Jim Toner-the Real Estate Investment Guru

6 Jul

Jim Toner-the Real Estate Investment Guru

Jim Toner is a sought after real estate investment expert and coach. He has helped many new entrepreneurs become successful in real estate investment in the last 25 years. Currently he works with a few private clients and with many groups that coach clients about real estate investments. His popularity is reflected by the fact that both his enterprise and coaching group has a long waiting list. He is also a philanthropist who contributes to charities working with veterans and the homeless.

Jim Toner believes that a sound body results in a sound mind. He works out at the gym every day. He also listens to book recordings and podcasts while working out to keep his mind fit while keeping his body fit. He writes books or sales copies or travels around the country to check his many offices. Though he does not follow a rigid work pattern twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, he makes sure that all priorities are dealt with and that he has time for a 20 minute nap.

According to Slideshare.net, Jim Toner’s mantra is based on implementation. When he comes with an idea he believes in making it work. He advises others to do something about their ideas rather than overthink and talk themselves out of the idea. The method he suggests is to turn the idea into a flexible plan and to try and make the plan work. He believes that failure is always a possibility but fear of failure should not inhibit success. He asks others to test their plans and if they fail to adjust their plans and test them again till they succeed.

Jim Toner attributes his success to many of his habits. He believes that reading and listening to podcasts and grasping ideas from them are some of the reasons for his success. The discipline he learns from his daily workout at the gym is another reason he gives for his success.

Jim Toner’s has a lot of advice to give young entrepreneurs. He wants them to understand that there will always be problems in life and that they should face their troubles and treat them as lessons. He believes that people are not reflected by the money they have. A successful entrepreneur will always treat money as a means to an end. He asks them to read and keep learning new skills. He wants young entrepreneurs to give away some of their money to charities. He believes that giving away money to charity is an important key to success and charity has never made the giver poorer.

Jim Toner has helped many entrepreneurs succeed by teaching them simple but effective strategies to improve their business and their lifestyles.

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