of contempt of court orders.

Joe Arpaio was found guilty by the courts and was to be sentenced in October 2017. However, those like Lacey and Larkin who wanted to see the former Sheriff pay for his mistakes were left dismayed after President Trump gave Arpaio a pardon even before the sentencing date.

1 Aug

Learn More About Bradesco And Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has unarguably had an outstanding career at Banco Bradesco. Succeeding in any country’s banking industry is difficult, let alone maintaining the private Banco Bradesco’s size and performance among the top three major financial institutions in all of Brazil – right behind Indonesia in terms of population, ranking fifth in the world; Brazil also has a top-notch economy relative to every other nation’s economic output.

As of 2018, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will celebrate his 50th year with Bradesco – also known as Banco Bradesco SA, where “SA” stands for South America. He started toiling away for the then-young company with only 20-odd years under its less-than-corporate belt immediately after finishing compulsory secondary schooling at the age of 17.

Mr. Trabuco climbed through every rank possible within Bradesco’s organization

Banco Bradesco didn’t promote Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi – at least not any meaningful promotions relative to the bumps in workplace rank he has received over the last two decades – much until after he showed leadership, poise, and care for cross-departmental efficiency as the director of marketing.

At the age of 32, some 15 years’ experience at Bradesco made him comfortable enough within the organization to revamp its communications policies with reporters, journalists, and curious businesspeople. Rather than keeping the company’s information as secret as possible under perpetual lock-and-key, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi decided to openly share all information that didn’t include things like trade secrets, customer information, and other sensitive information.

Banco Bradesco immediately became more popular among Brazilians because no other bank had made such a firm push towards transparency among all ranks and departments of the business. Rather than being obligated to send all inquiries regarding interviews to public relations or communications departments within Banco Bradesco, all employees were free to chat with literally anyone as long as super-sensitive topics weren’t touched on.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi isn’t at the top anymore

Mr. Trabuco is not at the top of Banco Bradesco’s executive chain of command anymore, though he is the President of the Council at the company – the position roughly translates to being the chairman of a company’s board of directors.

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30 Jul

The Successful Career of Paul Mampilly in the Investment Sector

Paul Mampilly is an investment specialist and a researcher who has over two decades of experience in Wall Street. He has worked with several clients throughout his career including ING, the Kinetics International, and Deutsche Bank. Paul started off his career three decades ago on Wall Street as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. Paul would later join Deutsche Bank because of his potential, and he later joined ING. He has also served as the money manager at Sears, Bank of Scotland, and Swiss Bank.

His success in the investment sector

Paul Mampilly was hired as the hedge fund manager at Kinetics Asset Management in 2006. During his tenure, he ensured that the company assets increased by up to $25 billion and increasing its annual return by 26%. Paul also got the opportunity to participate in the investment completion that was organized by Templeton Foundation. Paul managed to grow the investment from $50 million to $88 million amidst the fact that there was a global financial crisis.

Supporting the common American

After a successful investment career, Paul retired from helping the wealthy to get wealthier than before. He decided to go back to the grassroots where he believes there is a dire need for investment. Paul, therefore, decided to guide young investors towards making the right financial choices. As a result, he decided to create the Profits Unlimited, a newsletter that offers guidance on how to successfully invest money. Paul Mampilly planned to help individuals understand when and where to invest to get high returns. Since its establishment, Profits Unlimited has obtained subscription membership of up to 60,000 which makes it one of the fast growing newsletters.

More about Paul Mampilly

The successful investor believes that making the right financial choices can make a poor person a hero. However, any small mistakes would result in losing all your investments. Although he retired from Wall Street, Paul remains committed to offering investment services to common Americans. Paul Mampilly has also founded True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes.

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