Ryan Seacrest – American Idol, Suits, and Fashion

9 Apr

Ryan Seacrest – American Idol, Suits, and Fashion

Macy’s has a new partner in its stable. They have recently signed American Idol host Ryan Seacrest to create a fashion line. The fashion line will feature menswear. The suits are tailored to be fitted. The cuts are slim. The price range will vary at points that are accessible to every level of citizen in America. The details, fabric, and patterns of the suits have been selected by Ryan Seacrest and Christopher Bailey of Burberry. This level of quality has not been introduced into their other lines. The new line will be exclusive to Macy’s, and Ryan Seacrest will promote the suits. The line of suits also has accessories, cuff links, jewelry, ties, belts, and pocket squares to compliment each look. The tailored fit make the suits fashion forward, and the material makes them durable. They are designed to be worn formally or informally.


Ryan Seacrest was introduced to fashion by Christopher Bailey. He designed his suits when Ryan Seacrest was competing on American Idol. This was a great advantage for Ryan. His suits were tailored to fit his body, and they gave him a very slim profile. The slim fit and quality materials were the best features in Ryan Seacrest’s eyes. He admired the work that Bailey had done. After winning American Idol, Ryan Seacrest wanted the ability to provide the same level of fashion to his fans. He wanted the great suits to be widely available. Ryan Seacrest took Bailey as his mentor and began his journey into fashion.


Ryan Seacrest is a true entrepreneur. He works from morning until night. He rarely rests. Ryan Seacrest hosts a talk show, a radio show, daily philanthropist, and American Idol. His talk show is in Los Angeles, and American Idol is in New York. He will often fly overnight from one coast to the next to make each show. By creating his own fashion line, he has done America a service. His high standard of fashion will serve as an example of quality and good taste. There are more than 20 million viewers and listeners to each of Ryan Seacrest’s television and radio shows, and he has 12 television shows overseas.


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