Jed Mccaleb Give Insights About Crypto

21 May

Jed Mccaleb Give Insights About Crypto

Jed McCaleb has been an entrepreneur for a couple of years now. He is known across the globe for having founded several companies. He is one of the people who have a passion for cryptocurrencies. He created Stellar CTO as well as Mt. Gox. While speaking to the CNBC earlier this year, Jed said that he can foresee a world where a single payment system will be put in place. He says that Blockchain will power this. Stellar is powered by Blockchain just like Ripple. As a matter of fact, Stellar is an international payment method that operates using digital tokens.

According to Jed McCaleb, it is clear as day that there shall be a payment network operating across the globe. Besides, Jed says that there shall be a system specially designed to allow for payment of fiat currencies. As of now, Woon Bank of South Korea is considering implementing the commercial basis of Ripple. It is fascinating to note that Stellar and Ripple are being considered by most of the financial institutions that are legitimate. Ten years from now, Mr. McCaleb anticipates that the Stellar’s blockchain technology will power the payment process as well as the traditional assets such as stocks and shares.

While speaking about the possibility of the Stellar technology changing the face of the world’s financial system, Jed McCaleb speaks from the point of authority. He has been developing Crypto for quite some time now. McCaleb says that the face of fundraising, payments as well as stock markets will change drastically by the year 2028. The sentiments of Jed cannot just be ignored.

Before coming up with Stellar, Jed McCaleb created a file sharing network known as eDonkey. This startup was among the first companies to allow for downloads from multiple sources. One thing that has always stood out about McCaleb is the fact that he is interested in bettering technology every new day. He intends to use the technology he comes up with to better the world. Jed McCaleb enjoys a substantial social media presence. He reaches out to his fans through Twitter.

Stellar’s CTO has more to say about the blockchain network:


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