Dick Devos Shapes The Areas That He Lives

5 Jul

Dick Devos Shapes The Areas That He Lives

Most of us go through life not having much of an impact on the places that we have been. It is sad but also true at the same time. We just accept the fact that we are living in a certain place and have to deal with certain things. We do not much try to make a change. That is not true if your name is Dick Devos through. He and his wife have always tried to shape the communities that they are a part of in major ways. This has paid off for the people of Grand Rapids, Michigan as this is where the couple is from.


All the way back in 1991 the city of Grand Rapids wanted to construct a multi-sports complex to try to bolster the image of the city but also to try to bring in new jobs and new events. The problem was, Detroit and other area cities had tried to do the same exact thing to disastrous results. That meant that Dick and Betsy Devos decided that they needed to advocate against this. They quickly jumped into action lobbying to defeat the measure. They were successful in doing so.


Instead of just leaving it at that, the couple decided that the right thing for them to do was to try to reshape the city that they lived in all of these years. They started working on a number of alternative projects that they believed would have more of the desired effect that the city was aiming for. By doing things this way, the couple actually launched more successful projects for Grand Rapids than what the city would have been able to come up with on its own. That is just a fact.


There is a city market, a convention center, and even a medical school that are part of Grand Rapids as a result of the generous donations of the Devos family. They saw that these things could be more useful to the community that they lived in, and they wanted to make it possible to put those buildings up so that they could actually see changes and results that they desired. Most of the people in the area would agree that this has been a big success for the family and for the city of Grand Rapids.


These days the two work on charter schools and solutions to educate that no one else is thinking of. They do their very best to try to come up with the most innovative ideas for helping as many school children in the United States as possible. They understand that there are people who oppose them on charter schools and the like, but they still believe just as they did in 1991 that they are in the right on this. They are still pushing forward and progressing so as to make life a bit easier for themselves and a bit better for the people of Grand Rapids and indeed the whole of the United States at this point.


To learn more, visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/.


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