Is Heal and Soothe for you?

4 Mar

Is Heal and Soothe for you?

     Heal and Soothe is a dietary supplement that contains Bromelain, Ginger Extract, Mojave Yucca root, Devil’s Claw Extract and many other naturally occurring ingredients. The ingredients have been selected for the specific purpose of giving the consumer a higher probability of lessening joint pain. Less joint pain means greater mobility.

This nutritional supplement’s intent is to use Systemic Enzyme Therapy cleanse your body of harmful inflammation that causes joint pain. The word systemic refers to the entire system, meaning the entire body and enzymes are the bodies first defense against certain bacterias and inflammation.

Enzymes are not a drug, so Heal and Soothe contains no harmful drugs, this means it doesn’t need to be approved by the FDA. Over-the-counter and prescription anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen have the potential to cause side effects such as liver damage. Heal and Soothe is designed to attack the problem directly, also unlike over-the-counter medications whose purpose is merely to reduce pain, or in other words, push the underlying cause under the table while you are content with the pain relief.

Whenever a person begins to take a new drug or natural supplement it is understood that they have a few questions. Everyone is different and everyone reacts differently to medications and supplements. So lets get down to some things you may be wondering.

How many times a day should I take Heal and Smoothe?

The best way to consume Heal and Soothe is to take it 30-60 minutes after a meal. You should take at least one capsule per day but the recommended dosage is 2 capsules twice per day or 4 capsules once per day.

So what are the side effects?

None! Proteolytic enzymes have an unmatched safety record. However, there is the small chance that you are allergic to one of the many ingredients in the product. If an allergy occurs you should discontinue use right away.

Is Heal and Smoothe Vegan Friendly?

Yes! Heal and Smoothe is made from 100% natural occuring plants and contains no animal products.

Are there any additional warnings

As is the case with human biology, everyone is different. If you are on any type of prescription medication, you should consult your family doctor before you take any type of new drug or nutritional supplement. Woman who are pregnant or nursing should also consult their doctor before consuming Heal and Soothe. If you are allergic to pineapple, papaya or any other ingredients in Heal and Soothe, you should not take the product.

Where can I find Heal and Soothe

You can try a free sample of Heal and Soothe from their website.



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