Felipe Montoro Jens Offers Advice On How To Repair Brazil’s Infrastructure

18 Oct

Felipe Montoro Jens Offers Advice On How To Repair Brazil’s Infrastructure

The National Confederation of Industry is regarded as the “voice of the Brazilian industry,” making the opinions they volunteer and information they share invaluable. It’s for this reason why Brazil ought to heed their warnings and address the ongoing issues with their infrastructure. According to the National Confederation of Industry, Brazil has inexplicably halted 517 infrastructure works in the past year. This startling figure has prompted economists and projects experts alike to evaluate the situation and offer their sound advice. Felipe Montoro Jens is one such individual. As a seasoned project analyst, Jens is versed in the intricacies of infrastructure. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at ideamensch.com

While Jens is well aware that infrastructure works demand great attention and skill, he’s baffled by Brazil’s severe negligence. What’s more, Jens is having a hard time wrapping his head around how Brazil got to this crucial state. The most unsettling truth about Brazil’s waning infrastructure is that their workers aren’t even equipped to execute seemingly simple jobs including sports facilities and daycare centers. Given the negative impact this dilemma has had on Brazil’s economy, Jens recommends prompt change. Moreover, Jens fears that Brazil’s resources will deplete if they don’t show initiative in repairing their economy.

Upon further analysis, Jens discovered that there are four overarching reasons for Brazil’s declining infrastructure: technical issues, financial obstacles, inept workers, and land ownership mishaps. Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems. Felipe Montoro Jens proposes offering training programs, improving microplanning procedures, creating balanced contracts, and reinforcing internal control. Jens maintains that Brazil will undoubtedly see improvements if they implement some of these changes. Unfortunately, Brazil is notorious for sitting idly by as issues fester. Jens hopes that the severity of their current state will spur them into action. So long as these words don’t fall on deaf ears, Brazil will be on the up and up.

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