Luiz Carlos Trabuco; Change In The Industry Of Banking Calls For New Leaders

5 Jun

Luiz Carlos Trabuco; Change In The Industry Of Banking Calls For New Leaders

As of now, powerful forces are vastly reshaping the industry of banking. From customer expectations, regulatory requirements and demands, economics, alongside the need to inject a new portfolio of services in the banking industry. Moreover, it has become too critical for organizations in the sector of financial services to stay ahead of any challenges alongside retooling the department to win an extra mile. Therefore, change has become a critical aspect of most banking organizations as well. For that reason, when Brandao de Mello of Banco Bradesco announced that he was stepping down in the wake of October 2017, the employees were somewhat worried about the turnout of events.


However, before Brandao stepped down eventually, he was clear about some aspects that should remain constant for the organization to continue upholding its general operations. For starters, he said that the bank must continue to recruit internally. Thereafter, he also insisted that he would still guide the bank behind the scenes. Moreover, Brandao de Mello appointed a temporary replacement; Luiz Carlos Trabuco stepped in immediately to serve as the cheerleader of the banking institution and make sure that it was perfectly streamlined to provide the relevant services for the next new president.

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Selecting Octavio de Lazari

Octavio de Lazari is his name. Well, even though he has now been elected to serve, the election process was not entirely smooth. Of course, as reported by Luiz Carlos Trabuco as CEO, it took the board of directors a series of lengthy meetings to elect a perfect president. Now that the search is over, it is clearly outlined that Octavio de Lazari understands the banking dynamics of the intuition. Therefore, it is also correct to deduce that he shall give his best to Banco Bradesco. Besides this election, Octavio de Lazari has been the vice president for more than five years. As a result, it is only correct to declare that he shall add value to all the branches he will supervise throughout the managerial process according to

What about Luiz Carlos Trabuco?

Banco Bradesco is well known for offering excellent services since its inception. Therefore, it is correct to say that this banking institution has multiple advisers alongside product specialists who control significant branches. However, these teams must also be guarded by a revered and trained professional who understands the eventuality of the impending changes and challenges that a banking institution can encounter. That is where Luiz Carlos Trabuco comes in not only as a team leader but also a team player. As a man with vast expertise for almost 4 decades within his jurisdiction, Luiz Carlos Trabuco dedicates most of his time to expanding sales and wooing clients to the service delivery portfolio. For that reason, even though Octavio de Lazari is currently recognized as the significant team leader, Carlos will still assist in meaningful decision making. Other than that, Banco Bradesco is set to deliver beyond client’s expectations.

The Outline

As the banking industry takes a new dimension with significant demands jetting in, it is clear that new leadership structures come in handy to support the supply of these demands. As illustrated in the case of Banco Bradesco, perhaps change is a good thing after all.



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