The Rising Career of Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg co-founded and currently co-CEOs JustFab along with Don Ressler. Together, the two have successfully grown a business and developed brands at Goldenberg is already very experienced at running businesses, having founded his first, Gamer’s Alliance, in 1997 when he was 16. However, this was only the beginning of his career. In 1999, after selling them Gamer’s Alliance, he began a professional relationship with Intermix Media that would continue for nearly a decade. Goldenberg rose to become its COO, the youngest ever at a publicly traded company.

Then a very fortuitous business relationship occurred. It was while serving as its COO at Intermix, that Goldenberg met Ressler. After Intermix was sold in 2006, Goldenberg and Ressler partnered to start their own business. The two decided on what was in demand: Women’s fashion accessories on To aid them in their quest, they enlisted the services of fashion mogul, Kimora Lee Simmons. Their first partnership was Intelligent Beauty. Then they founded their current business, JustFab Inc., in 2010. This may be the most successful of their companies, having grown into several other countries and becoming the parent company of JustFab, FabKids, Fabletics, FL2, Fabkids, and ShoeDazzle.

It currently employs over 2,000 workers and has around 35 million regular customer members on And it continues to skyrocket in growth and sales. Every year since its founding it has topped over $650 million in annual sales. Adam Goldenberg is also affiliated with Brentwood Cosmetics, Alena, and the Performance Marketing Group of Intermix, all of which he has served as president since 2004. The JustFab website gives applicant customers a Fashion Personality Test and based on that test makes apparel, shoes, accessory, and handbag suggestion from among its extensive line.

All of these stores target women who are into fashion and shopping. Adam Goldenberg is also a much in demand speaker. Last July, at the Digital Experience Workshop in California he discussed his ideas on how to revolutionize the retail. He says fashion retail is changing and Just Fab is staying right with it and is thus remaining very successful. He sees the real growth of retail being online.

Inside George Soros Empire and Political Contributions

George was born in Hungary. He later fled the country. While working as a waiter and a railway porter, George Soros enrolled at the London school of economics and educated himself. He also worked at the merchant bank, and this is where his finance journey started.

Later he moved to New York and started his hedge fund worth twelve million dollars. The hedge fund was subsequently rebranded to Quantum fund. Together with Stan Druckenmiller, they are famous for shortening the British pound, and people say they broke the Bank of England. Decades after starting at Wall Street, George Soros remains a reckoning force in the world of investment through Soros Fund Management. His family is worth more than thirty billion in assets.

This year, Soros employed Dawn Fitzpatrick to run his investment portfolio as the chief investment officer of his firm. Dawn is one of the smartest women on the Wall Street. She became the seventh CIO at Soros Fund Management since the year 200. Read more on BigThink about George Soros.

Coming back to Politico funding

George is famously known as the bogeyman of conservatives. He is a billionaire investor who stopped his political donations after his spending spree to try defeating George Bush in his last term failed. He later came back to fund democratic politics. According to records and interviews, George donated more than twenty-five million dollars to Clinton and her allies in a bid to boost her race to the white house. This action was with the help of his Democratic fundraising operatives and associates.

George who had earned more than $24.9 billion from risky currency trading was expected to donate even more before the Election Day. The 85-year-old New Yorker has been friends with Clinton for more than 25yrs was even planning to attend her first convention as she was accepting her Democratic presidential nomination. However, George canceled the trip because he was getting back to active trading and he needed to monitor the economic situation in European countries.

George Soros is a staunch supporter of the liberal causes and has been in the frontline criticizing President Donald Trump. His motivation to criticize Trump’s immigrant ideas comes from the fact that he spent 15 years as an immigrant due to the effects of World War 2. In an interview, he said he was against the Muslim ban as it might convince them to turn into terrorism if they realize they have no state to call home.

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George has probably donated more resources towards promoting democratic ideals more than any other person. Together with his family, he has contributed too many humanitarian efforts around the world. He is always willing to help individuals who are oppressed in the society. Most funding by George is done through the Open Society’s offices.

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InnovaCare Health and Its Management

The main office of InnovaCare Health is located in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The firm provides services in the healthcare sector including physician services. The mission of InnovaCare Health is to bring revolution to the healthcare management and to eliminate the problems that people face in the current era of healthcare. The vision of InnovaCare Health is to foster a healthy relationship between the patient and the provider. The subsidiaries of InnovaCare Health support the organization. It comes up with healthcare plans that are affordable, coordinated, new, and quality driven. The patient comes first at InnovaCare. Their ultimate goal is to deliver quality medical care.

InnovaCare Health has been able to put a robust and efficient leadership team together. Dr. Rick Shinto heads the team. He is also known as Rick Shinto. Rick Shinto has more than 20 years of experience in the medical field. He serves as the current president and chief executive officer. Rick Shinto worked there as the CEO and President before Aveta Inc. was sold in 2012. Shinto was also part of the management team. He is in charge of the health plans of InnovaCare Health in Puerto Rico. Rick Shinto is a former employee of NAMM California. He was also the chief medical officer and the COO (chief operating officer) at Medical Pathways Management Company.

Rick Shinto moved to Cal Optima Health Plan, Orange County after working for one year at Medical Pathways Management Company. He worked as the company’s chief medical officer. Dr. Shinto is an author who writes on topics of clinical medicine and healthcare. He has a BS that he acquired from the University of California, a medical degree from the State University of New York, and an MBA that he got from the University of Redlands. The current chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides. She worked at the firm since 2015. Penelope has been working in the healthcare sector for approximately 20 years. She has lots of experience.

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Penelope Kokkinides understands how to develop clinical programs and processes in managed health care. Penelope was the executive vice president at Centerlight HealthCare before joining InnovaCare Health. She also served at Touchstone Health as the chief operating officer. Penelope worked at AmeriChoice as the Corporate vice president of disease management and care management. She attended Binghamton University where she got her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and Classical Languages. Penelope also has a Master’s degree in Public Health. She acquired it from the school of Public Health at Columbia University.

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