Chris Burch takes risks to succeed in business

26 Sep

Chris Burch takes risks to succeed in business

Chris Burch believes the most important thing a person can do in business, is listening. The entrepreneur believes you have to understand what a person wants if you are going to have a successful business adventure together.

The businessman has had many experiences in his forty year career before starting his current business, Burch Creative Capital. After being involved with several well-known businesses in his earlier days, eventually, his knowledge and success in business gave Chris Burch the opportunity to purchase a resort in Indonesia in 2012. After reinventing the hotel and its process, Travel and Leisure magazine voted it #1 as a world-class hotel for travellers to visit and enjoy.

Burch Creative Capital and Chris Burch’s success went on to achieve more and in 2014 he partnered with Ellen DeGeneres to help her launch her dream of a lifestyle line for the everyday consumers. As he helped Ellen with her project, he started to realize there were a lot of other brands that needed his company’s help to bring their products to a higher level of status. These ventures keep the businessman very busy these days, get info on (

When asked what Chris thought was his key to success he believes that you have to take risks, based on If you never take a risk, then you never have failures. As an entrepreneur, there will always be failures. It is how you handle those failures that make you grow and learn. Then you will know what to do the next time you get the chance at a venture.

Chris Burch is a businessman who has many years of experience in the business. He knows what works and doesn’t work when it comes to helping companies with their products. He listens to his clients and the consumers. With that kind of knowledge, his failures are few and far between, visit



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