Orange Coast College Has Made The Headlines Beyond Academics

Orange Coast College is usually known for its academics. However, it is now knowing for housing one of the rarest plants in the world. This is the corpse flower. This flower is so rare that people from just about every country in the world will be traveling to see it. It takes its name from its smell. Once it is fully bloomed, which will be very soon, it will give off the stench of a corpse.


Scientists and plant specialists are still in awe at just how this plant gives off this smell. The flower will be on display in the main auditorium of the school. The cost to see the flower is $3. However, every dollar is going to be donated to help students from Orange Coast College further their studies.


Principles and students from many other schools in California have been coming to see the plant daily even before it blooms. This is mainly because this plant was passed around from school to school before ending up at Orange Coast College. Many students and teachers alike consider it family.


Orange Coast College has been in business for over two decades. This has served as an institution for the less fortunate since the tuition is quite low. However, some of the most successful people in California attended Orange Coast College at one point. Orange Coast College is also responsible for helping students getting into colleges all around the world. The graduation ratio is also the best in California as it relates to community colleges.


Orange Coast College just began its online education platform. That are currently accepting students from every country. They also made the financial aid process easier than usual by including all of the course material inside the tuition package. All of their classes are accredited, and online students can also participate in the internship program.


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The Factors that Play into the Fit of Clothes and How Fabletics Addresses Them

When people think about whether a piece of clothing fits or not, they tend to hold a simplistic view. For one thing, the common thought about fit depends on whether the clothes are big enough. However, there is a lot more to it than that, especially when it comes to women’s clothing. For one thing, body type does play a part in it. One of the frustrating aspects of clothing is to find something that looks right but is too tight. Then when one goes a size up, they find that while it fits better, the cut may reveal too much.


One of the issues in the fashion industry is that clothing companies tend to make clothes for fewer body types than there really are. Fortunately, there is a company like Fabletics that makes sure that it is providing something for all body types. Therefore, one can easily find something that fits them perfectly. This means that women don’t have to feel self conscious in an outfit that they thought was cute but didn’t fit just right. With perfectly fitted clothes, women can walk with confidence. Given the area that Fabletics works in, women can wear well fitted clothes to work out with confidence.


Kate Hudson is all about building with Fabletics. She wants to help women build their confidence and sense of self worth so that they can appreciate themselves. With Fabletics, women can appreciate the creativity that goes into their clothing choices. Finding clothes that fit well can be tricky for people. This can actually intimidate them away from shopping online. Fortunately, Fabletics makes sure that people have a way to find out their size and how well some of the clothes are going to fit on them.


Fabletics is willing to give women one of the best opportunities to easily build their self confidence and bring forth a greater sense of accomplishment when it comes to their style. All they have to do is sign up for an account and pay the membership fee so that they can get a lot of special deals when it comes to high fashion and style.

Innovative Marketing And Wine

Network marketing is an innovative way to introduce products to a given market; Traveling Vineyard, established in 2010, is a prime example of a network marketing strategy that has found success, in a market already dominated by other wine contemporaries.

Founder, Rick Libby is a proponent of “outside of the box thinking”; in addition to network marketing, Traveling Vineyard has pioneered the concept of hosting tasting parties to broaden their customer base. The concept is similar in scope to that of Amway or Tupperware parties, where products are introduced to a target demographic. According to an article in, Libby foresees continued success in the wine industry and points to a 5% increase in wine revenue (in the United States) as an indicator of future success.


Although network marketing has proven successful, Libby is also in favor of incorporating sommology, the process of pairing wines and foods, to further drive sales. Unlike traditional network marketing, which operates on the premise of recruiting distributors, Traveling Vineyard is a business predicated on the success of their wine guides. According to an article in CrunchBase, Libby believes in providing unparalleled support to guides, which is accomplished through superior business management technology, like the Awesomm app. The mobile app is available via Apple’s App Store, and offers wine guides access to a myriad of information; guides will have quick access to wine notes, the ability to sign up new wine guides, and a host of other features, all available through their mobile device.


In-home tastings and network marketing represent a very innovative way to introduce a product to any market, and Traveling Vineyard is riding this proverbial wave to unprecedented prosperity. How does Traveling Vineyard work? The business operates based on marketing exclusive boutique wines to targeted customers, and the Company’s wine guides generate sales. In addition, existing guides will also recruit new guides to help introduce the brand to more communities. Again, although the marketing concept has been done in the past, it is certainly innovative for a wine distributor; current wine guides have extolled the flexibility that comes with hosting tasting parties based on their own time schedules, while also creating another stream of income.

Amicus Therapeutics is Blazing A Trail in the Medical World

Biotechnology company, Amicus Therapeutics is the shinning light of hope to people living with rare or orphan diseases. Based in New Jersey, history is being made as they complete groundbreaking research and provide invaluable resources for patients all over the world.

Their unusual moral approach to the medical field offers patients with the tools to not only have life, but to have a better life. Amicus Therapeutics offers and providers a clear conscience to people suffering from these devastating diseases that are often overlooked by most medical professionals, left without solutions, and even treated as though nothing is wrong.

Unlike many medical companies, Amicus Therapeutics employs a moral anti-bribery code of ethics making the families and the patients with rare disease the real beneficiaries of their work.

Patients with rare diseases are real people, sadly, this is something the medical world has long forgotten, Amicus Therapeutics brings that reality back to the medical field. Scientists haven’t forgotten their real purpose here and still hold their passion of helping people. That passion is their driving force for the scientific research being done. They focus on specifically targeting the mutated proteins that are the cause of the illnesses, rather then only focusing on making the patients comfortable and letting the gene mutation continue to cause harm. Amicus Therapeutics is developing solutions including enzyme replacement therapies that are vital to the lives of many. Making them comfortable isn’t enough, they want the cure as well. At Amicus Therapeutics the Patient Advisory Board (PAB) pays close attention to the patients and how the treatments effect them. The PAB act as purposeful advocates for the patients, they find solutions and implement their ideas to make sure therapies are in the patients best interest.


Offering healing, remains the motive for Amicus Therapeutics. They offer grants and charitable donations that help patients with rare diseases. Their drive toward invention and healing is one reason for the financial help they contribute. They offer healthcare charitable grants, medical education grants, and other charitable grants.

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The Role of Osteo Relief Institute in the Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders

Arthritis is a common medical condition that is not well understood. This disease is mistaken for a single disease, but it is a series of joint pain. There are 100 known forms of arthritis, and at least 50million of the United States adults suffer from at least one type of osteoarthritis. The incidence of this disease is high in women and the seniors, and it is the cause of disability among people in America.


A look at the effects and steps in management of arthritis


Degenerative joint disease is the most common type of arthritis. Arthritis occurs as a result of the degeneration of the cartilage. According to Dr. Matthew CiRullo, the degenerative joint disease causes the cartilage to wear out as it rubs against the bone. This situation causes the manifestation of symptoms, such as stiffness, pain, and swelling of the joint region. This medical condition does not have a known treatment but physicians encourage management of the pain (HealthGrades).


Some of the risk factors for this medical condition include genetics, age, previous injury, and excess weight. Self-management is one of the most significant steps in dealing with this disease because it lessens further degeneration of the bones. Some of the management ideas highly encouraged by doctors include:


  1. Daily routine


These daily routines involve a series of gentle exercises to minimize stiffness, management of excess weight, and quitting behaviors, such as smoking.


  1. Exercise


It is encouraged to engage in activities that build muscles, such as cycling, walking, water exercise, and low impact aerobics.


  1. Medical treatment


Medication is aimed at relieving pain. Some popular drugs used include acetaminophen, NSAIDS, AND topical analgesics.

About Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute is an organization that offers services, such as diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal medical conditions. It mainly treats knee arthritis, a degenerative disease that affects a majority of the elderly in the United States. The services offered by the Osteo Relief Institute are primarily non-invasive and are meant to make the patients comfortable as well as alleviate pain (YouTube).


Aside from joint disease, this esteemed organization offers treatment for the spine and back pain for people of all ages. Osteo Relief Institute is headquartered in New Jersey, but it has operations in various parts of the United States, including Arizona, Phoenix, Chicago, and Colorado Springs. This Institute works in collaboration with a team of specialist and nurses certified to manage patients suffering from this kind of condition.

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Alexandre Gama the Narrator

     Alexandre Gama was born on June first, 1958. He then went to school and was successful enough to graduate from tertiary level education where he studied advertising. The education was to benefit him later in his ascent to the top of the business world when he kicked off his career as a propaganda expert at the agency Standart Ogilvy. At that agency, he mostly wrote for them, creating an environment for thriving business.

He went on to work as a copywriter who gained the admiration of the whole country. He worked for various agencies and was elevated by some even to the rank of vice president. However, the ambitious personality of Alexandre Gama pushed him to set up his own advertising agency, the Neogama. The company grew to become among the 20 most influential advertising companies in Brazil. His success managed to land him in high places and with high responsibility like the time he had been requested to be the Chief Executive Officer of BBH.

Working With Karl Heideck

     If you happen to live in the Greater Philadelphia area or the surrounding area, you know that it pays to get in touch with the best professionals or anything that you need. When it comes to litigation services, you will want to touch base with Karl Heideck in order to see how he can help you out. There are no better litigators in the greater Philadelphia area than Karl Heideck, so you will really be in good hands when it comes to getting the service that he provides. To really make the most out of this process, you’ll need to read this article and consider everything you know about litigation. You should also learn why hiring a litigation professional can be so critical. To this end, read below and think about these tips, as you also contact Karl Heideck.

What does litigation entail?

The long and short of it is that litigation refers to lawyers who bring a case to trial. This could be the attorney prosecuting the plaintiff or representing the defendant. Litigators also include attorneys involved in preliminary steps, such a discovery process. Anytime that you are hiring litigators, you should look into what level of service they provide, in order to make the decision that will best serve you.

Litigators are professional attorneys who began their career by obtaining a law school degree. This degree is achieved at the graduate level after receiving a bachelor’s degree. This is a very vast field and an incredibly important one as well.

What makes Karl Heideck a great litigator?

Karl Heideck began his his career as someone who pays close attention to detail and puts his all into every bit of his work. This is evident, due to the fact that graduated with honors from Temple University. He has provided legal services to the Philadelphia area for 10 years and for a number of different firms. Karl Heideck currently works for Hired Council and can help you out with any risk management and compliance litigation needs that you might have. To learn a little bit more, contact Karl Heideck in order to set up a consultation.

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Julie Zuckerberg Proves To Be a Force to Reckon In the Talent Acquisition Industry

Julie Zuckerberg is a New York-based talent acquisition expert. Currently, she serves as the executive recruitment lead and talent acquisition expert at Deutsche Bank. In today’s world, the financial sector is keen to recruit the best talent to ensure sustainability of the organization. For years, Julie Zuckerberg has built her name as one of the best talent acquisition managers making her a priceless asset at Deutsche Bank. Julie employs great recruitment practices and is internationally honored for exceptional leadership skills. Growing to such incredible positions doesn’t come without excellent educational training. Julie is a graduate of the City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she graduated bachelor’s degree in philosophy. She later joined New York Law School where she graduated with Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. With such a rich educational background, Julie boasts of an array of skills including talent management, executive search, talent acquisition, team leadership, administrative staffing, employee training, conflict resolution and corporate recruitment. In today’s dynamic business world, maintaining a close relationship with other recruiters, university placement officers and executive firms across the nation ensures that Julie always gets the best. Keeping up with the swift pace of technology distinguishes Zuckerberg from the rest of recruiters.


Career Background


Julie Zuckerberg career began in 2002 when she served as the director of candidate placement at Hudson. At Hudson, she recruited attorneys, paralegals, support staff and case managers thanks to her rich training in law. She also enlightened employees on issues regarding benefits, opportunities for promotion and working conditions. Julie was also an effective link between clients and staff in solving legal issues. In 2007, Julie left Hudson for Citi Global Functions, where she served as the executive recruiter. During her tenure, she senior legal, compliance and audit executives. Julie also counseled hiring managers on issues concerning job description creation, position specifications, and secession planning. To date, she is remembered at Citi Global for developing several recruitment methods including direct sourcing, employee referrals, social media, and Internet search. Julie remained at Citi Global until 2011 when she joined Citi Global Consumer Bank as the executive recruiter. In 2013, Zuckerberg joined New York Life Insurance Company, where she served as the corporate vice president and recruiting lead. While at New York Insurance Company, she partnered with senior management to provide creative business solutions and managed recruitment process of project managers and recruiters.


Currently, Julie is the talent acquisition and executive recruitment lead at Deutsche Bank, a position she has occupied since 2014. In her current role, she is responsible for negotiation of executive levels offers. She also plays several roles including business management, client management and ensuring adherence to best recruitment practices. With such an excellent career background, Julie is undoubtedly the best recruitment expert. Recruiting the right people and reducing attrition has been a core factor contributing to her incredible success. When she is not recruiting talents, Zuckerberg is running, taking photographs or beefing up her technology know-how. Zuckerberg is also an advocate of animal welfare and economic empowerment. In most of her free time, she spends time in charity works.




Speaking With a Help Desk Representative of UKV PLC Can Help You To Better Understand The Vintner and What They Stand For

     UKV PLC has become known as being a wine merchant that people are going to be able to rely on to provide them with what they’re seeking from a vintner. If you’ve been searching for a vintner that doesn’t maintain a stagnant stance in their areas of researching and development, please feel free to see how you may be able to go about investing in a manufacturer that’s constantly striving to improve their operations of manufacturing, as opposed to being content with producing products that are the same as their previous manufactured processes.

UKV PLC isn’t a vintner that should be classified as being ordinary by any means. This is mainly due to them being an organization that understands that there are certain elements of the manufacturing process that needs to be given a considerable amount of attention to. UKV PLC is placing such importance on fermenting. Fermenting consists of converting the sugars of their products’ fruits into the right amount of alcohol through a natural process of allowing the contents to sit out for specific periods of time in the right environment. If you’re not necessarily sure about how you may be able to learn about what fermentation processes they’re taking, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the website’s help desk representatives, as they’re always glad to help their current or prospective customers in any way they’re capable of. It’s also important to note that the help desk representatives are very knowledgeable and experienced in wine merchandising, thus, making them a great source of attaining the right types of details that may be able to give you a better understanding of what high qualities of wine products are all about. Do not hesitate to take the steps that are necessary for you to learn more about the particular products that they produce for you to enjoy.

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Kim Dao’s Cosplay Adventures

Kim Dao took a break for a few days because she got really sick. She went out everyday in order to film and that’s how she got sick. She got really tired and decided to rest up for a few days so she could get better faster. She plans on going to a studio with her friend, Sofie. It is a cosplay studio that allows you to take a variety of cool photos with unique and interesting setups. Since Kim Dao doesn’t cosplay anymore, she only has a Harry Potter costume. However, she still plans on taking really cool pictures. Luke is going to be the photographer for them.


She is on her way to meet Sofie, but first, she stops to the store to pickup coffee, a burrito, and a snack. Kim Dao arrives to the studio. She looks at all the fun cosplay setups.

Sofie gets dressed in her costume and takes her photos first. Kim Dao finds a castle setup and wears her Harry Potter outfit, which is a perfect match. She films for her other YouTube channel as well. She does a quick tour of the entire studio. Kim Dao didn’t film much of the photo shoot because they wanted to get as many photos as possible.Learn more :

They sit down to have dinner. Kim Dao opted for the more healthier choice. She decides to end her video because there isn’t much left to film.Learn more :


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