Where Does Betsy Devos Really Stand on the Issues?

9 Jan

Where Does Betsy Devos Really Stand on the Issues?

In the past year, since the Trump administration was sworn in in January of 2017, the new President made a number of appointments that raised more than a few eyebrows. One of the appointments that got the most attention was the appointment of billionaire conservative activist Betsy Devos as head of the federal department of Education. The appointment got a lot of attention as Mrs. Devos lacked any real experience in public education, and her children (who attended private schools) never attended public schools. Mrs. Devos is, however, an activist who has worked hard in the service of charter schools, especially those that offer a conservative religious education.


Not as Meek as Expected


Given the controversy surrounding the appointment of Devos, it was expected that she would be a “meek” follower of President Trump who would support his every move. Those who knew Mrs. Devos from her time as a conservative activist in Michigan (where she served as a Chairwoman for the Republican Party) have said, however, that she is anything but meek. She is said to be a fierce fighter for the issues she believes in, and she has never shied away from using her great wealth and her influence to fight those who oppose her.


The Transgender Issue


One of the major issues that has come up this year has been Trumps’ move to rescind the federal order that allows transgender students to visit restrooms that fit their current gender assignment. Publicly, Mrs. Devos seemed to support this move by Trump. She stated that the ruling on the restroom guidelines was an example of “overreach” by the Obama administration. Even while she said this, however, Mrs. Devos took actions that would seem to be in conflict with her attitudes.


A Private Meeting


The New York Times has reported that Mrs. Devos held a private meeting with a person who represents the parents who work in her department who have gay and transgender children. She held the meeting in advance of the Trump administration move on the federal guidelines, as she apparently wanted to warn the families in advance of the move.


No matter what one’s feelings are on this specific issue, it does lead to questions about where Mrs. Devos really stands as far as her support and loyalty to the Trump administration as a whole. For now, only time will tell. Learn more: https://www.nccivitas.org/civitas-review/devos-hits-home-run-harvard/



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