civil and human rights groups.

15 Dec

civil and human rights groups.

The quest for a better society that is fair and equal for all is no easy task to achieve. It is one that involves a lot of sacrifice and fights that are geared towards the achievement of this core values.

This is a quest that has seen a lot of groups and organization take upon themselves the work of lobbying and advocating for that ideal. It has been no easy task but from the results, they have been able to achieve they have shown that with determination and perseverance a lot more can be done and achieved. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin:

Those in positions of power and who are able to directly influence laws and their legislation have also become more receptive to the need to have methods and mechanisms that protect the vulnerable among us.

The following organizations continue to play a very integral part in the race towards meeting these objectives.

ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project

This organization was founded in 1987, it was established with the purpose of fighting for the rights of immigrants who continue to arrive in the country but at the same time remain some of the most vulnerable in society. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin:

They fight to ensure that there is zero discrimination among immigrants and that they are accorded the same treatment and opportunities as others in the country. The ACLU has been very instrumental in the advocacy of migrant rights and is credited in the fight for the passage of various legislation which today have made immigration better than it was some years back.

There lobbying and advocacy efforts continue to better the immigration policies in the country and make them more progressive.

The Frontera fund

This was started in 2013 by Jim and Michael and with an initial funding of 3.75 million that was received as settlement for a case where Larkin and Lacey had sued the county for the violation of their first amendment rights as well as illegal arrest and detention. The fund is now dedicated to fighting for the rights of Hispanic rights especially in Arizona a border state that sees a lot of Hispanic immigrants come in.

The role they play as a fund for this group cannot be stated enough as for a community that has lived through a regime of a very oppressive and racist sheriff they were used to racial profiling as well as illegal stop and search episodes.

This is the form of oppression and violation that the fund is dedicated to fighting in all its forms and mannerism.

Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn


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