Here’s What Elysium Health Has Done with Their All-Star Supplement, Basis

15 Dec

Here’s What Elysium Health Has Done with Their All-Star Supplement, Basis

Elysium Health was formed in 2014 by Leonard Guarente. Guarente is a researcher and academician who currently serves as the director of the Glenn Lab for the Science of Aging at the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He founded Elysium Health with the help of Dan Alminana, the COO of Elysium Health, who most recently worked for JP Morgan as a venture capitalist, and Eric Marcotulli, the CEO of Elysium Health, who attended both Princeton University and Harvard Business School before earning the title of Partner at Sequoia Capital.

The company has a number of scientists, academicians, and researchers that contribute to the regular research and testing of its various products in development, all of which are supplements related to general human health and overall wellness. Elysium Health’s partners work for the likes of Columbia University, Harvard, Duke, Cornell, Yale, Baylor, and Stanford, making its team of scientific experts – all of whose fields of work are related to biological sciences and the operation of the human body – one of the best in the supplement industry.

Elysium Health, as of late 2017, has only one product on the market – Basis. Despite not having other supplements for sale, Basis has firmly supported Elysium Health throughout its first four years of operation.

The Basics of Basis

Basis is a dietary supplement provided in sleek, white jars, containing 60 capsules each. Consumers – every adult human that is able-bodied, even those well into their golden years – are recommended to take two capsules each day. The ingredients in each capsule of Basis are all vegan, vegetarian, void of nuts and legumes, free of artificial colorings, have no artificial flavors, and are gluten-free, which serves to maintain a large potential consumer base for the product, even for consumers with dietary restrictions.

Basis contains just two active ingredients: pterostilbene (of which each dose contains 50 milligrams); and nicotinamide riboside (of which each dose contains 250 milligrams), which is a precursor that transforms into the coenzyme nicotinamide adenine diethylamide due to processes in the body. The latter substance decreases in humans as they grow older, which can contribute to a decrease in certain functions as we age, since NAD+ is utilized in many cellular processes.

The supplement is intended to promote cellular health, and maintain regular circadian rhythms – especially for people living in their golden years, as Elysium Health’s flagship supplement, Basis, is intended to raise levels of NAD+ in the human body, the derivative of one of the main ingredients found in Basis.

Clinical studies funded by Elysium Health have found that NAD+ levels do, in fact, increase due to consuming Basis for at least four consecutive weeks.


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