Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Talk Music, Creativity and Personal Evolution

27 Apr

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Talk Music, Creativity and Personal Evolution

In a recent interview with Alex Pall, half of the über-successful Electropop group The Chainsmokers, Pall shares of the group’s evolution, “So it’s constantly a journey of self-discovery and checking yourself, and we kind of always questioned those things.”

The Chainsmokers, the other half of the talented DJ-production duo being Andrew Taggart, made the critics and the public take notice with their debut single “#Selfie”. They’ve produced a string of hits since via two EPs, “Bouquet” followed by “Collage,” succeeded by the release of their debut studio album, “Memories…Do Not Open”, in April 2017.

In the Interview Magazine article, “The Chainsmokers,” Pall and Taggart go on to share about their unique creative chemistry and desire to make music that is still dance music but infused with definite hints of indie, pop, and hip-hop.

Also, Taggart’s vocals on the group’s most recent single, “Closer,” a collaboration with rising talent Halsey, is a departure from their techno-electronic style of music which usually relies on songwriters and vocalists to add melodic flair to their songs—innovation is at the center of their creative process.

Pall and Taggart’s goal is clear: The duo wants to innovate with their music but stay true to the art of their craft while connecting with their fans on a deeper level, and sharing more of who they are through their music.

Pall cut his teeth as a DJ based in New York City, his hometown, while Taggart developed an interest in the electronic music scene and DJing while attending college but focused more on the production side of music.

The pair hit it off after meeting through a mutual acquaintance and have created music together ever since. The pair’s chemistry is evident in their music, with tracks like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” hitting the Billboard Hot 100 list, the latter going on to be the group’s first top-five single.

Bold, original, and fiercely self-aware: The Chainsmokers are hitmakers focused on evolving as musicians, forwarding their music genre and releasing music that has something compelling to say.


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