How Sussex Healthcare Manages to Remain the Top Caregiver Company

24 Oct

How Sussex Healthcare Manages to Remain the Top Caregiver Company

Sussex Healthcare is an independent company in the United Kingdom with a network of facilities offering support services to the elderly and people with disabilities. The company’s network comprises of twenty facilities. The facilities have doctors, nurses specializing in general care and treatment of old age conditions like dementia, and neurological disorders. The staffs support the patients round the clock with state- of -the -art technology including gyms and specialized treatment. The company is unique because apart from having excellent staff, the residents receive a healthy diet made from local fresh ingredients that are important for their overall wellness. Besides, the facilities sit in a beautiful environment near lakes and bird sanctuaries where residents enjoy nature and participate in educational activities. Visit

The company started operations in 1985 as one facility but today caters for nearly six hundred residents in its twenty homes. Sussex Healthcare is one of the largest caregiver companies in the United Kingdom with a mission of providing care, independence, self-respect, and dignity to its client. Sussex Healthcare does not only offer treatment to diseases like dementia and neurological disorder but also offer reflexology, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy services. That is another aspect that makes sure the company stands out as among the best in the region. The people with learning and physical disabilities in the facilities use the multi-sensory rooms, track hoisting and spa tools to do their laid down activities. They also receive special attention round the clock because the facilities have extra staff for that purpose.

The company’s nurses use the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care to cater for the terminally ill. The patients receive respite care for temporary admission and long-term palliative care for more severe cases. The management of Sussex Healthcare consists of Doctors and businesspersons around the world. Shiraz Boghani is the Chairman and the founder who started the company more than three decades ago together with Dr. Shafik Sachedina. The two brought together experiences from different fields with Shiraz from hospitality and Shafik from medical fields. The combination of the two talents contributes to the smooth running and steady growth of Sussex. Read more on



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