New Mountain Bikers Need to Know

22 Sep

New Mountain Bikers Need to Know

Michael Hagele is a UC Berkley educated lawyer. His practice in California offers an impressive scope of services. The majority of his clients are technology companies in the aerospace, internet, defense, and biotechnology industries. Even with all his success, he finds time to stay physically active. Michael Hagele even encourages others to do the same: “I think physical activity plays a big role in recharging and sharpening your mind. Time can be tight but anything you can do to get moving helps in this regard. I spend time on mountain and road bikes but even a walk around the block can stimulate energy and creativity”. Visit on his twitter for latest updates.

Strava is an app that allows physically active people to track their activity, and share it with friends. It is a great way to create friendly competition, and stay motivated. Michael Hagele is an avid mountain biker. At the time of this writing, according to Strava, Michael Hagele has cycled 2,089.5 miles, peddled 290,994 feet in elevation in 2018. All of this was accomplished in 103 rides.

Today’s sport of mountain biking has evolved into multiple disciplines. Some of them include downhill, enduro, cross-country, trials, cyclocross, slalom, etc… It is easy to understand how newcomers, to the sport, can become overwhelmed.

Would-be mountain bikers should find reputable resources to do their research. A local bike shop should be near the top of the research list. Some bike shops will maintain a rental fleet of mountain bikes. Test riding multiple bicycles is highly recommended. It allows the newcomer an arena to discover their likes and dislikes before purchasing a quality ride.

Having a few experienced friends should also be part of the research list. Patient friends are preferable. They will not leave you on the trail during the learning process.

A quality mountain bike is highly recommended. A certified helmet should be mandatory. Carry lots of water. The rest is fun and amusement. Get out there and ride.




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