The Relevance of Success Academy’s THINK Literacy English Language Arts Curriculum

According to research conducted in 2015 by EducationNext, 35 percent of school-going kids from New York City are competent in Mathematics while 29 percent of them are competent in English. Furthermore, 64 percent of scholars who attend Success Academy Charter Schools were proficient in English while 94 percent of them were proficient in Math.


The secret behind the excellence of Success Academy is prioritizing content. The learning institution is guided by a blocks curriculum. This curriculum allows children to work together on an educational project. It also ensures that one kid from each group shares with other students what his or her group has discussed. Success Academy follows an English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum known as THINK Literacy.


THINK Literacy


This ELA curriculum was structured in accordance with the Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop model. It focuses on independent reading besides its “balanced literacy” approach. When adopted in elementary learning centers, scholars are required to undertake two units that involve reading and writing about a certain topic for six weeks. In middle school, students are given iPads, pre-loaded with books, to use during the literature class and independent reading time.


THINK Literacy also allows kids from kindergarten to the 8th grade to attend daily workshops to sharpen their writing skills. In math classes, teachers use thoroughly planned set of activities and precise questioning to help the scholars master and learn a new concept on a daily basis.


The Future of Success Academy Charter Schools


Eva Moskowitz is the creator Success Academy Charter Schools. As the CEO,  she ensures that the charter network continues to grow tremendously and achieve stellar results. Since its creation in 2006, the network has grown to 32 schools that comprise of over 9,000 students. Out of the 32 schools, seven of them are middle schools, 24 of them are elementary, and one is a high school.


Moskowitz and the board of Success Academy are planning to launch 13 more learning centers in the next two years. This means that Success Academy will provide learning services to 21,000 students, which is 2 percent of the total number of students in public schools of New York City.

To learn more about Success Academy, I would suggest taking a peek at their Wikipedia. This charter school will surely be helping to change the educational landscape in the future.






Betsy DeVos Makes Improvement in Education

I have been a fan of Betsy DeVos long before she became the Secretary of Education. I believe that Donald Trump made a good choice to put someone like Betsy DeVos in charge of education because she has already proven that she is passionate about this. She has given countless amounts of money to charities, and she continues to support charter schools and the need for a better education system.

Betsy DeVos is the wife of Dick DeVos, and she has made a name for herself by becoming the chairman of a charter school organization and giving back to schools. She has a foundation with her husband, and I believe that it is very commendable that she shares the workload of a charity along with her husband. I think that this is very interesting because she really did not have to give back to the education system.

She could have simply educated her kids at the finest schools and made no attempt to improve upon the education system. The fact that she wanted to give millions of dollars back has made me look at her in a different light. The DeVos family as a whole has actually given over a billion dollars to education. I think this is one of the reasons that Donald Trump had a lot of faith in what Betsy DeVos could do for the education system. She is a kind person that has always had the best interest of the children at hand. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

I certainly believe that she will be good and his role and I think that she offers a lot of insight on an area where many people are in the dark. The education system is always changing, and there are a lot of things that parents wish they could see as a change in education. I believe that Betsy DeVos is going to do a great job of putting the necessary work into bringing technology and some more schools. She is also going to improve upon candidates for teaching positions. Overall, I believe that Betsy DeVos will serve well as the Secretary of Education because this is where her passion lies. I believe that she will bring all of her resources together and improve education.

Betsy DeVos is proving that she has what it takes to make a difference, and I believe that that is what Donald Trump realized when he decided to appoint her. He was putting his trust in someone that has decades of experience and different types of education systems in the United States. He was putting his trust in someone that had actually made a difference by contributing their own money to the education of the youth of America.

Visit to know more about their foundation.