Robert Ivy-CEO of the American Institute of Architects

30 Apr

Robert Ivy-CEO of the American Institute of Architects

Robert Ivy was appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) on February 1, 2011. His appointment by the Board was as a result of his professional competency in the field of the architect. Up to his day of appointment as the CEO of AIA Robert was serving as an Editor of the Architectural Record. He had held the editor position from 1996 to the date. Besides being an editor, Robert was also the Deputy Chairperson and Editorial Director of the renowned McGraw-Hill Construction. McGraw-Hill Construction manages large editorial organizations in the design and construction field. He also received the Crane Award in 2009, which happens to be topmost media award for his excellent contributions to the media business fraternity. In the year 2010, his impressive communication on the importance of design to the new generation saw him crowned as the Master Architect by an architectural body called Alpha Rho Chi. Above all these responsibilities, he was a selfless member of the AIA and had served on the AIA Board of Directors. Generally, Robert had demonstrated exceptional commitments towards advocating for professionalism on many important political, social, and environmental issues that affect the built environment. As acknowledged by the former AIA President George H. Miller during Robert’s appointment, Robert had both industry experience and corporate leadership skills. Such combination was the best that the appointing panel would seek in its appointment.

Since his appointment as the CEO of AIA, Robert has pioneered a transformative agenda not only in AIA but also in the entire architectural fraternity. He is slowly repositioning the AIA from its initial rich legacy into a responsive and influential body. One of his chief goals is strengthening public awareness on the importance of all the architects. On his significant accomplishments, Robert celebrates streamlining AIA governance in regards to decision making and launching of an award-winning public awareness campaign. He now focuses on preparing architects on their new role of creating public awareness on some of the pressing issues like climatic change and impact of design on public health. In this new duty of the architects, Robert has taken the lead by being the author of the definitive biography Fay Jones: Architect. It speaks of the role and the meaning of architecture in daily lives. Indeed, Robert Ivy not only takes the duties of the CEO but also demonstrates the way for the young architects.


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