Staying On Top Of Fashion Trends With Doe Deere

8 Mar

Staying On Top Of Fashion Trends With Doe Deere

Fashion is something that can change and change frequently. One day, something can be fashionable while six months later it isn’t even on the radar. Retailers like Doe Deere who can capture the market have been able to stay at the top of their game. Such is the case with fashion guru and makeup marketing expert Doe Deere. Deere has been in the fashion business for over a decade. During this time, she’s watched the industry change in grow in many ways. She knows that the key to staying on top of the world of fashion is being able to stay on top of the world of fashion trends. One of her many goals in her efforts as a makeup seller is being able to offer her many clients all sorts of amazing makeup options that are fully inline with present day trends.


Understanding the Market


From the very first time she first burst on to the scene Doe Deere was poised to make an impact on the world of makeup. Her first foray into the world of fashion was retailing her personal products online. Her quirky style quickly gathered a large following. People started to look to her for assistance with fashion advice of all kinds. She then decided it was time to further expand into new markets. It was this that led her to decide to found Lime Crime. Lime Crime represents many things to many people. For Doe Deere, it was representative of her ability to catch trends in varied fields and stay on top of them. It was also about her ability to make her own dreams come true. She was able to capture a moment in time for herself and for many of her fans.


Color Trends


Perhaps her most important contribution to the world of fashion and makeup has been her own personal sense of color. She’s been able to bring color to life in many important ways. For many of her fans, color has become as essential to them as breathing. They know they can turn to Doe Deere to help them think about ways to use colors in their lives. Her own life and her work has been about using color trends well. Whereas much of the makeup she saw online and in stores was drab and dull, her own makeup line at Lime Crime broke out of the that mold.


No More Shades of Beige


She burst on to the scene as a breath of fresh air for many people. Her aim was to use colors in new ways that had not been used for makeup. She saw a world around her that could be transformed into something special and entirely new. Her innovative use of color helped bring her many fans. She was able to tap into people who were looking for new ways to use makeup in their own lives. Since that time, she’s continued to see her business take off and capture many amazing makeup and fashion trends.


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