Paul Mampilly got tired of working with firms

4 Dec

Paul Mampilly got tired of working with firms

Paul Mampilly has been an influential force in the finance sector. It was from the moment he got his Masters in Bachelors of Arts from the University of Fordham, where he was employed as assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust.

He continued to build on his experience in the sector through investing in different firms. He was also hired under important positions in legal firms such as the Deutsche Bank and ING which was a personal banking and savings bank.

His experience made him quite famous and significant corporations wanted to recruit and hire him because he was a rare asset. An example of the big firms was Kinetics Asset Management, where Paul Mampilly handled the company’s hedge fund thus increasing the firm’s assets to an average of $25 billion. This move is named by worlds financial analysts as the ‘World’s Best Returns.’

For the longest time, Paul was the best person to seek investment advice. It was so because in 2009 when most stocks were selling at extreme lows, he called a market inflection point. He was so convinced with his move that he enrolled for a competition that was hosted by Templeton Foundation which was at the time respected highly. At that point, Paul turned $50 million to $88 million and therefore won the competition by a gain of 76%.

With time, Paul Mampilly got tired of working with firms and wanted to spend time with his friends and family at home. These were signs of his Wall Street pace fading. However, Paul Mampilly is still in the finance world, only that this time he is not helping big companies to become rich, but the average, ordinary people.

He publishes newsletters now and then since joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 where he shares his investment tips. Paul also features in business news of Bloomberg TV and CNBC alongside the Fox Business News.

From just publishing his newsletters, he also manages True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes which are trading firms that offer trading services. Paul also writes for Winning Investor Daily where he has a weekly column. In a recent interview with Inspire, Paul gave his story of how he moved from Wall Street to Main Street after developing the passion for helping the ordinary Americans make money.

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