Clayton Hutson: The Sounds That Create Music Is His Major

18 Sep

Clayton Hutson: The Sounds That Create Music Is His Major

When you are a child, you have big dreams to work in many different careers that you have seen and recognized around town. For instance, a little boy may say that when he grows up, he wants to become a police officer. A little girl may say she wants to be a nurse. But in the eyes of Clayton Hutson, he loved art and sound. As a child, he pictured himself traveling with major bands. In reality, Clayton grew up to do exactly what he wanted to do.

Being apart of the music industry, he has gotten to work with a lot of famous public speakers and professional singers as well as rappers. The highlight for Clayton hasn’t been to work on stage with them. In fact, Hutson loves controlling the sound and how it is amplified at concerts behind the scenes.

After studying theatre design in college, Clayton Hutson became a sound engineer for the stars and professionals in the public eye. Because of his passion for music, he got a chance to travel with Billy Graham. From there, Clayton built his portfolio which got him in the door for other gigs. That’s exactly how Clayton began handling concerts. Because of how professional anyone can sound using his techniques, he is needed all over the globe.

As a matter of fact, Clayton Hutson knew that he could start a successful business being a sound engineer and forming a team of employees that would travel with him from time to time. Through his leap of faith, he hasn’t missed any major opportunities in music. Whenever there is a call for him, Clayton Hutson is there.

For a vacation, Clayton relaxes away from the crowds of people to come up with other strategies that he can use in his business. For that reason, he is having a wonderful time in the career of his dreams. Specifically, Clayton reads motivational books that help him gain the momentum to continue striving for the best. For a bonus, he writes down inspirational quotes to remind him that he is doing an awesome job and to never give up on his dreams.

In conclusion, Clayton Hutson finds strength in reading and reminding himself of the great challenges that he has overcome. Clayton believes that his mental state will be a reflection of his work. Believe it or not, Clayton feels that writing and working with sound through music helps him find good grounding in his life. In the end, he knows that he will have great stories to tell to his family and friends.


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