“Freedom Checks”:The Overall Picture Of US Energy Independence

29 Sep

“Freedom Checks”:The Overall Picture Of US Energy Independence

It is natural to want to protect your money and avoid scam artists. The world of finance is full of people promising investment advice that could turn people into millionaires in a matter of months. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are Real After All. From trading robots to trading signals, many people search for the holy grail for instant riches with little to no work whatsoever. In most cases, the investor gets burned and has learned the tough lesson to never trust an opportunity that sounds too good to be true. Therefore, when there is a legitimate opportunity in the markets many investors will believe it is just too good to be true and miss out on the opportunity. When Matt Badiali first introduced “Freedom Checks”, most people concluded they were a scam. As a consequence, millions of individuals probably failed to do their due diligence on “Freedom Checks” and passed them by.

Matt Badiali is a financial advisor who began his career as a geologist. Many companies that deliver these “Freedom Checks” to their investors are related to the natural resource industry. A world-renowned geologist such as Matt Badiali would understand how resource companies operate. He says this investment opportunity is part of the bigger picture to enable America to become energy independent. The companies that give out “Freedom Checks” are “Master Limited Partnerships”. Our government allows these companies to operate without having to pay federal income taxes. This one reason alone was why many people questioned the validity of Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali believes many MLPs stand to gain immensely over the years to come. The human population continues to grow, which will mean the demand for vehicles and fuel will continue to rise. The fracking boom has allowed US oil companies to produce more oil and now there is less reliance on oil imports coming from countries in the Middle East. Matt Badiali believes this is the perfect combination of factors that should result in higher share prices in the future for these companies, as well as higher distributions. MLPs trade like any stock on the major exchanges and once an investor buys shares in a chosen company, they will receive quarterly or monthly distributions in the same way they would receive dividends.


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