How JPay Made Rick Smith’s Securus Better

22 Dec

How JPay Made Rick Smith’s Securus Better

Even though, up until this point, JPay and Securus were two different companies, they were able to help each other. They were able to operate as one company once Securus acquired JPay. It made things better for the people who were working on the business and those who were running the prisons. Rick Smith did this as a strategic move and it made sense for him to make things better. There were many different opportunities people could take advantage of when they were using Securus, but JPay has made it easier for people to try and get the payment options they need for those who are in prison. The acquisition also cut down on some of the paperwork the people who were working in the prisons had to do. Acquiring JPay was one of the best things Securus did and it made sense for the company to do this while they were working to promote better opportunities to the people who were in the prison and those who ran it. Visit for more info.

The kiosks now have the JPay options incorporated into them. The idea is that people who visit the kiosks can pay for the inmates to get the money they need. Then, the inmates can use the kiosks in the prison to get the money and use it to pay for things they need. Doing this has helped them make more sense from the options they have and has given them a chance to actually have more money on their own.

While JPay was a company on its own in the past, it is now functioning seamlessly with the Securus kiosks. It has been able to make people have a better chance at helping those who are in prison and giving them what they need. It has also allowed them the chance to try different things to help their loved ones out. Securus knew this and felt it would be a great addition to the lineup of innovative solutions they already had for prisoners and those who love the prisoners. It gave them a chance to try different things while they were working on their kiosks. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Even though there have been some issues with the systems Rick Smith Securus uses, they are working to combat these issues. In fact, they are making the email system they have better than what it was before. There were some issues with security in the past, but it was necessary to ensure the jails were safe. Now that the email system is as secure as it can be, Securus is doing what they can to encourage prisoners and their families to use it. They believe doing this will give them one more level of valuable communication despite incarceration.

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