OSI Group Mcdonalds A Partnership That Has Withstood the Test of Time

9 Nov

OSI Group Mcdonalds A Partnership That Has Withstood the Test of Time

OSI Group Mcdonalds A Partnership That Has Withstood the Test of Time

OSI Group McDonalds is today one of the largest suppliers of food in the globe. It has employed a staggering twenty thousand staff at over sixty of its facilities and in a total of seventeen countries. Its establishment from a humble start to a global conglomerate is a notable achievement in the twentieth century as well as in America’s economic history. OSI Group is still paving the way for more growth to come in the future as the world turns into a modern globalized market. Its history spans decades and has inspired many to dream big and to also believe in hard work and commitment. More about at Forbes

Its founder kolschowsky who was only two years fresh in the United States decided to start a small meat market as well as a butcher to be able to serve its community and its environs. With dedication and a lot of patience, he was able to expand into the wholesale part of the business at the close of the First World War. It was later rebranded to Otto and sons in the year 1928. Shortly Ray Kroc opened the first ever McDonalds, and Otto was tasked in becoming the primary supplier of meat products for the franchise. Little did he know that OSI Group McDonalds would be the outcome of a long, lucrative business.

With every opening of McDonalds outlets, Otto grew, and the family business soon became of the most notable brands in the world the transition from Otto and sons to OSI Group McDonalds took over two decades. With pressure coming from McDonalds to supply their signature burger necessitated a technological breakthrough that saw the inception of cryogenic food preservation which mainly employs the use of liquid nitrogen to quickly freeze food and be able to transport them long distances to their designated McDonalds outlets all over the country.

OSI Group McDonalds landed a prestigious position due to the personal relationship that had evolved between Kroc, Harry as well as Arthur Kolschowsky in 1973 they became a two-track company that saw Otto and sons dedicate a plant solely to the McDonalds franchise. From there, as they say, is what we have today a company that lived up to the dram that America promised in its humble begginings.

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