OSI Food Solutions Offers Customized Processed Food To Customers Around The World

19 Aug

OSI Food Solutions Offers Customized Processed Food To Customers Around The World

OSI Food Solutions is one of the world’s largest suppliers of value-added food products. They offer customized food solutions to their client’s which include both restaurants and supermarket chains. This company is over a hundred years old, having been founded in 1909. It grew over time from a butcher shop to a wholesaler before becoming the global food provider that it is today. Its headquarters can be found in Aurora, Illinois, and it has food processing facilities in several countries around the world. What separates OSI Food Solutions from its competitors is its ability to highly customize what they offer their customers. They can meet the exacting needs of what the customer requires such as taste, size, shape, and more. Each of their food processing facilities has a test kitchen in it where new recipes can be experimented on.

They also offer a very consistent product so that customers always get exactly what they need. Due to these abilities, this company has become one of the biggest privately held businesses in the United States. Managing environmental risks is one of OSI Food Solutions primary goals. This dedication was recognized by the British Safety Council on December 6, 2016. Their United Kingdom operations earned the Globe of Honour Award as they exemplified what it means to limit environmental risks. To win this award they were continuously audited over the course of the prior twelve months, including every facet of their operation from the floor of their food processing facilities to their boardroom and everything in between.

They were judged by an independent panel of experts to who they had to demonstrate excellence in environmental management. Most of what OSI Food Solutions provides is protein-based. This includes beef, chicken, pork, and seafood-based products. They also provide dough-based products such as pizzas, cookies, and baked goods. For the past several years they have also provided processed vegetables and fruit to their customers along with sauces, condiments, marinades, and more. They provide a complete food solution to their customers which includes some of the biggest restaurant chains in the world such as McDonald’s and Subway.


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