Talk Fusion Plugs Into The Mobile Craze

8 May

Talk Fusion Plugs Into The Mobile Craze

Talk Fusion burst onto the business communications scene in 2007. It innovated on video communications to come up with engaging and compelling marketing solutions. These solutions enable tech-savvy businesses to boost their sales. The firm has since opened its operations in over 140 countries around the world. It has also augmented its product offerings to keep up with developing trends.




New Video Chat App




The firm added a video chat app to the growing list of successful products in its portfolio. Just like the bulk of the products, it targets the professional mobile user. The app gives your business a competitive advantage through streamlined operations. It is also an excellent way to improve communications between your associates, partners, and clients, as most of them are connected.




The video chat app is available for both Android and Apple devices. Your device should have at least Android 4.4.3 or iOS7 to download the app. The app integrates easily with your contacts to allow seamless connections. It enables you to send video emails from your smartphone directly to clients. This feature empowers you to monitor your video marketing campaigns from anywhere, anytime.




The Video Advantage




Research and market trends have proven that there is a distinct advantage of using video in your marketing communications. It grabs people’s attention quickly and for longer than any other media. Video in business communications provides an enhanced engagement. It is ideal for communications between clients, associates, and the management team. For this reason, better engagement leads to higher click-throughs, visitors and ultimately, conversions.




How to Use the App




You can record a live feed and send it through the app or select a pre-recorded video. The app then offers you a customizable template to personalize your message. This feature allows you to create messages that connect better and have a more significant impact on your target audience. Learn more:



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