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16 Mar

Securus Technologies Has A Great Customer Base

Securus Technologies is a great company, and one that is the leader in the public safety field. They have a great list of customers that use their technologies on a regular basis. One of them is the government, that uses them to ensure that their facilities are kept as safe as possible. They are pleased with the technologies and techniques that the company is creating.


One of the technologies that gives the facilities a lot to be happy about is Video Visitations. With the Video Visitations, inmates can now communicate with their loved ones easily. They can see and hear them, and it gives them a better overall attitude. The technology has led to much safer environments in the facilities, and their customers are very pleased with how it works for them.


The company invited their customers and the public to visit their facility in Dallas, TX for a presentation and a tour. This will allow them to see the latest technologies that they are working on, and why their inventions are so important to the safety of the public. Securus Technologies is known all over the world for their excellent work, and they are in high demand all across the country for what they can do. They have a staff that is dedicated and professional, and they are committed to providing excellent service. Since they are creating new technologies on a weekly basis, they will continue to lead the public safety field.

25 Feb

José Borghi is Brazil’s creative mastermind behind highly inventive commercials

The marketing genius, who’s success lies behind Mullen Lowe, Brazil’s incomparable and highly celebrated promotional groups, is Jose Borghi. One of Jose’s famous and endearing productions, is “Mammals Parmalat”. In this production, which was aired all over Brazil, children are singing and dancing to, Brazilian jingles, while dressed as if they are stuffed animals.

Jose’s victorious success, in the difficult vocation of marketing, started, when Jose was enrolled in middle school. His sister came to Jose one day, to interest him into going out with her, to view a presentation at the local theater. The theater was that showcasing a variety of highly creative videos, each of the videos, were famous, all over his homeland, for their clever presentation. The promotional videos that were presented that day at the theater, each conveyed well-known commercials, each of these videos, had earned for the creative minds behind their production, distinguished respect, from the esteemed Cannes Film Festival. Each of the creative producers of the commercials, was given an award. These stunning awards, resembling golden lions, captivated Jose. When he looked upon those attention-grabbing, lion awards, he knew immediately that he would work hard to become an original creator of commercials, too.

Jose attended the respected PUC-Campinas. It is there, that he earned his Advertising degree. Jose started his first job, in 1989, at the Standart Ogilvy.  It was not long, before Jose, with Erh Ray, established a promotional company, and founded the endeavor after their surnames, BorghiErh.

In time, they were purchased by Lowe. The name was then altered, to Borghi Lowe. The business venture prospered, achieving global recognition. for more.


23 Feb

Lori Senecal can increase your companies ability to thrive.

In a report by the Wall Street Journal, the renowned Lori Senecal is the hard working Global CEO of the celebrated agency, CP+B. Ms. Senecal is additionally, the former Global Exec Chairman, for the leading agency in its field, KBS. Lori is accountable, of steering the course of the proper outlook, to back MDC’s irreplaceable workflow. Ms. Senecal crusades sternly, in cooperation with MDC allied agencies, as a visionary coach, with the plan for commencing progress and unions. Ms. Senecal, is celebrated for aiding patrons to develop their routines by means of revealing competencies. Ms. Lori Senecal’s flair to take advantage of an agency’s overall methods and the ability to expand, was her chief interest, while employed by KBS.

Ms. Senecal produced the approach, for an unusual plan for invention and fashioned a fervor to go past creating overstatements, and ideally, takes advantage of established innovations. According to the Huffington Post, Ms. Senecal’s techniques are notable for hammering home KBS, as the agency, that people want. Ms. Senecal’s poise, supplies legitimate progress, to launch valid, satisfying challenges, for the company. While taking on her responsibilities at KBS, Ms. Senecal improved the agency, by educating on the implementation of existing tools, how to put together assets and develop supervision of content enhancements.

Lori strongly influences staff to manufacture their own occupational direction at the company. She has kept and also prompted, more than a few, plans that were predicted by staff, making use of motivational resistance, in connected agencies, with the objective of rousing staff and invigorating ingenuity. KBS grew from 250 employees, to 800 employees, under Ms. Senecal’s lead. The agency is ascribed as the principal agency to work for, in NYC. For a consecutive three years, the agency has been cited on the Ad Age’s fact list of Standout Companies, KBS has an wide reaching record of patrons, which include Victoria’s Secret, American Express, Harman and Vanguard, to list some, of prized, blue-chip agencies.

Lori, the youngest of 3 children, attributes the majority of her strengths, to the order of her birth. Loris knows, that steady reminders, of her being younger than her siblings, compelled her to toil diligently, to transform into her own self made woman. Due to this, Ms. Senecal recognizes culture has a role on revolutionizing industry.