How Whitney Wolfe Has Impacted the Online Dating World

22 Aug

How Whitney Wolfe Has Impacted the Online Dating World

How Whitney Wolfe Has Impacted the Online Dating World

Decades ago women could not stand for their rights and exercise even their right to freedom. In fact, not many women could stand their own ground and fight men in the investment and business sector. These notions and misconceptions are bygones today and women are taking the world by storm in every sector. Whitney Wolfe is a good example of notable women who have overcome these decade-long perceptions and depicted their prowess in the business world.

Whitney Wolfe is a widely known entrepreneur, CEO and the face behind success of Bumble. She is also the co-founder of the widely known and accepted dating app, Tinder. Bumble is one of the leading social networking applications that many social media users rely on these days. It was established in 2014 and it has gone on to attract millions of users. Whitney Herd founded this dating app when she noticed gender disparity among many people in the dating world. Read more articles of Whitney Wolfe at

Through this dating app, it has become easy for users to make and develop empowering bonds in love adventures, life and in the business world. Through this networking platform, women have gained the confidence to make the first move. This is a dream and a vision come true for Whitney as the app has become a female-first dating social network. Bumble has gone on to launch other platforms such as Bumble BFF which is a friend-finding application that has changed love lives of many app users. Bumble Bizz is also another platform users can rely on for professional networking.

Whitney Wolfe can attribute the success of her Bumble vision to an extensive number of users in need of dating advice. She also says that Bumble is not all about dating and she has always wanted to empower women to go for higher salaries than men who dominate many top positions. Wolfe has always encouraged women to go for the income they yearn for and stand their own grounds. She also attributes the success of Bumble to collaboration with experienced and enthusiastic folks who hold great skills in networking. Whitney Wolfe also attributes her success to her academic and professional background. She is a graduate of the Southern Methodist University and she holds a degree in International Studies.

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