Krishen Iyer’s Career Journey

31 Oct

Krishen Iyer’s Career Journey

Krishen Iyer is a successful entrepreneur who has achieved a lot in the field of insurance. Before dwelling in the insurance company, Iyer had also started an insurance company which he called it the Iyer Real Estate Holdings. Krishen Iyer was brought up in California where he attained his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration. Before starting his recent company which is known as Quick Link Marketing Company, Krishen Iyer also had the MNP Insurance which was referred to as Name my Premium. Working in his real estate and insurance companies among many other firms he has served in has given him a vast experience in sectors like online marketing, clients interfacing and also technical development. These are some are some of the skills that have made Krishen Iyer’s new company get a lot of customers as well as more income.




Benefits of Quick Link Marketing Company




The Quick Link ┬áCompany has come with a lot of benefits to companies that are seeking useful marketing solutions. These benefits are connected with all the skills that Krishen Iyer has earned over the years he has been working in the insurance industry. Some of the benefits that come as a result of Krishen Iyer’s skills include client interfacing. This has assisted many insurance companies to find effective marketing solutions because of its substantial communication.




The Managed Benefits Company has assisted many companies to market their products and services through online marketing. One of the things that have assisted Iyer’s company to grow within a very short time is his effective communication skills. According to Krishen Iyer, communication is the key to success in the insurance industry. His nature of being inquisitive and curious to learn anything new has also played a major role in making his company grow. The Quick Link Marketing Firm has also been able to grow through making a full use of various marketing strategies.



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