Robert Ivy Is Making Great Progress At American Institute Of Architects

2 Mar

Robert Ivy Is Making Great Progress At American Institute Of Architects

Robert Ivy has come a long way in his career. Despite his achievements he is still determined to accomplish more and give his best to AIA. He has plans of transforming the organization and also giving back to the community. He will make quite a legacy in his service for this institute. In 2010, Robert became the CEO of American Institute of Architects. Since Robert took over this position the institute has covered big milestones.

Before joining AIA, he was in Architectural Record. Here, he was the chief editor. He stayed in this position for a long time before moving to AIA. Robert’s editing work does not end there. He is the vice president and still directs editing at McGraw Hill. His role of editing while he is the vice president portrays Ivy as a meticulous person. He wants audiences to receive well-polished materials.

Robert has worked at Dean/Dale as a managing partner. It is an architectural firm where Ivy was a principal architect. This experience was important because Robert practiced his professional skills. After working for a while, Robert decided to change his work. He joined the corporate sector where he thrived and covered major milestones.

The achievements did not go unnoticed. In 2009, Robert was given an award. As he went on working, Robert felt that he should not keep his knowledge to himself. He shared it with other through mentorship and teaching. This volition spirit caught Alpha Ro Chi’s attention. He appreciated what Robert was doing and named him the master of the architect.

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The American Institute of Architect is an organization that brings together architects. The founders of this organization did not want architects to operate as individuals. By coming together, they will support one another and grow the profession. Since then the organization has played a major role in advancing the interests of this profession.

The organization aims at educating, advocating and maintaining a good public image. With the headquarters in Washington D.C, AIA is working hard to advance the architect profession. With Robert Ivy as the CEO, this organization is in safe hands. Robert has proved to be a futuristic individual. He is encouraging architects to embrace technology and incorporate it in architecture. Since technology is the future, the field of architecture ought to find a place for it.

Robert also appreciates that architects can never work alone. They need to cooperate with other related professionals in design and construction industries. Lastly, the idea of community development is important to Ivy. He is interested in urban planning and wants architectures to play a great role. Proper housing for everyone is the ideal living standards for urban areas. Robert and AIA are looking forward to a future where they will advance the profession as well as impact the society positively.

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