Working at Sussex Healthcare

27 Jul

Working at Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare center is an institution that takes care of the elderly. The institution has more than 23 living homes around Sussex. The activities that go on at Sussex Healthcare help to stimulate the patients psychologically and emotionally. The center is not only for the old, but a place for the adults suffering from other conditions like neurological disorder, autism, learning disorder, and brain injuries. The facility began in the year 1985. We have nurses in all the homes to ensure the patients get enough help through their lives. The workers demonstrate genuine concern for the patients. Our levels of understanding for the clients are distinctive.

In March this year, Sussex Healthcare reported the appointment of the new Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Taylor-Morgan. The leader got acquainted with the happenings at Sussex right before commencing her roles. As a strategic leader, she executed her plan of actions with precaution. Morgan-Taylor visited all the homes all over Sussex to interact with the residents, workers, and family members. Thus, she answered the burning questions and highlighted the tricks she would use to manage her office. Morgan-Taylor’s agenda is to join hands with the senior officials to enable service Improvement, compliance, and quality life to the patients.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor works herself up through leadership posts. Thus, she ever worked as a Quality Development Director, Service Manager, and Managing Director. Therefore, she understands the difficulties her workers go through. Also, she is a listener and is ready to try out the opinions of her employees. Amanda Morgan-Taylor began her career as a Mental Health Nurse in the year 1984. The qualification of Morgan-Taylor in giving medical care improved through working for more than 30 years in various public and private healthcare fields. In the different organizations that she ever worked, Morgan-Taylor restored confidence, competence, and trust of the clients by delivering material aid.

The appointment of Amanda Morgan-Taylor showed that Sussex Healthcare is ready to offer improved quality of care. The selection shows a brighter life at Sussex this year and in the future. The institution opened a specialist gymnasium for the residents to exercise their bodies for a healthy life.


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  1. I think this is the way to go and if other healthcare centers can emulate what Sussex Healhcare is doing the society will be making progress. In the work of a lot of things going out at the healthcare center are brought into the open which I think we attract more patients to their health facility. Recovering from an ailment becomes easy and fast in a very conducive environment and that is what they have been able to provide.

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