Marc Beer: Additional Financing for Renovia

20 Oct

Marc Beer: Additional Financing for Renovia

Those individuals that suffer from pelvic floor disorders will be interested to read the new article “Renovia Completes $42.3 Million Series B Financing”. The financing to treat public floor disorders is not always readily available. There are a lot of other diseases that seem to take the media attention. Additionally, pelvic floor disorder is not something that the sufferers want to talk about. It can be somewhat embarrassing to discuss the symptoms that accompany such an ailment. One of these symptoms is urinary incontinence. This is usually something that individuals will go above and beyond to prevent disclosing. Unfortunately, this means that many of the people that suffer from pelvic floor disorder go through this discomfort alone. Renovia is fighting for those people.


This additional financing that Renovia has secured is upwards of $42 million. This $42 million will go a long way towards increasing the corporate development of the company as well as additional launches. The most important thing that this funding will go towards is the completion of clinical trials and the further development of their product. To ensure the creation of a quality product Renovia wants to conduct additional clinical trials. These clinical trials are also important for the future development of products. They ensure that the products not only work but that they meet the needs of their targeted client base.


This CEO behind these efforts to treat pelvic floor disorders is Marc Beer. Marc Beer has put a considerable amount of time into growing Renovia since he helped secure the initial financing to begin the process of growing the company. Renovia possesses a lot of unique technology to help treat pelvic floor disorders. This is something that Marc Beer truly believes in. He has used his savvy business skills and knowledge of the industry to further this cause. He truly believes in the mission of Renovia and wants to help improve the lives of women everywhere.


Marc Beer got his start in the pharmaceutical industries through Abbott Laboratories. He began this position after graduating from the University of Miami. This university was focused in Ohio and gave him a lot of foundational knowledge that would be essential to his new position. Marc Beer found that he had a lot of strength in this industry. He started working hard and moving up. This led him to positions as CEO. He also gained the confidence to start and help grow a variety of pharmaceutical companies. Renovia has proven to be a true passion of his as he continues to monitor its growth. Learn more:



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