Whitney Wolfe Works on Progression With Bumble

13 Sep

Whitney Wolfe Works on Progression With Bumble

For some app developers like Whitney Wolfe there is a constant need for progression. Bumble started as the dating app, and Whitney Wolfe would make it her business to set up Bumble Spots where people could meet in person. She would follow this by creating Bumble BFF so that people could develop friendships. She will follow that with Bumble Bizz is where people could still utilize the same app platform and simply switch off the dating mode to conduct business. Visit her article at techcrunch.com to know more.

In recent weeks Whitney Wolfe has also added the option to turn off Bumble dating completely with the push of a button. Still, she wants people to utilize the app even if dating is not what they are interested in doing at the moment. She believes that this is going to be her stepping stone into building more interest in this app.

Wolfe has found herself to be one of the more intuitive app developers that is taking time to listen to the feedback. She knows that feedback is what fuels the road to progressive. It is hard to do anything and make any app better if you are not listening to what your users are saying.

When Whitney Wolfe is able to quote stats about the harassment and the fact that Bumble has a less than 5% harassment rate shows that she is looking at the comments from Bumble users. It shows that she is taking their input into account as she goes forth. It also shows that she’s willing to work with users and tweak the app in a way that is going to be most beneficial.

Whitney Wolfe knows that there is a new way to look at dating in the app world when you give women power. When they are able to make the first move it is exciting for the man. He knows that the woman is actually interested in him. She knows that this could also improve the safety in the app dating world. When these things are factored in it makes the transition to other phases of networking through Bumble much easier to implement.

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